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Updated by Bryan McKenzie on May 20, 2020
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Lawn care and soil care

Hello everyone.
Here's a complete list of useful articles and guides about lawn care written by me and my wife.
All checked and tested.
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Best Soil pH Testers for Your Garden and Backyard (2020 Review Update)

Your soil will affect how fruitful your garden will be. Check your soil pH regularly using these testers for a healthier garden and lawn.

How to Raise pH in Soil with Baking Soda: A Quick and Effortless Way

Find out how to raise pH in soil using baking soda. The article describes how to increase pH of soil quickly, including using alternative methods.

Best Sprinkler Pump 2020: Helpful Guidelines on Choosing the Right Item

Looking for a good sprinkler pump? Here, you can check out detailed reviews of the leading sprinkler pumps and a buyer’s guide.

Best Travelling Sprinkler This 2020: Reviewed and Compared

Traveling sprinklers is a convenient way of keeping your lawn or garden watered. Choose the best traveling sprinkler to suit your needs with our reviews.

Best Drop Spreaders To Buy In 2020 – Reviews and Buyer's Guide

With the help of drop spreaders, you are assured of less tiring gardening practices. This article covers some great options you can acquire for your lawn.

St Augustine Vs Bermuda: Choosing Grass Type for Your Compound (Updated in 2020)

Still unsure about what type of grass to plant on your lawn? This article compares St Augustine vs Bermuda grasses with the pros and cons of each one.

Best Lawn Aerator This 2020 – For a Satisfactory Purchase

Water, nutrients and air will hardly reach your plants when the ground is compressed. Best lawn aerators will solve this problem easily. Read and choose!

Too Much Oil in a Lawn Mower: Consequences and Preventive Measures

Adding too much oil in a lawn mower is no joke. Solve this problem and learn how to avoid putting too much oil in a lawn mower in the future.