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Prom Dresses

"Tickled Pink Boutique" offers you pitch-perfect colours with their superlative selection of prom dresses at economical prices.

The go-to prom dress colours that’ll add some splash of style to your prom!

"Tickled Pink Boutique" offers you pitch-perfect colours with their superlative selection of prom dresses at economical prices.


Choose your Prom dress wisely- Avoid these common errors!

Choose your Prom dress wisely- Avoid these common errors!

Prom night is one event where you want to look as beautiful and special as possible. The memories of this event are going to last for a lifetime so you don’t want to ruin your big day by making a mistake in choosing a bad prom dress. But the question is how do you choose the perfect prom dress?




Make sure to go with the perfect prom attire that suits the best on your body shape and glow your skin complexion.

How to Look Perfect on a Prom Night

It's a dream of many beautiful women to make a prom night one to remember. Everyone wants to look gorgeous during the prom event and attract all the eyes towards them in the crowd.

     Are you ready to plan your prom party and **[look perfect at a prom](**? Here are some useful tips to keep in mind that help you to elevate your look and make you feel comfy and chic throughout the prom night.

    If you want to look the most attractive, go through some fashion tips to consider when you're planning for the special prom event.

Dressing Tip-Tops:

The dressing is the most important factor while you are planning to attend any event. Choosing the perfect outfits is the most tremendous task for every woman. Of course, your dressing style is the first thing everyone will see on the prom night. Make sure you choose the pretty prom dresses that enhance your look. While planning to shop for the prom party ensure to choose the dress that suits your body shape and your skin complexion.

Impressive Prom dresses to stand Unique in a party

All the women have their own fashion funda and unique style according to the look they wish to achieve, whether you want to look classic and chic, stylish and sophisticated or elegant and edgy.

It’s time to choose the prom dresses that are well-fitted and enhance your look instantly. There will be lots of the latest styles and trends. To choose plentiful prom dresses to rock the dance floor is a tremendous task. Let’s dive into some statement pieces for 2020

Shimmering prom dresses are an awesome way to make the statement in special events. Form a prom party to a cocktail party; the glittering dresses draw every eye on you. All set to rock the dance floor? Bust a move in the elegant shimmery shift prom dresses with a side leg slit.

Showcase your sophisticated look in every event, whether you’re going to attend wedding parties or the hen’s party of your friend. The glamorous look you’ll achieve is the reflection of the glittering prom dress that you’re wearing.

Be the center of the attraction by wearing the sexy yet sophisticated prom dress for the special event. Choose the dress that fits you properly and show off your figure. The well-fitted and designer sexy prom dresses attract the crowd.

Stunning off the shoulder and open back dresses accentuate your shape. Make your mark at the next event wearing a luxurious sexy prom dress with a high leg slit to elevate your prom look.

Are you looking for a figure-flattering dress? You can go with the mermaid style prom dresses that perfectly frame your body. Mermaid style dresses emphasize your feminine curves and highlight your figure.

All the women love the fitted-flare near the knees that offers a stunning appeal and make you walk comfortably. An amazing train caters you a more glamorous look that you can style for all-night parties.

Be the spark of the night by choosing an open back prom dress for the party. A pretty prom dress with a sexy open back wins all the attention and help to stand out like a shining star in the crowd. Slip in the open back dress and show of your feminine side and feel like a celebrity.

An open back dress will keep you fresh, and you look hot as you dance throughout the night with your loved ones. This style of the dress makes you look exciting from every angle that catches the spotlight.

Add the little shine to your look by wearing the sequin prom dress in special events such as night club parties, wedding parties, and other occasions.

Sequined dresses attract all the eyes on you because of its gorgeous shining designs. This style of the prom dresses will let you flaunt your look to the next level. The latest dresses blend the sequined features to stun your look with shinning flare and fit prom dress.

There are plenty of prom styles to flaunt your look. Enhance your beauty by choosing the latest prom dress according to which you want to achieve and for which occasion you’re going to. Make sure to select the perfect prom dress that suits your skin tone and shape of your body.

How To Choose The Color Of Your Prom Dress According To Your Skin Tone

Attending the prom night is the dream of every girl. Most of the girls are waiting for the prom night to make the statement and attract every eye on you. It’s a special prom night wherever you adorn gorgeous prom dresses and rock the party.

