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5 Best Places to Dive in the Maldives – Immerse in an Enchanting World

Basking in the glory of the gorgeous Arabian waters is a chain of atolls that are collectively referred to as the Maldives. Its indescribable beauty and the popularity of owning several diving sites attract thousands of tourists each year. Here are five of the best diving spots in the Maldives.


Ukulhas Thila

Towards the north rim of Ari Atoll is a humongous reef that is known as the Ukulhas Thila. It pops up from the surface of the sea at irregular intervals up to 30 metres. Amid the reef is a wide channel called Maavaru Kandu that measures up to approximately 300 metres in length. Throughout the months of December to April, divers in this site get lucky enough to view Manta Rays closer than usual. Since strong currents prevail during this period, divers will have to hold on to rocks that are at the edge of the reef. They are advised to refrain from grabbing onto live coral and be cautious about lionfish who live among the corals.


Broken Rock

Located on the premises of the South Ari Atoll is a reef called the Broken Rock that has a magnificent canyon to its middle resulted from natural causes. The divers usually have to grab onto the top of the reef to gaze at the colourful schools of fish soaring past them, as there are strong currents present in this area. The walls are also covered with fascinating, pastel-coloured corals that are alive. Thus divers must make sure to avoid those when hanging onto the reef wall. Pufferfish, Anthias, and the Clownfish are some of the mesmerizing sea creatures you can observe on this location.


Miyaruga Thila

To the North of Ari Atoll and the Southwest of the Kudafolhudhoo Island lies an enormous thila that measures approximately 80 metres in length. Known as the Miyaruga, this thila or rather, the coral formation lies about 15 metres below sea level, covered in caves, terraces, and overhangs peppered with cavities and a variety of live corals. A truly remarkable site can be seen towards the north of the thila, where two tunnels cross each other. If one needs to dive in this area, it is advisable to attempt it with a guide.


Kuda Rah Thila

One enters this diving site through an arch that looks out-of-this-world, covered in strikingly beautiful corals. Located in South Ari Atoll, the stunning rock formation teems with reef fish of multitude colours. Near the top of the thila, you will be delighted to see huge turtles, Moray Eels, and a number of other creatures swimming around a magnificent coral overhang. The Kuda Rah thila is situated in a marine protected area and offers a splendid view to the divers of the site.


Fenfushi Thila

The Raa atoll is famous for its many thilas scattered upon its lagoon. The diverse range of aquatic life surrounding the many caves and overhangs of these thilas is truly fascinating to observe. Located to the south of Raa atoll is the Fenfushi Thila, where you can witness stunning overhangs around which an array of marine life such as the big tuna, turtles, and Napolean wrasses can be found. The Raa atoll homes many an eco-resort in Maldives the likes of Reethi Faru Resort that have committed to conserve the reefs and the surrounding ecosystems.

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