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Best Places to Visit in Myanmar – A Land like No Other!

Formally known as Burma, Myanmar takes the shape of a long-tailed kite with its tail running along the Malay Peninsula. Bordered by China, Laos, Bangladesh, India, and the Bay of Bengal, this country is a fascinating blend of its rich heritage and the modern world.


City of Mandalay

Founded in 1857, this city of art is located at the centre of Myanmar. Up until the British conquered it in 1985, Mandalay was the capital of the kingdom of Burma. Two thousand four hundred years after the death of Buddha, King Mindon ordered 150,000 inhabitants of the Amarapura to relocate here. At the centre of the citadel lies the palace, facing eastward. Although high walls and a rectangular moat were built to protect the king's golden city, much of the palace compound was bombarded during World War II. Only the royal mint and watchtower have survived. Nowadays, one can see the replica of the olden city that was rebuilt in the 1990s. At present, Mandalay is a major landmark of the city and is visited by many tourists each year.



Visiting Myanmar is not only about observing iconic cities and mesmerising pagodas. The country has plenty of places that call out to your adventurous side as well. One such place is Kalaw, a scenic hill town located in the Shan state of the country. It is an ideal location to be with its magnificent trekking trails and the picturesque landscapes. These eastern mountainous locations of Myanmar is what every trekker should be dreaming at night. Due to the high altitude of the destination, it is considered an ideal place to beat the Myanmar heat.



Ngapali is a popular place for water sports enthusiasts who visit Myanmar. From scuba diving to jet skiing, the place has an array of water sports and activities, out of which you can choose something that interests you. Apart from catering to your adrenaline rush, Ngapali is also a great location to relax. With its golden white sands, it is possibly the most popular beach in Myanmar. Located around the Bay of Bengal, the vibrant blue hues of the sea contrasts with the sands to create an idyllic scenery. While basking in the sun, one can notice the boats arriving ashore with their fresh catch.


Lake Inle

Located in the Shan district, Lake Inle is the second largest of its kind in Myanmar. It also occupies one of the highest elevations. The scenic lake is the lifeblood of various endemic creatures such as snails and fish. While on a boat trip along the lake, you will be able to observe the stilt houses scattered on the waterway. Moreover, you will be able to see two clusters of old pagodas called the Shwe Indein pagodas and the Nyaung Ohak pagodas towards the village of In Dein.


Shwedagon Pagoda

For many centuries, the Shwedagon Pagoda has showered its splendour over the streets of Yangon. It is a place of significance for Buddhists around the world. Four stairways facing the four cardinal points lead into the pagoda, which seems to emanate a golden haze due to its gold-plated exterior. Many rulers in the past have donated so much gold in the past- some as much as they weigh! Religious symbolism has dictated a significant part of the architecture of this iconic construction. Located approximately within a 12-minute driving distance of many a Yangon hotel in Myanmar the likes of Sedona Hotel Yangon, the Shwedagon Pagoda is indeed a must-see place for all who nurture a craving to discover fascinating places of architecture.

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