Rock the dance floor by choosing the chic attire for the prom party and now it’s time to choose the amazing prom dresses that allow you to make the statement and attract the attention of you during the party.

Prom dresses colors and styles reveal the latest fashion. So choosing the perfect and most suitable prom dresses that help to enhance your beauty and make you stay stylish with the current trend. It shows other fashion fiestas in your life and ensures you always look chic and comfy.

Are you still confused about how to choose the dashing dress for the prom party? You can select it according to which look you want to achieve and which colors suit you based on your skin tone.

Colour is the most vital factor when discussing various styles. Like make-up and hair, picking what color best flatters you start together with your skin tone.

Go with the pretty pink and red if you have a cool light skin tone. Jazzy jewel tones also looking amazing with the honest skin. Don’t choose metallic colors. It will wash out the skin that didn’t suit you.

If you constitute the nice and cozy undertone honest skin with red or blonde hair elect earthy tones, like greens and browns. Neutral colors like beige, navy, and grey also will work well with heat, fair skin. Avoid choosing bright colors that look too harsh on light skin tone and you can use oil for better skin.

Olive skin tone can wear any colors according to the look they want to achieve. Bright colors such as coral, pink, and blue look awesome on this skin tone. You can also choose the soft shades of the brown undertones that elevate your olive skin tone. Bright colors like orange and red also look fantabulous with the olive complex. Avoid choosing neutral colors as it doesn’t suit olive skin tone and create the skin looks tedious.

Medium skin tone can go with the jewel color shades that bring out the warm undertones. Choose the prom dresses of green or blue that looks beautiful on medium skin. Jewel shades such as sapphire, ruby, emerald, turquoise and etc suit the best on olive skin tone. Never choose pastel colors that tend to bring out dark undertones of your skin.

Dark skin tone can elect bright jewel tones or pastel shades for the prom party. Bright color shades pop the dark complexion and look amazing on you. Vibrant shades like copper, gold, ruby and much more work well with deep skin tones. Avoid choosing black or brown shades that totally wash out dark skin tones. Some rich shades such as blues, gray an, etc should be avoided.

Go with different style prom dresses in numerous colors and patterns. There may be a reason you tend towards bound colors, the explanation described is the best and choose the color that suits you. However, you simply would possibly realize a color that looks gorgeous on you.

Which Website Offers The Best Design For Prom Dresses?

Experience shopping with the best boutique's exclusive collection. Without thinking more choose prom dresses outfits that make you feel classy and comfy!

Prom isn’t simply a celebration, therefore why accept something that is usual party wear. Choosing a prom dresses is the most important part of complete Prom expertise and offers you a platform to showcase your individuality. Gone are the times once prom night was all regarding the standard red and black robes, these days its additional regarding exploring with an associate degree array of cuts, colors and mixing with the correct accessories to present you that insta-worthy moment.

Prom night is the special night that everyone wants to spend well and makes the best memories with friends. But most women have one question: what to wear? How to choose the best prom dress? What dressing tips are useful to look gorgeous during prom night that will make a statement.

Don’t think much about choosing the best attire for the special prom night. Many online clothing boutiques offer the exclusive collection for this occasion. You can easily find the pretty prom dresses from the online stores. Don’t waste much time and explore the list now. Start shopping whatever you want to shop and just do order. Your items will be delivered at your doorsteps within a few business days.


You can go with Blush for trendy staple pieces for your prom night. The prom occasion is coming with lots of variety. It offers various colors and designs with plenty of options without thinking about the budget.


The prom dress is not complete without the sparkle. Promgirl offers you little sparkling prom dresses to look fantastic and rock the dance floor.


Boohoo is having a collection of the various patterns and colors that you can choose from show-stopping stylish dresses perfect for the prom night which are the latest for this prom season.

South Dakota Boutique

Shopping for the decorous prom dress does not have to be compelled to be tough. Tickled Pink Boutique offers many types of prom dresses you’ll be able to imagine, and you’re absolutely to notice a mode that will be successful at your next event! Experience the benefit and FUN of prom dress searching with Tickled Pink boutiques’ latest assortment.


It offers unique and vintage-inspired dresses that talk to your distinctive vogue and temperament. ModCloth’s dresses are available in comprehensive sizes up to twenty-six thus it’s easier to seek out a stunning dress to face out in!


