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Updated by margaret88smith on May 21, 2020
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4 bits of advice on how to localize your game effectively

Game localization involves translating content and dialogue within a game so that the game can be played in other countries and by people who speak different languages. It’s not hard to see the benefits of game localization, it gives games the potential to reach new audiences and establish fanbases in new locations.


Start a content analysis

Start a content analysis

Taking the time do a content analysis can be time-consuming, but it’s also a very important step in the overall process. This refers to the exercise of going through the game to establish what needs to be translated, who the target audience is for the translated version, and any elements of the game which might need to be translated and adapted (this is everything from actual text and speech, to any cultural elements which might need tweaking).


Translating your game

Needless to say, language translation is the foundation of game localization. You need to think about the level and quality of translation your game requires. If it is mostly visual, there may not be too much heavy lifting to overcome in terms of text or conversation, whereas a game with a more complex story will likely require much greater attention to detail. It’s a good idea to check out what you can expect from translation firms - offers a number of service comparisons along with analysis to help you find a bespoke firm that’s right for you. This is the core aspect of your localization and an area that you don’t want to skim over; working with a good translation service will greatly improve the quality of your translation.


Cultural localization

Of course, speaking the language of your new audience is one important element of connecting with them, but understanding how their culture works on an even deeper level is even better still. Depending on the region you’re planning on targeting, it’s worth considering any elements of the game which it might be worth adapting to reflect different cultures and customs. Even the styling of the editing might be different, look up video games from your target region, and see what elements you can include in your own game.


The final proof

When you have finished the localization process, you will want to check that everything is as it should be. If you’ve used a translation firm, they may be able to provide quality assurance on your behalf. If not, it could be worth getting an independent translator or a tester from the target country to play the game while keeping an eye out for errors or inconsistencies.

Follow these guidelines for effective game localization and you will be able to bring your game to people across the world. For better game sales and an elevated global brand!

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