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Festivals of Maldives – The 5 Reasons to Party in Paradise!

Each country has its own array of festivals that proudly display the rich heritage and the fascinating culture of the nation. The Maldives is no exception to this. Their colourful and vibrant festivals are celebrated with much fervour and enthusiasm.



Being an Islamic nation, the Maldivians celebrate Ramadan in true spirit each year. The exact date of the festival varies each year, depending on the Islamic calendar. During the Ramadan season, the Muslims conduct a life of fasting and prayer. Apart from that, they refrain from all sorts of practices that would please them, such as the use of tobacco and engaging in sexual relations. Spanning through a period of almost 30 days, the Ramadan season ends with the next sighting of the crescent moon and three days of consecutive celebrations.


The National Day

The National Day of the Maldives is celebrated on the first day of the third month of the Islamic calendar. It is held to commemorate the victory of Muhammad Thakurufaanu Al Auzam over the Portuguese in 1573. The Portuguese were only able to rule the Maldives for a mere 15 years. During this day, colourful parades and route marches are held all over the islands. The main celebrations are usually held at the capital. The islanders dress in vibrant costumes and engage in music and dance to honour this day.


Independence Day

26th July is one of the significant days of the Maldivian calendar. It is the day that the island gained freedom from the British back in 1965. It is not to be confused with the National Day of the Maldivians. It has also been declared as a national holiday for the whole nation. The Maldivian Independence Day is celebrated at a national and community level in a grand manner. Celebrations begin with a march past that is followed by lively parades, traditional dances, and fascinating drills performed by students from schools and colleges.


The Holy Prophet's Birthday

Prophet Muhammad's birthday is celebrated with great enthusiasm and grandeur in the Maldives Archipelago. It is possibly the best time to travel in the islands for one who is curious about the native culture. During the three-day festival held in the islands, one will be able to listen to the arcane and beguiling Arabic verses echoing throughout the cities sung as praise to the prophet. The fascinating celebrations and delicious sweetmeats are what attract tourists to the Maldives during this time of the year.


Republic Day

Republic Day falls on the 11th of November each year. On this day, the Maldivians celebrate their shift from monarchy to a republic back in 1968. During this festival, tourists can discover the native culinary delights such as huni hakuru folhi, which is a kind of coconut cake, a rice snack called bodibaiy, and a fish-stuffed pancake called masroshi. While you discover the unique culture and mesmerizing traditions of the Maldives, there are many Maldives Villas that you can choose to stay that would make you enjoy the islands more. Kuramathi Maldives is one such place where you can take lodgings while discovering the hidden joys of the Maldives.

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