With this, you’ll get sophisticated fashion. With the various styles and colors, you can choose the style that suits you with the fashionable silhouettes. You can get plenty of chic prom dresses to flaunt your look.

Peaches Boutique

Shopping for prom dresses could be a tradition of passage, and your prom dress is one of the best things. That’s why Peaches dress shop makes it straightforward and fun to buy for your prom attire.

Here is a list of a few online boutiques that will help you in choosing perfect prom dresses for attracting all eyes on you in your prom event. Experience shopping with the best boutique’s exclusive collection. Without thinking more choose outfits that make you feel classy and comfy!

An Excellent Thing to Choose the Prom Dresses

Online shopping is the most efficient way to choose prom dresses. You can choose from hundreds of various prom attire online for the figure-flattering look.

Prom is the ultimate large social occasion many girls participate in before summer. It’s a hazard for children to dress up, go out for healthy dinners and get their photos accomplished with their friends to enjoy unforgettable moments and make memories.

Finding the best prom dress may be an overwhelming issue for first-time promenade-goers. But with a little bit of assistance and a little creativity, you’ll find the best prom gown for your special prom night.

Choose the dress style that is of the latest fashion and help you to make the statement during the prom event. Select the style according to the shape of your body. Focus on which kind of neckline and backline suit on you. Which style looks awesome on you.

Before looking for your prom dress, you should realize your body shape, face shape, and skin complexion to help you to choose an appropriate prom dress, one which flatters and accentuates all of your great features and hiding the ones you’d instead not show off.

Going with the perfect style that fits your body is the best option while going shopping.

Enhance your apple body by deciding to go with the attire that has a lower V-neckline to highlight your bust area. Short promenade clothes fit your looks the maximum and you may pick a floor-length dress that incorporates an excessive leg slit.

Elevate your pear shape frame by choosing the ball gowns with the beaded bodice that disguise your hips. You’ll look extraordinary off the shoulder layout and sweetheart neckline. You can go with a flowy bottom and an outfitted waist that flatters on you.

Magnify excursion hourglass body by going with the prom dresses that display off your attractive curves, stunning necklines and open sexy backline. Mermaid style and A-line prom clothes are the quality alternatives to obtain the figure-flattering look.

Highlight your rectangle body shape by choosing the prom dress that offers a curvy and feminine form to your frame. Go with the mermaid fashion or A-line ball gowns to look comfortable and chic. V-neckline style and ruffled prom clothes fit you the exceptional.

While shopping prom dresses make sure to choose the attire that suits your skin tone.

Bright jewel tones add depth and evaluation to darkish complexions and colorful metallic sunglasses like copper, silver, and gold also look fantastic with deep complexion skin.

Green and blue tones supplement medium skin and convey out skin’s warm tones. Other jewel shades which include turquoise, emerald, sapphire, and amethyst are certain to get you noticed.

Rich sunglasses of any color look gorgeous on olive pores and skin tones. Especially any color of red or orange brings out the brown undertones of olive skin.

Every shade of bright colors which includes pink, red, black and some jewel tones works the pleasant with the fair complexion.

Check out different latest fashion trends. Start searching through style magazines and red carpets as early as your prom, to peer at what you like and dislike about this season’s dresses and to get a few inspirations.

What kind of prom dress do you prefer ?

Prom night could be a night to possess fun. Enjoy the night with choosing jaw-dropping precious prom dresses and look GORGEOUS!

The selection of prom dresses offers a good kind of completely elegant designs for all different body sorts. However, generally, it may be troublesome to appear at an image of a model sporting a prom dress and choose whether or not that individual vogue is becoming your figure. Choose the prom dress according to what look you want to achieve.

Fun, flirty & vivacious—if you would like associate ultra-feminine obvious seek for, select one amongst Bright Pastel prom Dresses for 2020. This year’s spirited pastel designs include Pretty sparkle knit match & flare associated A-Line ball dresses. One of a sort knit match & flare gown with rows of lustrous beads across an open back. Sleek minimalist ball gowns that permit their bright colors to do all the talking.

Dare to reveal a small amount of midriff on prom night? Examine the wide selection of designs in long sequined prom Dresses for 2020. This year’s curated assortment includes each modest and dramatic styles like these: Diagonal One Shoulder with Beaded Fringe, Off the Shoulder Style with colorful Embroidery, Back details with a sexy look, sweet & easy Off the Shoulder appearance.

