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Updated by Joanna James on May 21, 2020
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Top 5 things you need to do in Xi’an – explore the beauty

Exploring Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong when you travel to China can seem fun and exciting, but how about Xi'an? The fact that Xi'an is an ancient capital or that it is an archeological site does not simply mean it's a boring city because there's so much fun you can have in Xi'an too. Here's the list of what you can do!


Go to the HuiMinJie Muslim Market

The HuiMinJie Muslim Market is one of the most favourite places in the city that sells almost everything that you can expect a market to have. There are stalls of fresh food (fruits, vegetables, and grains), spices, snacks, drinks, and so much more that will make your market shopping experience much more interesting. They say it's also the best market in the city if you want to take some souvenirs from China (be it a genuine art or trinkets). And if you want something unique, you can simply go to an art stall and get a black ink painting for yourself.


Visit the Great Mosque of Xi'an

If you are someone staying at one of the Xi'an China hotels one thing you'll notice is that the city has a large Muslim population. So if you decide to visit the Huiminjie Muslim Market, just do not forget to admire the beauty of this mosque as well. There are 12,000 square meters for you to explore and the amazing courtyards and pavilions will surely have a soothing effect on you.


Ride a bike on the Xi'an City Wall

If you are someone spending a family vacation at a property the likes of Grand Park Xian, then here is a fun experience that every member of your family can try out. Xi'an City Wall is a perfectly preserved city wall that has a long history. It has been built somewhere in 1300-1700 BC when the Ming Dynasty was prevailing, and you'll be amazed by how functional it is even today. What you have to do is to rent a bike and then explore the amazing views of the city in style.


Try the traditional Xiannese Cuisine

Food dishes such as Roujiamo, Bocaimian, and Yangroupaomo are all traditional dishes of Xi'an and mind you - they are all incredibly delicious! It is a nice experience to try these foods while sipping ice-cold beer and you may also see that it's an everyday routine for most of the locals, especially for their dinner.


Explore the Drum and Bell Towers

The Drum and Bell Towers are inside a giant square located right in the center of Xi'an. In the past, these drums and bells have been used to signal people about time as well as about emergencies. Bells in the morning and drums in the evening- that's how it was done in the ancient Xi'an. Although this practice is no more, this place is still worth a visit.

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