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Tips for building a powerful influencer marketing strategy in 2020

Tips for building a powerful influencer marketing strategy in 2020

The digital marketing landscape has over the years undergone tremendous transformation and for those businesses that haven’t really been able to keep up with it have been losing customers in the market. While many still look up to the traditional means of marketing, influencer marketing is one such strategy slowly gaining great popularity in the industry. Influencer marketing which is today a trending strategy for promoting business is steering new means of branding and promotion. Businesses are now approaching Influencer marketing companies in Mumbai for campaigns and business promotions.

Statistical backing of trending influencer marketing strategy
Today, going by statistics if you see it does make sense why influencer marketing is such a popular technique for driving sales.
• When it comes to millennials only 2-3% of them trust or go by the advertisements. On the contrary, nearly 30 % of them trust influencers they follow and go by their blog reviews for their purchases.
• Another interesting fact surfaced is that nearly 40-45% people purchase products online recommended by influencers on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.
So, it’s easy to see why businesses are increasingly approaching influencer marketing agency in Mumbai to promote their brand.

Tips for building a successful influencer marketing strategy
Building a successful influencer strategy is all about being focused and goal-oriented. Here are some tips to help you build and execute influencer marketing strategy for business.
Define goals and key performance indicators-
Building brand awareness- Defining goals is very important for it helps in building strategy around it and executing campaigns to achieve business gaols. So, for instance the basic objective of any business is to build brand awareness and to achieve this some of the key performance parameters would be tracking an influencer’s follower count, likes, engagement in the form of comments, use of your hashtags, and shares. By defining goals and key performance indicators, one can accordingly figure out a viable channels and suitable influencers to meet those goals.
Tapping new market- For those business looking to capture new market share, they need to collaborate with influencers who can create a buzz about the brand and drive sales. They need to accordingly look for a viable channel that can get them new customers for their business. Attracting a new target market will involve not just driving sales, but also building brand awareness, and introducing product and services into the new space.
Lead generation- Everything finally sums up to generating leads and boosting sales. This can only be achieved by collaborating with influencers having great engagement with their followers. So, partnering with influencers having good follower base and the ones who frequently engage with clients can help boost sales and grow business.
Knowing which partnership best works for your business will help you get the most out of your influencer strategy and gain fruitful results. You can eventually compare the results to determine whether the influencer marketing is giving you ROI worth continuing or not.

Understanding Influencer Landscape
It is absolutely essential and critical to establish a partnership with relevant influencers who can be trusted and are in tune with your target audiences. Collaboration with influencers and execution of influencer marketing strategy can only be successful, if the audience is in tune with the influencer and trusts their reviews on products and services. For this, it is essential for businesses to collaborate with best influencer agency India to find them right market influencer.

Expanding your reach beyond YouTube & Instagram

YouTube and Instagram is usually what first come to one’s mind when planning to find top notch influencers. However, one must try capitalizing on influencers across other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchats and other social media platforms as well. The primary goal is discovering influencers based on the industry niche and audience demographics, to deliver on all engagement metrics. One needs to find the right fit between a viable channel and influencer who is aligned with your brand’s vision, mission, and identity. Research on where exactly is your target audience active and accordingly capitalize on that influencers on that specific platform to approach your target audience. Influencer marketing companies in India specialize in this and can definitely help you find the right platform and influencer to promote your business.

Collaborating with Micro-Influencers-
Micro-influencers are the ones who usually cater to specific niche or market segment. Although they may not be good in numbers especially in terms of followers, but they are the one’s who usually have better engagement with their audience. It has always been a known fact that the larger the influencer, the lower the engagement. So, for instance, those having 1000 followers typically get 10% more likes than influencers having over 100,000 followers due to low engagement with the audience. Quality of engagement is much better with a micro-influencer than a macro influencer in general. So, collaborating with micro influencers, you will enjoy better penetration and significant reach to the target audience. It will definitely be more valuable for you to work with a micro influencer who is popular in your niche and has loyal and relevant followers who look up to them for their reviews on products or services.