For a prom look that’s a less fairytale moody descent & additional sleek red carpet, take into account one among stylish prom Dresses for 2020. Once it involves minimalist dresses, the key’s to appear for fewer style detail and addition of an extended scabbard look. Even with spangle sheaths that are undoubtedly bling, the main focus is on the side leg slit.

Turn heads on prom night in one among contemporary prom dresses for 2020. The fitted top on a classic legendary beast prom dress offers you the right sandglass figure. If you wish the concept of an imaginary dress however desire a sleeker look, opt for a match & Flare cover dress that hugs your body then achieves with either a fuller skirt or a mild flare that simulates a mermaid’s tail.

These midriff-baring designs are bold and attractive, however these feature choices on the modest facet also. Two-piece prom dresses get eliminate the standard one-piece silhouette and provide a glance that’s distinguished and unique.

Tip -Tops for prom dresses

  • Choose a dress that you simply love. It is important to make opinions from your friends and family, however, keep in mind that prom is your special night.

  • You may find yourself loving your dress by the time prom rolls around.

  • Show off your legendary style spirit by sporting daring jewelry items that go with your sensational prom attire.

  • If your dress has a fashionable neck or massive back style, do hair makeover up-do to indicate those styles.

  • If your dress holds an easier style, wear your hair down in the associate line for tricky vogue.

Most Charming Prom dresses for every occasion 2020 - Tickled Pink

The most fashionable stylish outfits are prom dresses that come in all the designs and styles according to the occasion, so you look gorgeous everywhere you go.

Hello beautiful..!!! Every season comes with some occasion, so start dreaming about dresses! There are lots of trends for the upcoming season that you should know if you wish every eye will be on you.

The most fashionable stylish outfits are prom dresses that come in all the designs and styles. As well as various attractive colors and frills, different silhouettes set to become the next thing for every occasion.

Before you start shopping for each and every occasion, take a look at the latest trends to get ahead in the fashion trends. The online clothing boutiques offer a wide variety of styles and sizes to elevate your look. This makes it easy to get the perfect prom dresses that suit best on you.

Thinking about which type of dress is suitable for which occasion? Instead of stressing yourself out on what to wear, here are the various styles according to the occasion so that you look gorgeous everywhere you go.

Birthday Parties

Birthday parties are elaborated, which customarily have some cool themes. All red and all-white theme parties are surely at the top of the list.

Whether you've arranged a birthday party in a cocktail bar all-red theme would surely wow all your guests. Choose the ruffled prom dress from low back long gowns to two-piece dresses.

Hens Parties

Hens parties are the most enjoyable you'll ever have with your friends, so why not make it memorable? These parties ask for the special dresses which should be comfy yet fashionable.

Prom Dresses with an open back and off the shoulder design with sexy cutouts look gorgeous and assured to turn heads.

Wedding Bells

While shopping to attend a wedding, suggested wearing a prom dress with attractive styles. You should adorn according to the dress codes, as mentioned in the wedding invitation.

Floor-length dresses are the best choice. From the online boutiques, you'll find a variety of styles and colors of dresses that suits you between wedding guests.

Prom Parties

If you are planning for prom parties and going to dance with a date, then coordinate with them to look if part of their outfits can match. If you are preparing to go with a boy, then make sure their shirt, tie, or other outfits could match your dress or accessories. You'll likely find the dashing dress with various styles and colors.

While going to the shop, it is important to look at some factors like the shape of your body, your skin tone, your hair makeover, and the main important point is the theme of the occasion.

How to choose a perfect prom dress color?

Prom dresses are designed in every color. Various colors and styles of the prom dress depend on the theme or the time of the year. Keep in mind to choose a dress in a color that suits you best and makes you feel comfy yet elegant.

How to choose a perfect prom dress style?

When picking your prom dress style, think about how you want to look and how that dress fits you. You can choose a floor-length prom dress with adjustable straps, various stylish necklines, off the shoulder pattern, and much more. Adorn the style that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

The best prom dress depends on the person adorning it. Everyone's having different styles, different fashion fiestas, etc. So the perfect dress might combine a range of features. No matter what you choose but feel free to get attractive, exploring all of the latest trends.

