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Updated by Joanna James on May 19, 2020
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Top 7 Things to Do with Kids in Queensland – Fun, and Adventure for Everyone

Queensland is affectionately called the "Sunshine State", a name that perfectly encapsulates the region's cheery personality and charm. This is one of the best locations in Australia to visit with family – there are so many fun activities to do, and we've listed down 7 for you.


Qantas Founders Museum

If your kids have a passion for aviation and often enthuse about being pilots when they are grown up, the Qantas Founder Museum is must-visit! This fantastic museum regales the tale of Australia's national airline – from its foundation to its rise to prominence, in addition, the museum houses an extensive collection of aircrafts, which include full-sized replicas.


Dinosaur Trail

If you got a budding palaeontologist in the family, a visit to the famous Dinosaur Trail in Queensland's outback can prove to be quite the fun time. This rich fossil bed is displayed as one of the few instances of a dinosaur stampede found anywhere in the world. Your family can also get up-close and personal with some of the largest and most complete dinosaur fossils ever unearthed in Australia. These include reconstructions of the massive herbivore Muttaburrasaurus and the ferocious carnivore Australovenator.


Undara Volcanic National Park

If you're heading to Queensland's western reaches with the family, consider a stop at the Undara Volcanic National Park. This natural refuge can be a treat to explore with your kids as it houses the largest lava tube cave system found in the world. It is believed that these were formed by the eruption of a supervolcano over 200,000 years ago.


Cape Hillsborough National Park

If you're staying by the city, perhaps at one of the Moranbah service apartments on offer – for example, the Oaks Moranbah Suites – you might be itching for a day out in the countryside with the family. Well, then look no further than the Cape Hillsborough National Park which is only just over two hours away. Here, your young adventurers can explore lush forest teeming with curious and wonderful wildlife and spectacular scenery.


Kuranda Scenic Railway

Seeing the expansive landscape that forms the majority of Queensland whistle past endlessly as you ride the rails can be an experience all unto itself – one that's made even better with family! The Kuranda Scenic Railway will take you through an array of the gorgeous natural site, including a World Heritage rainforest that is over a million years old. It's a serene way to absorb the spirit of Queensland while surrounded by the people you love.


Bunya Mountains National Park

Dense verdant rainforests, cascading waterfalls, jaw-dropping hilltop views – the Bunya Mountains National Park has got it all. This is one of the best locations to take your kids exploring and even camping. So, pack up those hiking boots, prepare some grilled cheese, and head on over to the mountains for some fun times with the family.


Big Red Sand Dune

If a road trip with the kids seems like a fun time to you, consider going on an exciting off-road adventure to the Big Red Sand Dune. The Dune itself is the highest point of the sprawling Simpson Desert. The flaming sands and picturesque sunset you'll see here is sure to leave the little ones mesmerised.