Approaching influencers using videos-
For those not using video platforms to promote their business are already way behind the curve. Tapping into channels of video production for influencer marketing will not only help increase brand awareness but also help grow business substantially. Many brands are today pulling out their investment from advertisements on YouTube and opting for influencers using video to promote their business. So, with the help of influencer marketing agency in Mumbai try your hands-on collaboration with video influencers to promote your brand ad create a buzz than opting to invest in traditional YouTube ads on which you have no say or control over the audience targeted. Even social media video marketing shall offer a better opportunity for boosting your brand visibility than traditional advertising channels. Facebook and Instagram live stories and recently launched Instagram TV (IGTV), is the recent and the most popular channel for streaming longer content or videos to their followers for promoting business online. So, partnering with influencers on these social media channels can also be a viable option for your business.


Interesting facts about social media influencer marketing strategy

Interesting facts about social media influencer marketing strategy

Social media has become an integrated part of business marketing strategy. With this, influencer marketing companies in Mumbai leveraging on these platforms, have completely turned around the game of marketing business online. Most consumers today turn towards influencers for recommendation on purchasing decisions. This is especially observed a lot among young millennials who are increasingly turning to their favourite Instagram models, Twitter personalities and YouTubers for advice and recommendations. These social media influencers are trusted by millions of consumers, and marketers are paying them for promoting brands and business online. Influencers seem more relatable to the audience than traditional celebrities. Since more people are joining social media networks, companies have begun to explore and leverage these platforms for marketing their brand.

Let us today take a look at some of the most interesting facts about influencers that will surprise you and may also push you to collaborating with influencer marketing agency in Mumbai for promoting business-

Millennials trust Influencers more than traditional celebrities
Today, it is a given fact that millennials trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. It has been observed that it is extremely difficult for brands to build the same level of trust as influencers in their audience. Today self-promotion is seen as a less effective way to push your brand to the audience. But, thanks to influencer marketing it has helped build trust among audience for your brand. So much so, that nearly 60% millennial feel that they can connect much better with influencers than any others for advice and brand recommendations.

Women use social media for recommendations and advice
If your brand wishes to target women audience then opting for influencer marketing companies in Mumbai is highly recommended. This is mainly because statistics suggest that women usually turn towards social media platforms for recommendations. So, collaborating with an influencer agency to promote your business will do wonders in tapping your audience better. Various studies suggest that when it comes to influencer marketing, most women make a purchase decision based on recommendations made by an influencer on Facebook and Instagram which being the most preferred platforms.

Influencer Marketing is the fastest growing marketing and customer acquisition technique
Influencer marketing is today the fastest growing marketing technique adopted by influencer marketing agency in Mumbai for customer acquisition. More and more brands are opting for influencer marketing to promote their business and connect with the audience. Further, studies also suggest that influencer marketing is the most cost-effective method of obtaining new customers.

Influencer Marketing outperforms traditional marketing technique
It has been observed that influencer marketing has surpassed traditional marketing technique like print ads and tv ads. While these traditional channels of advertisement are still expensive, yet their output seems far less than that of influencer marketing strategy. The ROI from influencer marketing is much more than traditional medium. Hence businesses too are moving towards influencer marketing companies for their business promotion.

Facebook & YouTube are the most Influential social platform-
Undoubtedly Facebook & YouTube are the most popular and highly influential social media platform wherein people look for advice and recommendations for purchase decisions. With billions of users across the world, using Facebook & YouTube makes these channel and ideal platform for promoting business to the audience. So, this makes it obvious that staying active on these platforms and engaging with the best influencer marketing agency in Mumbai for marketing purposes is essential for businesses today.

Having observed the above-mentioned interesting facts about influencer marketing, I would suggest businesses to collaborate with influencer marketing agency in Mumbai to promote their business. It’s better late than never when it comes to developing an influencer marketing campaign. Probably the best way to start campaign is by searching for industry best influencer and work with them to align goals and achieve your business objective of driving sales, lead and revenue.