7 Best Cheap Prom Dresses Stores

There’s no need to burn a hole in your pocket to buy the prom attire — dashing designs, with vibrant colors and pretty patterns, have stunning alternatives for prom dresses outfits. You can find dresses from various stores at affordable prices. Many are with their full prices, but you can buy it with the coupon or wait for a sale and you may shop even more!

Get the glam good deal and round up the favorite less expensive prom outfits. You’ll discover options in each style, along with sequined gowns, marvelous midis, beautiful A-lines, eye-catching off the shoulder dress, floor-length ball gowns and more. Keep scrolling to discover suitable prom dresses at a lower rate.

Prom Girl

Nothing is more attractive than the prom dresses like sequins and glittering prom dresses. The floor-length gown with the proper endurance between shine and elegance with its glittering top and molded chiffon skirt. The gorgeous and affordable prom dress is also available in multiple colors.


This store has an exclusive collection of prom dresses at an affordable rate. You can choose a floor-length ball gown, short and sexy prom dresses and various styles of the latest fashion. Plus size prom dresses also available for the special events and you’ll get everything related to the prom party from the online store.


You can buy the prom dresses of different styles according to your choice and flaunt your look with the prom attire that makes a big impact on the attractive pattern and bright colors. You’ll get every style from sequined dresses to simple tulle gowns.

Tickled Pink

Prom night is your night to sparkle and make it memorable with getting the extra elegant look! You’ll get perfect prom dresses that boost your personality at the same time as making you feel gorgeous and comfortable. Whether you are seeking out something easy and sophisticated or for something a little more colorful and flowing, you will super in the pretty prom dresses anywhere you go. South Dakota’s most profitable prom dress offers you limitless styles and vigorous colors which are perfect to make your extraordinary prom event and make everyone to remember.


Rock the dance floor by choosing the prom dresses with the massive lace details and shimmering patterns. It’s a source of affordable prom dresses that will make you feel comfy and chic. You can choose from the various figure-flattering styles and make the statement wherever you go.

Forever 21

Forever 21 is a fashion fiesta having the collection of the prom attire of various styles and vibrant colors. You’ll get the prom-worthy dresses at an affordable rate. Choose the dress that is super durable and makes you feel like the princess and captures all the attraction on you during the prom event.


It offers you the show-stopping style prom dresses with excellent quality and latest trends. Find fashionable and affordable prom dresses that can make you feel and look like a celebrity. You’ll choose short and sexy dresses, ball gowns, sequin dresses and many more according to the look you want to achieve.

With the latest trend of the prom outfits and low priced clothing choosing your ideal dress online is a great decision. Make your prom night memorable by reflecting your own fashion funds, choose the dress according to your skin tone and your body shape, and how you want to spend your evening. Go with something shimmering and delicate accessories or a simple dress with extraordinary accessories with just ample guide that makes you feel comfortable and look stylish.

Flawless Prom look: A complete DIY prom makeup guide 2020

Soon with the arrival of Prom 2020, the quest for finding the right & the perfect prom dress would begin, but there are a few other things as well like an admirable prom makeup, that would help make your prom night & your prom look a hit for you. It is to know what things you may consider to give a complete look to your most awaited event. This must be a perfect amalgamation of the right accessories & the right makeup. A great mix of jewellery, prom accessories, and a beauty look to suit your skin & prom dress is all you need, to rock your Prom 2020.

Find your inspiration:

Getting a dose of inspiration is vital in knowing the best makeup & the prom dress you may need to put together a perfect look. Find about the same on different websites or the internet to understand what might suit you or what you must avoid. Check out new makeup looks which may blend in perfectly with your dress & try out those looks.

Blend in the colours:

When you make a choice of your dress, your job doesn't end there. Matching the dress with Tickled Pink's Favourite Prom accessories & the colors you choose for your makeup is equally important. A co-ordinated colour combination that fine-tunes your entire look is what you need to focus on.

Match your look with the right products:

By saying products, it means, you not only need the right set of applicators, sponges, false lashes, etc. but also a complete skincare set & the perfect accessories that will sync in well with your choice of dress & also help you give a finishing look to your makeup.

