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Traditional Maldivian Cuisines to Try Out - Tastes of Paradise

The scenic atolls of the Maldives are not just famous for their breathtakingly beautiful coastlines or the myriad of water-based sports one can enjoy throughout the year. It is also a destination where you make your taste buds dance with an array of traditional meals and delicacies.


Mas Roshi

There is really no going back once you eat Mas Roshi! You would definitely fall in love with this traditional dish from your first bite. Well, this says what you need to know about this delectable savoury snack of the island nation by the sea. Mas Roshi is a chapati, or rather a flatbread that has a delish filling of smoked tuna and coconut. The filling is made more delightful with an infusion of ginger, lemon, onion, chilli and a variety of other spices. After that, Mas Roshi is pan-fried and served while they're still hot.



The tasteful ingredient of Garudhiya is a type of tuna such as the skipjack or the yellowfin tuna. It is identified as a clear fish broth. The fish is boiled in hot water with a dash of salt until well cooked. At times, the islanders use onions, curry leaves and chillies per their taste, but traditionally Garudhiya is a three-ingredient broth comprising of just tuna, salt and water. Garudhiya is served along with steamed rice or Roshi, which refers to a Maldivian chapati.


Saagu Bondibai

A traditional culinary delight that entrances anyone that eat them, Saagu Bondibai is a type of a pudding that is made of the spongy centres of the tropical palm stems called Sago. It is a staple food that acts as a part of day-to-day culinary experience of the Maldivians. Warmed with coconut milk, Sago is made even delicious with condensed milk. Adding a dash of cardamom and rose to make this mouth-watering dish all the more alluring.


Reef Fish Cutlets

If you ever feel snacky while at the Maldives, think Reef Fish Cutlets, as they would offer the perfect much you need at any time of the day. A blend of tuna and potatoes hides the secret of the underlying deliciousness of this all-time favourite snack of the Maldivians. A simple mixture of onion, chilli, onion and a dash of salt and paper contribute to the taste factor as well. The final mixture is shaped up into small balls and submersed in egg only to bathe them in breadcrumbs. Later, when fried with oil, the bread crumb along will give you the scrumptious taste that you would leave you craving for more.


Aluvi Boakibaa

Also introduced as the Cassava cake on the menus of many restaurants in Maldives, the delicious dessert of the Maldives is something that you should try out during your vacation in the islands. The main ingredients include the locally grown cassava and the soft flesh of the coconut. With butter, rose water, and sugar the mixture is given its unique flavour that would agree with your taste buds, Aluvi Boakibaa is indeed a dessert that speaks to the foodie in you. An authentic taste of this all-time favourite dessert can be experienced in many hotels and resorts in the Maldives such as Huvafen Fushi Maldives.

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