6 interesting things influencer marketing companies in Mumbai can do for your business

6 interesting things influencer marketing companies in Mumbai can do for your business

If you are having an online business and looking for ways to boost its sales and revenue, then influencer marketing is one strategy that can do wonders. Hiring an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai can help you get your business rolling in no time. Though the strategy may not be as popular as SEO or PPC, yet the influencer marketing industry is set to have hit $10 billion by the year 2020. For this very reason businesses, today have to move towards adopting influencer marketing strategies to gain business advantage. In this article today we have discussed 6 interesting things that an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai can do for your business. Based on this information you can decide whether to collaborative with influencer marketing agencies is beneficial to your business or not.

Benefits of collaborating with the best influencer marketing agency in India
Industry Research-
An influencer marketing agency will have researched a lot about your business, your industry and your competitors to suggest your business with relevant strategies. They will have researched every minute details about your business to know how you started, what are your business products and services, and how you serve your clients. Not just that, they will learn about your target audience, their demographic, their purchasing habits, etc. All of this information will help the influencer marketing agency in Mumbai build a strategy that can help you achieve your business better traffic, increased sales, and overall growth in business.

Connect you to industries figures celebrities-

It goes without saying that when a celebrity or industry figure endorses your brand, it has a major impact on buyers. Influencer endorsements like this can really get your target audience excited about your brand or purchasing your product. Connecting with the right endorser will not only help businesses gain better exposure but also help build strong brand awareness. While achieving all of this may not be easy on your own, it clearly suggests why it is important for businesses to collaborate with influencer agencies in Mumbai.

Better business opportunity -
Connecting with influencers is priceless for research suggests that nearly 80 % of the people today rely on and trust on social media influencers when it comes to making purchasing decisions. This creates a huge opportunity for businesses to not only advertise on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook but also adopt an influencer marketing campaign to increase engagement and boost sales exponentially

Manage campaign posts and endorsements-
Another benefit of collaborating with an influencer marketing company in Mumbai is that you will not have to develop post or manage the content of your business campaigns. Nor would you be expected to coordinate with the influencer to develop strategies. The influencer marketing agency will handle all of it for you. The agency will ensure that they receive all the required promotional materials and then accordingly create and share compelling content on various social media platforms. So, while you focus on your business influencer agencies will ensure to get your work done in context to business promotion.

Monitor results of Campaign-
If you have an influencer marketing agency handling your campaigns you will not have to worry about making important campaign choices. Plus, they will track the results of your campaign on an ongoing basis. Your influencer marketing company in Mumbai will take care of tracking your influenced posts. This will help in altering strategies accordingly to gain better results. Professional influencer agencies will even provide you reports of their analysis and finding of campaigns to help you with the right business decision and choices. The results can help you decide on the right course of action to improve your strategies and better your business.


How influencer marketing companies are helping businesses earn better ROI?

How influencer marketing companies are helping businesses earn better ROI?

When it comes to collaborating with influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai, people often think of the brand exposure the business enjoys when celebrities share content about their brand. While publicity is one aspect of branding building and awareness, influencer marketing also provides monetary benefits in terms of increased return on investment. In this article today we have discussed how influencer marketing companies in Mumbai can help businesses with better ROI.

Relevant Customers-
One of the major benefits of collaborating with influencer marketing agencies is that they can help businesses grow their customer base. A majority of marketers believe that influencers attract quality customers to their business. They are known to target the relevant audience for your brand campaign and help gain more customers. Having a pre-set group of followers who are interested in your niche, so their approach and strategy of campaign helps businesses target relevant customers. This further helps in the growth of your business and sales online.

Influencer Marketing Drives Purchasing Decisions-
One of the major benefits is that businesses enjoy with influencer marketing companies in Mumbai is driving sales Consumers often look up to influencers for advice on products and services. Further studies suggest that nearly 40-45 percent of people purchase after seeing a social media influencer recommend a product or service. Moreover, people also often turn towards influencers to learn about new products. So if your business is looking to increase sales, influencer marketing is the right strategy for you to boost sales.

