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6 best cities to raise kids in Canada – the best places to live

A family is the closest human circle around you and keeping it together and raising children is one of the hardest tasks life throws your way. When it comes to kids, the right neighbourhood also matters to keep them in the best environment for learning. The facilities are available for kids matter as well. Here are a few cities in Canada that at perfect for raising kids.


Montreal, Quebec

Recently, studies that have been conducted by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives prove that Montreal is one place with the most affordable childcare services. Parents spend about $168 on average per month. The amount goes up to about tenfold for those in Toronto. Montreal is also said to be the city with the cheapest rates for full-time infant care.


Calgary, Alberta

Taking median income into consideration, sources prove that Calgary is one of the places where family income is at its best for a comfortable life. The city of Calgary is said to offer families the opportunity to earn $104,410. This city in Canada was recognised as home to the greatest number of millionaires per capita out of all the other cities in the country.


Saint John, New Brunswick

According to sources, Saint John is said to have the least expensive housing in Canada. Of course, this was calculated by taking just single income makers into account. With a family unit which has double incomes, this is only an even more alluring spot for families to come and settle down. If you are planning to migrate here, inquire about your Canada visa in Sri Lanka with agents such as Zenith Immigration Lawyers who can help with advice and preparations.


Ottawa, Ontario

One of the most important factors to consider when selecting out a place to live in with kids is education. From primary, secondary, post-secondary and so on, education is a significant part of family concerns when it comes to kids. Ottawa is known as the Smartest City in Canada with other major cities left behind. The percentage of university degrees in Ottawa is as high as 31.5%. Serves for a great place for bringing up kids in an educational environment.



This is the capital of Canada and also happens to be the best city out of all for settling down in the country with family. Quebec has low housing rates, low crime rates and affordable healthcare and medical system. This makes it the ideal spot for families to live in!


Guelph, Ontario

Stable employment is yet another significant factor when it comes to living in Canada. It is the key to long-term success when it comes to the growth of the family. Thus, places with high rates of employment are quite attractive for family living. According to the final quarterly Regional Labour Market Report Card for 2018 prepared by the Bank of Montreal, Guelph city takes the top spot with 67% employment rate and just 2.3% unemployment. This makes Guelph a great place to start up a wonderful family life.