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Updated by Jelly Shah on May 21, 2020
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9 Questions To Ask Your Client before Creating a Design Brief

It’s imperative to ask your clients these critical questions when creating the design brief. Not only these questions will help you brainstorm ideas but also help clients feel very much involved in the process.


Who is your target audience?

Ask your clients about their target audience — what they do, what they like/dislike, how they react, etc. Keep these in your mind while creating the design.


Is it for gender-specific customers?

Your design must be created keeping the gender of the target audience in mind. Ask your client if the project aims at any specific gender or mixed gender. If the target customers are of mixed type, include as many gender-neutral elements as you can.


What is the age group of your potential customers?

Don’t forget that age is a vital factor when it comes to create logo design or any other design as people of different age groups have a different choice. Pay heed to elements such as color, typography, shapes and style while creating the design.


Is there any cultural concern with your target customers?

To ensure that your design doesn’t hurt sentiments of your client’s audience, ask your client if their customers have any cultural concerns.


What style do you want me to create?

Know your client’s taste in design aesthetics, considering that they have a solid understanding of design. You should ask questions such as — “Would you like to incorporate isometric illustrations? Do you like a clean, balanced look or something new, experimental and dynamic?” Answers to these questions will help you narrow down the choice of design trends.


What are the necessary elements that you want to include in your Design?

There may be some specific elements that your client would like to include in the design — check it with your client. Asking this question will give your client the impression that you’re very much concerned even about the smallest element.


Where will you utilize this design?

Knowing the medium, size and location of the design is essential. Your design considerations will vary depending upon the use such as — print, digital, handheld, and large-scale.


How would you distribute/use the design?

If the design is to be printed, ask your client the printing specifications as it will change your design considerations. You’ll have to limit the colors or you may need to add more layers to your design depending on the production technique.


What is your budget for this design project?

Knowing the client’s budget for this particular project is also important. Check if it matches your rates. Make it clear to the client whether you’ll charge for each revision.

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