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10 Delicious Turkish Food Everyone Must Try – Have a scrumptious journey

Food is one of the elements of travel that one certainly does not skip! Tasting the local cuisine of the country visit is an absolute must! If you are planning a trip to Turkey any time soon, then be sure to try out the following dishes without fail.



Looking for a Turkish breakfast to delight to indulge in while you set out early to explore? Well, then the dish you are looking for is Menemen. This dish is compiled of egg and green peppers, onions and tomatoes cooked in a bit of sunflower oil or olive oil and served with bread. You are likely to come across this breakfast dish at hotels like Somerset Maslak Istanbul as well.



This is a little snack that'll go great with a couple of drinks or to keep you occupied while you explore the roads. It is simply roasted chickpeas that have been seasoned with salt and spice. You will even find candy coated Leblebi. Small carts on the street sell these small snacks.



Let's think of this as a Turkish bagel that has been coated with sesame seeds to add a lovely flavour and crunch to it. These tasty snacks can be bought from little red pushcarts selling them along the road or even cafes like the one at the airport too.


Meze Platters

The word Meze means appetizers and Meze platters are popular in any dine-in restaurant here. From cheese to meatball, salads and purees, there are many small food types to try out on a platter.



This is quite a popular pastry type used in Ottoman dishes and tastes much like the Spanish tortilla. Its is basically filled filo with stuffing that differs regionally. This delicacy is out of this world and will definitely ignite your taste buds.


Imam Bayildi

What's on the plate when it comes to this dish you ask? It's a whole eggplant that has been stuffed with tomatoes, onions and garlic and simmered in olive oil. It is a light dish that is fit to be an entrée. Try it out when you visit a restaurant in Turkey.


Midye Dolmas

This is a street food that is quite commonly sold on the streets of Turkey. This is mussels that are spritzed with lemon. It's a wonderful dish to taste.



Somewhat similar to pizza, this is a boat-shaped flatbread that baked in the oven with ingredients like cheese, pepper, onion, mushroom, tomatoes, ground beef, sausages, egg, parsley and more. Since it is an important element in Turkish cuisine there are special restaurants that specialise in Pide.



A savoury pastry dish with some spice added to the mix is hand-rolled into thin leaves. Once the filling is done, it stuffed and coated with butter and then cooked over a griddle.



This is like a pizza without cheese but is actually a wrap with minced meat filling including vegetables like onions, parsley, tomatoes and herbs. The initial bite will be crisp, but the centre is chewy. It's rolled up and eaten like a tortilla. If you are visiting Istanbul, places to stay are plenty, but make sure there are great eateries around as well to try out these dishes.