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Updated by Joanna James on May 21, 2020
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6 benefits of using an iPhone – Why you need one!

When it comes to status today, your phone says it all, even before you get to the car! If you've got an iPhone in your hand, onlookers immediately connect the status or social class you belong to. This is because the product is deemed to be one of the most luxurious phones on the planet. Here are a few advantages of using an iPhone.


User friendly

The iPhone, from the very first day it was released to the market, has been known for its user-friendly navigation and design. What makes it easy to use? Well, to begin with, there's only one button, the latest series have no buttons at all. Furthermore, the touch and feel of the phone is delicate and light making it less of a hassle to carry around. The basic structure of the phone has not changed much since it was first launched in the year 2008.


Better integration of hardware and software

Hardware and software integration is one thing that most users search for when it comes to purchasing a phone. The device must have proper integration of hardware and software. For instance, iPhone 7 has a touch system that can identify the amount of pressure being placed on the phone. The sensitivity level and adjustment is yet another feature that makes the iPhone stand out.


No bloatware

Usually, once you purchase a new phone and open it, there are a few software that is not quite useful but have been already installed on the phone taking up unnecessary space. This is known as bloatware. With iPhones, however, that you will purchase from Apple Sri Lanka off sites like will not have this issue. This means that the storage space in the phone is mostly free for you to download whatever apps you feel like without a worry.


Faster to use

Compared to other types of phones, the iPhone has a better reaction time than most other brands are unable to replicate. For instance, the phone begins to open background apps the moment you begin browsing them. This is one of the main features that draw users toward the brand. As for those who have already used an iPhone, you'll know how smooth it is to use it.


High-quality apps

When it comes to apps, there is no doubt that the apps available for the iPhone are of the best quality. What's more, apps found on the iPhone store are completely safe to use with no risk of viruses that might infect it.


Works well with Macs

Another reason for users to love the iPhone is that it works well together with the Macs. The continuity feature on macOS allows one to send and receive messages and even calls on the MacBook. All you have to do is have the iPhone close to you and switch on the iPhone and MacBook connect.

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