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Top Dishes to Try in Qatar – Flavourful Discoveries!

While there are many places of interest and attractions in Qatar, equally worth experiencing is the diverse cuisine on offer. Here is a quick guide to some of the most popular dishes worth trying on a foodie tour.



Easily one of the most popular dishes in Qatar, machboos is a perennial favourite and a must-try when here. This rice dish is spiced up with a variety of ingredients and is generally served with a choice of marinated meats; these can include beef, chicken, camel, lamb or fish. While some also sprinkle rose water or lemon juice on top, those who can handle spicy food can try the salsa dip which is sometimes served as part of this dish.



If you love stews you are bound to love thareed which some even refer to as a kind of Qatari-style lasagne! This yummy stew is made using veggies such as beans, carrots and potatoes along with meats like lamb or chicken. Various spices are also added with tomato sauce. A key element of this dish is the use of bread which is placed at the bottom to soak up the heavenly flavours and which is quite delicious to eat too.



A Middle Eastern favourite, shawarma can be found in Qatar including at its capital be it at small eateries or some of the best hotels in Doha. Much more than an ordinary wrap, shawarma is packed with flavour-filled meat as well as pickled veggies and sauces that make for a divine combination. The Missan restaurant at Al Najada Doha Hotel by Tivoli and Mashawi Al Arabi are amongst the places you can try this popular dish.



Here is a delectable dish that is healthy for you as well! Known to be rich in fibre, margoog consists of various veggies including tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant and carrots. Much like the previously mentioned dish, thareed, which uses bread, for the making of margoog, bread dough that has been cut into pieces is utilised; this cut up dough is boiled in the stock so it absorbs the rich flavours.



Consisting of ground or boiled wheat as well as butter and meat, harees may remind you of a kind of porridge though sometimes the consistency can be similar to a dumpling. Cardamom and cinnamon are widely used for garnishing and add to the distinct flavour. It is a popular dish during festive events and in fact, is made especially when people break their fast during the holy month of Ramadan.



Those who have a sweet tooth or are looking to end their meal with a delectable dessert should look to try luqaimat. This round, bite-sized treat is another dish that is served during Ramadan and is popular in Middle Eastern countries. While preparation methods can vary, in Qatar, it is made using ingredients like flour, milk, sugar, cardamom, saffron and butter. The resulting dough is deep-fried and then coated in honey or syrup to create a dessert you are bound to want to try again and again!

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