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List of Excursions in Negombo – Plan your holiday in advance

Negombo is a resort town located 40 kilometres north of Colombo and is not located far from the airport. There are plenty of great spots around Negombo as well, making for a few fun day excursions. Here are a few things for you to do while you're in Negombo.


The beaches

Located on the west coast of the island, Negombo is home to a set of beautiful beaches. Many of the Negombo hotels, the likes of Amagi Aria are located pretty close to many of the popular beaches. A day out at the beach is ideal if you are going with family! The stunning turquoise waters of the sea will definitely tempt you to keep coming back.


Water activities

Another activity to do that related to the sea are the number of water activities that can be done when in Negombo. There's plenty for the adventurous people such as diving, snorkelling and jet-skiing. For something with a bit for adrenaline, you can also check out white water rafting, however, this requires you to travel a little outside of Negombo but is worth the travelling.



Negombo has a predominantly Catholic community with a mix of the other ethnicities in the city, as a result, the city is home to a plethora of beautiful churches. You can take a day off to witness the beautiful architecture and the religious significance each of these buildings carries. St Stephen's Church and St Mary's Church are among the must-visits.



By cycling around or taking part in a cycling tour, you will be taken through the most interesting aspects of Negombo, as you learn about its past and the best sight-seeing spots. The cycling tour is approximately 10 kilometres and is best for those who are confident in their cycling.


Bird watching

In the southern region of the Negombo lagoon, you'll come across Muthurajawela, a marshland that was declared a wetland sanctuary by the government. The area is biologically diverse and teems with life, and as you travel across this area by boat you're bound to come across exotic bird species and reptiles. Bird such as Ducks, Egrets, Eagles, Swallows, Kingfishers and Cormorants are a few of the many birds you'll get to sightsee.


Fish markets

A rather smelling adventure, fish markets are a fascinating way to get the first-hand experience on local life on the island! The largest fish market is found in the neighbourhood of Negombo Fort, ask around from the locals and they'll be glad to give you directions.


Hamilton Canal

A 14.5-kilometre canal which connects the lagoon with the river mouth, this canal is named after a British government agent. This canal is said to connect Puttalam to Colombo and passes through the city of Negombo. The waterway was originally constructed by the Dutch but was later developed by the British. For a few years, the canal was neglected and overgrown but now it has been cleared and is in a good state for boat tours.

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