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Top Souvenirs to Buy in the Maldives – Unique Mementoes of Your Holiday

While the Maldives is famed for its idyllic beaches and underwater wonders, one often forgets it also offers some unique souvenirs to take back home. Be it at resort shops or local islands, here are some of the top things worth buying as a treasured keepsake.


Wicker Mats

Intricately handwoven, wicker mats made from materials such as reed are not only beautiful to look at but will offer your home a quite unique touch as well. Such mats come in a range of designs which are a testament to the skill required to craft such patterns while weaving. Known as "thundukunaa" in the local language, these mats are part of a traditional local livelihood with the women of Gaafu Dhaalu Gahdhoo in particular, known for producing some exquisite products. Not surprisingly, such mats are given on special occasions including as gifts for foreign dignitaries.


The Hukuru Miskiy Minaret

Popular souvenirs from countries are often miniature representations of famous landmarks. This is certainly true of the "Munnaaru" which is the local name for the minaret that is part of the Hukuru Miskiy or Old Friday Mosque which can be found in the capital, Male. Dating back to the 17th century, the minaret is very much a key site of this attraction and it is little wonder that a souvenir of this structure is an item worth buying.


Miniature Ships / Boats

Another much-loved memento is that of miniature versions of ships that are made from coconut palm wood and which are placed within glass bottles. Also popular are mini versions of a traditional boat known as the "dhoni" which you may have the opportunity to enjoy a cruise on too. A great place to buy such souvenirs would be Male; in the Maldives, luxury resorts including properties the likes of Adaaran Prestige Vadoo offer excursions here where you can indulge in a bit of shopping.


Lacquer Work

The Maldives is also well-known for its lacquer work which showcases the craftsmanship and artistry of local artisans. It entails making products carved from wood; this can include everything from vases and pens to boxes for jewellery and trinkets. These items are then coated with a number of layers of lacquer with colours like yellow, black and red. Apart from the colours, lacquer work or "Laajehun" as it is known by the locals, also features intricate designs which lend to making it a truly distinctive souvenir.


Local Art Work

Those who love art and want to beautify their homes with one of a kind creations can look to purchase some of the artworks on offer. Ideally, look to find such art that is painted or created by local artists; such pieces are likely to showcase elements connected with the local heritage and culture which make them truly worthwhile souvenirs. One place you can purchase such items would be the Oevaali Art Shop; located in Male, this shop has a diverse range of paintings on offer along with sculptures and other items that can be purchased as a memento of your holiday in the Maldives.