Effective means of marketing-
In comparison to the traditional advertisement tools, and techniques, influencer marketing turns out to be a more effective strategy. Blogs and Facebook are by far the most effective for influencer marketing than print media or YouTube ads. Running campaigns on these platforms with social media influencers will surely double your business in terms of sales if done rightly. Moreover, these techniques of marketing are much more reasonable than the traditional form of marketing.

Influencer Marketing Faster than Organic Search-
Social media campaigns run via influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai are said to be a faster-growing medium for acquiring customers online. While Organic search and email are too mature to provide the same yearly growth, influencer marketing strategy clearly outperforms in terms of conversion and quick results. Quick turnaround time helps boost sales and achieve yearly targets better. So, definitely influencer marketing approach offers better ROI in comparison to other mediums or channels.

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective channel-
Influencer marketing is the most cost-effective customer acquisition channel. It is a much more affordable strategy in comparison to any other technique. Moreover, the results obtained are positive and definitely more effective.

Influencer marketing companies in Mumbai are is quickly gaining great demand in the online marketing strategy. Budgets are growing fast, and businesses are seeing strong returns. With returns soaring high, more and more businesses are opting to partner with influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai for gaining a competitive edge in the industry. While currently influencer marketing is cost-effective and affordable, influencers are becoming savvier and figuring out the best way to engage with their audience. So, now is the right time to adopt an influencer marketing strategy for your business marketing and brand awareness initiative.


5 good reasons to use digital video for promoting businesses online

5 good reasons to use digital video for promoting businesses online

Video marketing as we know is today one of the fastest-growing online digital marketing strategies. It is one of the most popular channels adopted by businesses today for promoting their business. Moreover, due to its popularity and growing views, there are no signs of it fading anytime soon. Most businesses prefer approaching the best digital video content agency in Mumbai for the promotion of business. Studies to suggest video content to be a great contributor to traffics online. In today’s article, we have listed a few good reasons to hire a digital video agency and incorporate digital video for your online marketing strategy.
Benefits of adopting digital video for business promotion
Video boosts conversion rates-

Digital video content is much more popular than any other form of promotional strategy. Not only does this strategy increase the reach, but helps boost the conversion rate. People today prefer watching a video of a newly launched product or service than read through the promotional text. Watching a compelling video has much more potential to influence buying behavior and persuade customers to buy your product. It increases conversions by nearly 80% as opposed to potential customers reading the same information and buying the product. Which is why we suggest businesses to collaborate with the best digital video content agency in Mumbai for designing and developing promotional videos for your business.
Encourages even the Laziest Buyers

Video content has great potential to allure customers to buy products or avail services online. It is one of the best tools to keep your viewers hooked to your site and encourage them to buy from you. Moreover, videos are the most preferred form of marketing tool that engages customers and drives business for you. Even the laziest ones are motivated to buying your products. With video content you do not just target the eyes of the audience but also the ears, leveraging double power and gaining a competitive edge over others.
Video holds more credibility.
Video content is the perfect way to personally communicate with the audience. It is the best way to convey your brand story and enable your viewers to connect with you. Studies even suggest that viewers find video content to be more useful than reading the plain written text, especially in their decision process. Digital videos help educate and inform customers which further helps build a foundation of trust. It adds to the credibility of your brand and eventually helps translate to sales. Get the best digital video content agency in Mumbai to develop your video and you are sure to see impressive results.
Great boost to SEO-
Nothing seems more enticing than a video for business promotion. Developing engaging content will surely boost SEO as search engines often rank content that engages viewers. Having said that YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. So, for those of you who can put your videos on YouTube, you will surely get good visibility and opportunity to show up in search engines.

Encourages social shares-
In the digital age where videos get more likes, comments, and shares, there is a huge opportunity for businesses to increase their traffic and sales through video content. With the best digital video content agency in Mumbai, you can come up with amazing business videos that have the potential to viral online. It is said that nearly 88% of mobile videos are often shared among people on various social media platforms. So, this is your chance to establish a mark in the industry and really show what your company is all about. Moreover, videos are the best channel for promotion and sharing on other social media platforms for videos are more likely to be sharable and preferred to be viewed than plain written text.


