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5 Things to Know about Diving in the Maldives – An Ethereal Experience

Descending into the deep turquoise ocean can be one of the most rewarding experiences one has in a lifetime. Swimming along with colourful shoals of fish, a giant manta or a whale shark can be truly elating. Mentioned below are five things you should know about diving around the Maldives.


Diving Lessons

Although diving may seem like a daunting activity for first timers and amateurs, with some properly catered lessons that will give you the correct knowledge and practice, you can be gliding alongside the colourful creatures of the deep in no time. Every Maldivian resort comes with a professional diving body that has courses ranging from beginner level to advance technique courses. They also maintain high standards through affiliations with international diving accreditation organisations. It is recommended that you do an open-water referral course in your country and complete the rest in the Maldives, which would leave you more days to spend deep-sea diving. Make sure that you bring the certification from the referral course with you, or else you will have to start from the beginner's level all over again!


Diving Equipment

A regulator, or rather the mouthpiece that you breathe through when you're underwater, is an essential part of diving. Having your own regulator is the best as you will become familiar with it over time, thus becoming a more confident diver. The next vital part of your diving assemblage is the BCD, or the Buoyancy Control Device, which is a vest that can be inflated or deflated to regulate your buoyancy underwater. Although the waters may have warm temperatures, a wet suit is recommended for safe diving. A 3mm wet suit should be fine as long as you don't plan on going too deep into the ocean, in which case you will require a wetsuit ranging between 5-8mm. It is not a definite requirement to purchase all these as you can rent the diving gear and related equipment from almost any diving school on the island.


Diving Costs

The cost of diving may vary depending on your diving school and whether you're planning on renting the equipment. It's rather sensible to plan your diving centres ahead, comparing the prices and packages offered by many certified diving schools in the Maldives. A single dive without renting any equipment will cost you around $70 while renting equipment can take the prices up to $150. There are many packages available based on the number of dives or days.


Diving Sites

Many fascinating diving sites would offer mind-blowing experiences for enthusiastic divers. Generally, there are four types of diving sites around the island: Reefs, Kandus, Thilas & Giris, and wrecks. Diving along the reefs will bring you up close and personal with a multitude of small yet vibrant reef fish. Kandus, which are channels between reefs or atolls, are breeding grounds for planktons, attracting many marine creatures. Therefore, for the eager diver who would love to spot manta rays and whale sharks can dive in Kandus. Thilas and giris are coral formations that are brimming with life. For the curious diver, few shipping wrecks around the islands will offer marvellous insights into the history while being surrounded by the vibrant life of the deep.


Diving Experience

Diving provides incredible experiences that would sit with you throughout your life. It is one of the best Maldives attractions as well. No other experience can surpass what diving can offer mankind. The first breath you take underwater, or that feeling of weightlessness is inexplicable and will leave you thrilled and exhilarated for the rest of your life. Gliding, along with various sea creatures, mesmerise you and make you appreciate the world from a different perspective. Many resorts in the islands, such as Dhigali Maldives, will guide you through this ethereal experience in the best ways possible.

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