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Updated by Joanna James on May 20, 2020
Headline for Top 10 Things to Pack for Your Beach Holiday – Fun Times in the Sand & Surf Await!
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Top 10 Things to Pack for Your Beach Holiday – Fun Times in the Sand & Surf Await!

Dreaming of that time you can safely head to the beach or better yet, take a trip to an exotic island destination? Well it never hurts to be prepared for that time may come sooner than later; here's a quick look at what to pack when you go!


Waterproof Phone Case

While you may be heading to the beach to avoid digital distractions, that doesn't mean you won't need the phone to capture all those quintessential selfies! To avoid damage from sand and seawater, bring a waterproof case that allows you to make use of the touchscreen too.


Dry Bag

Waterproof dry bags are very handy when going to the beach since you can pack all those essential items and keep them safe. This not only includes phones but cameras, purses / wallets, key cards and even any travel documents (like a passport).


Float Straps

Float straps for devices are useful especially if you are going out into the water. While some devices may be waterproof, when attached to a float strap you can rest easy knowing they will not sink if accidentally let go! You can connect them to your wrist and they are ideal for cameras and phones.



Make sure to bring sunscreen that is not only SPF 30 or higher but which offers protection from UVB and UVA rays too. Also, ensure the sunscreen is "reef safe"; when snorkelling at resorts the likes of SAii Lagoon Maldives for example, you don't want your sunscreen to harm the marine ecosystem in any way.


Cooler Bag

There's nothing like having a cool drink on the beach thanks to a cooler bag! It can also be used to store food items like cheese for a picnic. Of course, storing food will not be much of an issue in some destinations; for example, some of the best restaurants Maldives has to offer are located right by the shore.


Beach Bag

From carrying clothes and towels to food and other items, a good beach bag will come in handy. Make sure you choose one that has plenty of space, is easy to clean out and light to carry and can be packed away without any trouble.


Beach Mat

While taking a beach mat or blanket is useful, make sure to have the right kind. Try and get a beach mat that is made from a material that dries quickly, doesn't get filled with sand and which is easy to carry around too.


Swimsuit Cover-up

Be it when you come out of the water, if it gets windy or if you just want to cover up, this item will help you do so while looking fashionable too! Swimsuit cover-ups are soft, comfy and provide a great way for you to dry off as well.


Water Bottle with Filter

Here is an eco-friendly alternative to the regular plastic bottle that you are likely to use only once; water bottles with filters can be easily refilled ensuring you have more clean drinking water during your time at the beach.


Underwater Digital Camera

While an underwater digital camera may not seem important when at the beach in countries like the Maldives it sure is! This is because there's a spectacular array of coral and fish that can be seen when snorkelling and it would be a shame not to capture these memories.