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Technical Articles

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Configure Role Based User Access In Jenkins Server On Linux

Configure role base user access and role based authorization in jenkins using role based security and assign jenkins user permissions linux.

How To Take MongoDB Database Backup And Restore On Linux

How to take mongodb database backup and restore using the command line. Mongodb provides an utility with the help of we can do that.

How To Create Database In MongoDB 4.2 On CentOS / Redhat 7

How to create a database. We can check and create a user in the MongoDB database server and also show users using the command line in MongoDB.

Installation of MongoDB Database Server On Redhat/CentOS 7

Installation of Mongodb Database server in linux can be done using it's repository. We can install mongodb using terminal on linux centos.

How To Install PostgreSQL Server On Ubuntu 19.10

Install & configure PostgreSQL server in Ubuntu Linux. It's open-source relational database management system & designed to handle workloads

Enable Remote Access To PostgreSql 9.5 Database Server On Redhat 7

Enable Remote Access To postgresql 9.5 server in linux. you can allow remote access connections to postgresql server in Linux.

Error Job For Postgresql.service failed On Redhat 7

Error Job For PostgreSQL service failed or not found & you will have to initialize database then you can connect to the Postgres database.

Installation of PostgreSQL 9.5 Database Server On Redhat/CentOS 7

Installation of PostgreSql 9.5 in linux can be done either by repository or source code of database server. this is most widely used db.

How To Create Database And User In SQLyog On Windows

How to create, access database & user using SQLyog community software for windows. We can also manage mysql in SQLyog along with permissions.

Configure Master and Slave MySQL Replication On Linux

you can configure master-slave replication and also show the master configuration in my.cnf file. we can also check MySQL replication status.

How To Revoke Access From User In MySQL CentOS 7

how to revoke access from user in mysql server, iyou can remove user permission from database in mysql using the below commands.

MySQL Database Backup In GZ Format On Linux 7

how to take mysql database backup in gz format. We can import or take a complete mysql database backup dump using GZ format in Linux.

How To Change User Password In MySQL Server 5.x On CentOS

how to change user password in mysql server on :inux machine. There're many ways to change password and mysql alter user with password.

How To Enable MySQL General Query Log On Linux

If you need to enable general query log in MySQL server for find out the error in a client. this can helps you to improve database.

Install MySQL 5.6 Database Server Using Repository In Linux

Install MySQL 5.6 database server in linux and configure mysql server you need to enable MySQL service Linux and install mysql client.

How To Install MySQL Workbench 8.0.16 On Ubuntu

how to install MySQL workbench gui mysql workbench ubuntu. you can also analysis mysql workbench connection error & step to install workbench

Different Ways of Finding Table Size In Mysql Server

Different Ways of Finding table size in mysql server by command line. you can run a query to find table size using this method.

How To Check Users In Mysql Database Server On Linux

How To Check Users in mysql using the command line in linux server. We can check and create MySQL users in Linux using the command line.

How To Enable Slow Query In MySQL Server In Linux

how to enable slow query in mysql. you can enable and check a slow query log when you configure with a single command in MySQL.

Check MySQL Slow Queries In Mysql Database Server

check mysql slow queries in mysql and you can use command to check running slow queries in MySQL. it makes mysql server to slow respond.

Solve MySQL Too Many Connections Error On Redhat 7

solve mysql too many connections error means the connection you have defined in my.cnf files. we can also set mysql max connections.

MyISAM Table Maintenance and Crash Recovery On Linux

MyISAM Table Maintenance and crash recovery in linux. we check and repair crashed table when using the MyISAM engine in MySQL.

Restore And Backup of MySQL Server Using Command Line On Linux

We can restore and backup of MySQL database using mysqldump command line on Linux. you can also take all backup using the single command.

How To Recover MySQL Server Root Password On Linux 7

Recover mysql server root password and you can reset and change the MySQL root password and there’s no default root password in Linux.

Bypass Root Password of MySQL Server On Redhat 7

Bypass root password, you can change and recover the MySQL root password if you have forgotten it. You can only get it once from a log file.