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Top Reasons to Visit Bentota Sri Lanka – The Allures of a Coastal City

Bentota is the true embodiment of paradise. Lying in proximity to the South coastlines of Sri Lanka, it is easily the most laidback town around. Among easy-going fishermen and enthusiastic tourists, many things are worth visiting this scenic location. Dive in to discover the top five!


Water Sports

What better way to while away your holidays than the gorgeous waves at the Bentota sea! With an array of high-octane water sports and activities, you will surely grow attached to this paradisiacal location. From jet skiing to banana boat rides and boat trips to kayaking, there is something to soothe everyone's watersport cravings. The calm waters of the lagoon will help you to refresh and rejuvenate after hectic months of constant work. Let that surge of adrenaline engulf your senses as you embark on these thrilling experiences that would come only so often in your lives.


A Temple on a Hill

Known as the Kande VIharaya in the native Sinhala language, this iconic site of Sri Lanka is quite famous for its iconic monument- one of the tallest sitting Buddha statues of the world! Covering a greater part of the sky, the Buddha statue seems to gaze ahead with a serene demeanour. One can discover a moonstone at the entrance that tells the story of the rich heritage and the architectural background of the country. In the buildings of the premises, one can observe the ancient paintings that date back to the Kandyan period. Be prepared to be transported back in time as you discover the many statues and drawings inside the temple. Kande Viharaya is truly a remarkable site to visit, especially if you're an archeological enthusiast!


A Cycling Tour

If you've got your sights set on escaping the cityscape and enjoying a scenic voyage across the verdant paddy fields, then a cycling tour is what you need! You will get to peddle through lush greenery while being enveloped in the cool breeze of the suburbs. Crossing a river by local ferry with your cycle tucked at your side would surely offer you a fantastic experience as you get to witness the aquatic birds and other animals on the river bank. Of course, you will have enough breaks with refreshing gulps of king coconut water. A cycling tour around the Bentota suburbs is an ideal activity for nature lovers and cycling enthusiasts who visit the beautiful town of Bentota.


Turtle Hatcheries

The Turtle Hatchery Project in Bentota is yet another reason to visit this serene locality. The pristine beaches of Bentota have provided a haven for up to five endangered turtle species for a long time. The turtles are hatched in a protective enclosure before being released into their natural habitats. Observing these calm beasts is as rewarding as it gets. A visit to this turtle sanctuary is a must for all the nature lovers out there.


Brief Garden by Bawa

The Brief Garden by Bevis Bawa will remind you of an enchanting place from your favourite fairy tale. It is located around 10 kilometres inland from Bentota and would offer you some solitary hours to ponder your thoughts. The legendary garden has inspired Geoffrey Bawa, Bevis Bawa's brother, in creating Lunuganga. The mesmerising garden is open to the general public since the 1970s and nourishes over hundreds of trees in its 20-acre property. It is located close to boutique hotels such as the Saman Villas. Visiting the Brief Garden by Bevis Bawa is among the top things to do in Bentota in many tourist itineraries.

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