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Updated by Joanna James on May 19, 2020
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The Best Exotic Wildlife in Maldives – Fascinating Creatures to Encounter!

Be it on land or under the waves, the Maldives has some intriguing wildlife you can witness while on a holiday here. Here's a list of some of these exotic creatures that are bound to pique your interest!



While your idea of sharks may be more akin to the terrifying versions shown in movies like "Jaws" or "The Shallows", this is not necessarily the case. When diving in Maldives you have a chance to actually spot shark species which do not pose a threat to humans; this includes the huge whale shark which one can even swim beside. Other varieties one has a chance to encounter are blacktip and whitetip reef sharks, nurse sharks and hammerhead sharks each with their distinctive characteristics. Resorts that offer night dive excursions provide a great way to see sharks too since some of them are active at night.



Gliding through the water, rays provide some of the most enthralling sights to enjoy while diving or snorkelling in Maldives. Water villa accommodation aside, the country is also known as one of the best spots to witness manta rays which can be seen during the southwest monsoon when plankton is abundant. Manta Ray Point and Hanifaru Bay are two popular spots to witness these alien-like creatures effortlessly manoeuvre their way in the water. Apart from mantas, one can also look forward to encounters with eagle rays and stingrays which make an underwater excursion even more memorable.


Dolphins & Whales

One of the most playful species when it comes to wildlife in Maldives, dolphins can also be spotted swimming freely in the Indian Ocean. Some Maldives resorts including Adaaran Prestige Water Villas even offer special dolphin cruises that give you a chance to see these marine mammals in their natural habitat. There are more than one species of dolphin that you may encounter be it bottlenose, spinner, Risso's, spotted or Fraser's dolphins. The waters surrounding the islands are also home to whales which is another of the country's marine marvels worth observing; blue, Bryde's, dwarf sperm, melon-headed and pilot whales are amongst the species that one may spot.


Fruit Bats

While the wildlife on land is comparatively less when compared to what can be found in the ocean, there are nevertheless some captivating creatures worth spotting; this includes the land-based mammal known as the fruit bat. You may spot this species of bat at your resort in Maldives or even at inhabited local islands. During the day, they will be mostly relegated to staying in the trees and out of sight. However, as day turns to night, you can spot them flying about in search of food.



The islands of Maldives are also home to a few species of snakes including the wolf snake and blind snake, both of which are endemic as well as (and more importantly!) being harmless. It is not just on land however, that snakes can be found; pelagic sea snakes may also be encountered while here and are also harmless unless they are disturbed.