Why are brands increasingly approaching influencers?

Why are brands increasingly approaching influencers?

Word-of-mouth has for ages been popular and the most effective medium of marketing. Similarly, influencer marketing is a digital analogy of traditional word-of-mouth. Influencers are people who have large numbers of loyal and dedicated fans who follow them. These influencers are basically perceived as experts in their niche by their followers and their recommendations are highly regarded. Unlike traditional celebrity influencers, these social media influencers have a strong connection with their fans. This makes influencer marketing agency Mumbai great for creating brand awareness and achieving market visibility online. Brands have realized the significance of influencer marketing companies in Mumbai and are today increasingly moving towards collaboration with them for online campaigns. In today’s article, we shall be discussing why collaborating with an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai is beneficial for brands and why brands are increasingly approaching them.
Influencer Marketing Insights

The benefits that influencer marketing has to offer are extensive. The information and insight that an influencer marketing strategy can offer are exceptional. Here is how collaboration with the best influencer marketing agency in India can be beneficial-
Influencer analytics

Influencer analytics offered to the brand helps them make informed decisions about brand campaigns. Most influencer marketing agencies in India will give you influencer analysis which includes the influencer’s engagement rate, followers count, follower’s demographics, and other such crucial details. This will help you select the influencer that will best fit your campaign goals.
Target audience
Influencer marketing agencies Mumbai helps brands understand more about their target audience. They help you identify your target audience, relevant to your industry, location, gender, and age. These analytics will help brands in knowing the target audience better greatly contribute to the success of your brand campaigns. For instance, you can imagine how badly your campaign would fail if you promote beauty products through an influencer who mostly has men followers.
Industry trends
Influencer marketing companies in Mumbai often provide deep insights into what is trending in your industry. It provides details that can be a boon for your content strategies. Further, it gives you details on your industry competitors and details on what is trending in the industry. Developing strategies around such information will surely boost your campaign and engagement.
Engagement rate
Apart from running a great influencer campaign, it is also necessary to get the audience engaged in making the campaign a success. Collaborating with the best influencer marketing agency in Mumbai will provide your brand with useful details which include engagement metrics, likes, comments, shares, views, brand mentions, and several other metrics that provide a detailed engagement rate. Details like this will help you gauge whether your content is working for your campaign and engaging your target audience or not.
Campaign Reports-
Influencer marketing agencies provide a detailed report about the ongoing campaign that can help you improve your strategies accordingly. Reports are essential for tracking the performance of your campaigns. This is one of the crucial reasons why brands opt for working with influencer marketing agencies for brand promotion. The reports will help you track, analyze, and improve your strategies for better branding and promotion.
Final thought
Influencer Marketing Boost Brand Awareness
Influencers have huge followers and fan base who always look up to them for recommendations and reviews on specific things related to their industry niche. Influencers, in this sense, have a huge potential to influence the purchasing decisions of their followers. Influencers can better relate to their audience and influence their decisions. Hence, collaborating with the best influencer marketing agency in Mumbai makes more sense to brands looking to expand their customer base, grow the business, and create a strong brand image.


Top 5 reasons to work with an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai

Top 5 reasons to work with an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai

Top 5 reasons to work with an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai
Influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai are companies that create and execute influencer marketing campaigns on behalf of their clients. They work with brands and influencers seamlessly to deliver successful campaigns. Only the best influencer marketing agency in India will be able to effectively organize, manage, and successfully run campaigns. With their experience, knowledge, and network in the industry makes them an ideal choice to collaborate with for business promotional campaigns. In today’s article, we have listed a few good reasons why businesses should consider collaborating with influencer marketing agencies in Mumbai. Here are 5 advantages of working with an influencer marketing agency.
1. Good network-
Influencer companies in Mumbai are dedicated professionals that work with top brands for promoting their business. Not only do they have years of experience and knowledge of the industry but also have a good network of top influencers from various niche or industry. Leveraging their well-established reputation and privileged contacts with influencers, they can get things rolling for your business in terms of branding and promotion. Businesses looking to collaborate with influencer marketing agencies in India should consider the brands and influencers they have worked with previously to get a complete insight into their work.
2. Connect Brands with Relevant Influencers-
Another major benefit of working with an influencer marketing company in India is that they can connect brands with relevant influencers. Finding the right influencer for your business can be a time-consuming and costly affair if you try to do it all by yourself. However, influencer agencies in Mumbai bridge this gap by helping brands connect with the best influencers in the industry for your business. This will not just save your time money and efforts of finding the right influencer, but will also ensure the success of your campaign.
3. Suggest Right Platform for marketing campaigns
Influencer marketing agencies are experts in branding and marketing campaigns. They are well versed with the process and have the experience of working with both influencers and brands to execute successful campaigns. They know how to bring a campaign to life by identifying the right influencers and the right social media platforms for promoting business. Selecting the right channel for promotion is equally essential as selecting an influencer for the campaign. So, going by the experience an agency has, they are more capable of suggesting the right social media channels for running a brand campaign.
4. Negotiate contracts
Influencer marketing companies in Mumbai work as a mediator between brands and influencers. They will take care of all of the negotiations regarding the rates and terms of the contract with influencers on your behalf. Since an agency is already connected with influencers, they can select ones who fall within your budget and suggest you the best in the industry.
5. Saves time
Collaborating with an influencer marketing agency in Mumbai means delegating your promotional campaigns to experts. So, they will be the ones researching, reaching out to influencers, and reviewing the content they created for your brand, and negotiate a deal with them. Not just that they assist you in the entire process of executing brand campaigns. This will free you from all the manual work processes and let you focus on other important aspects of your business.


Selecting the right type of influencer for your marketing strategy

Selecting the right type of influencer for your marketing strategy

In today’s digital world, having the right person to promote your brand is essential. Selecting the right influencer marketing agency in Mumbai who can create content that can resonate with the audience is crucial for the success of your business. So, before you decide on selecting an influencer, you must first understand the different types of influencers that are out there. In today’s article we have given details on different types of influencers and the ones that may rightly fit your requirements.
Nano-influencers: Nano influencers are the influencers who have approximately 1,000- 10,000 followers. They are easily approachable, affordable and have better engagement with their followers. However, they have less reach and may possibly have low expertise in branding and promotion.
Micro-influencers: Micro-influencers are the ones having around 10,000- 50,000 followers. They are often considered as experts in their respective niche. Although micro-influencers have limited followers, yet they have a personal connection with the audience. This in turn greatly benefits businesses when it comes to building brand awareness.
Mid-tier influencers: Mid-tier influencers generally has follower base of 50,000-500,000 users. These influencers are much more established than that of the micro-influencers and have better reach than them. While they may offer good reach but their engagement with their followers may not really be as good as a nano influencer or micro influencer.
Mega-Influencers: Mega influencer is a large community with over a million follower. These influencers are A-listers who are famous public celebrities. They only work with large brands and often come with a huge price tag.
Collaborating with any of the above mentioned influencers through an influencer marketing company in Mumbai will benefit your brand in one way or the other. Since you are now aware of the types of influencers out there, you need to now figure out the type of influencer you are looking for your brand. Selecting the right influencer marketing agency in Mumbai for your marketing strategy will require you to consider the following three aspects namely brand fit, campaign concept, and reach.
Brand fit: Keeping in mind your industry, brand image and target audience, brands must accordingly shortlist and select the best influencer marketing company in Mumbai that rightly fits your brand, requirement and campaigns.
Campaign concept- Keeping in mind the campaign concept and brand, your business should collaborate with influencers who can execute the concept as per the requirements.
Reach: based on the scale of your campaign and the reach you plan to target through the campaign, brands must accordingly shortlist the best influencer marketing agency in Mumbai.

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