Go for a makeup test:

To ace the look at your prom, the first thing you can do is to get your hands easily on your face with your choice of makeup. The colour you choose for your dress & the colours you select for your makeup must flatter your skin tone & make it look more effortless. This can be achieved only through practicing the look so that there are no last minute errors.

Get set for a trial run:

Prepping up for the most popular event of high school, you must first go for a trial run. Whether you choose a red prom dress or you go for a green prom dress.

whichever outfit you select, you will get an idea of what coloured accessories or what makeup ideas will go the best with the dress. You can even take a picture of your final look which can help you save a lot more time by replicating the same on the day of the event.

Start early:

Keep yourself free from other work on the day of the event & start preparing for it early. Make sure the area where you would be dressing is available & double-check everything you need for the event. This includes everything, right from your prom outfit to your makeup essentials, to your prom accessories, etc. Do not run with creating your look & give enough time to glam up for making a style statement at the event.

Take professional help:

In case you know how to ace the game at doing your DIY Prom makeup, then you know what things you need to create a charismatic look that will help you stand out amongst the rest at the event. But, if you are nervous or lack the confidence to create a look you desire, you can seek help from an expert or a professional. Make sure the professional is available for you that day & also check out their previous work or portfolio to know what look they can create for you and discuss your preference.

Carry essential makeup:

Shop for all the products & essential items that you may need the day of the event a week before as you might need to carry it in your clutch or bag. Keep your foundation, lip colour, blotting paper & small mirror, handy. This will make it easy for you to keep a check on your makeup & look.

"Tickled Pink Boutique" in Mitchell, South Dakota offers you their exquisite set of perfect prom dresses, and a few vital tips which you can keep in mind for creating a flawless prom look for your most awaited prom night and make you feel like a DIVA!

Prom Dress – How to Choose the perfect one for your shape - Tickled Pink

Are you confused about which style of prom dresses suits you? When it's time to shop for the outfits for the special prom party there are lots of options available. It can be difficult to choose a prom dress that is perfect and flatter your look.

Choose the dress that'll be best fitted to your figure and highlight your curves to get the flirty look. It's all about maintaining the balance between the style and shape of your body. Some luxurious styles got you covered with the unique pattern and vibrant colors that suit the best on you and achieve the look you want for the unforgettable prom night.

Adorn stylish prom dresses that give you a confident look and rock the dance floor without any kind of hesitation. Whether you have an attractive or obscured figure. Choose the perfect style for the prom night that shows your best features.

Let’s have a glance at various styles of prom dresses and choose from them according to your body shape.

Attractive Apple Body Shape

Choose the prom dress that looks gorgeous such as A-line silhouette gowns with flared skirts that maintain the balance with the heavy top. You can choose the dresses with a lower V-neckline to highlight your bust area. Short prom dresses suit you the most and you can choose a floor-length dress that contains a high leg slit.


Avoid thin strappy patterns around the middle section of the dress and don't go with too much short skirts.

Pretty Pear Body Shape

A Pear-shaped body has wide hips and a small bust. You can highlight your upper body with the fitted top and flared skirt. Choose the ball gowns with the beaded bodice that hide your hips. You'll look awesome in off the shoulder design and sweetheart neckline. You can go with flowy bottom and a fitted waist that flatters on you.


You should avoid the mermaid style of prom attire.

Handsome Hourglass Body Shape

An hourglass body shape means a well-balanced body. Choose the prom dresses that show off your sexy curves, beautiful necklines and open flirty backline. Mermaid style and A-line prom dresses are the best options to achieve the figure-flattering look. Open back patterns with a V-neckline or strappy pattern suits you the best.


Avoid maxi skirt type dresses that give you a fluffy look.

Refreshing Rectangle Body Shape

The rectangle body shape means you have shoulders and hips of similar measurements. Choose the prom dress that gives curvy and feminine shape to your body. Go with the mermaid style or A-line ball gowns to look comfy and chic. V-neckline style and ruffled prom dresses suit you the best.


Don’t choose short skirt dresses.

Choose the perfect dress for any occasion that is straightforward once you start focusing on your body shape. Pretty prom dresses that add distinctive off the shoulder details, or a horny open back with an aspect leg slit, are bound to be showstoppers!

Prom dresses come in various vibrant colors and pretty patterns. You should have to focus on your skin tone also while choosing the figure-flattering prom attire.

To add extra elegance to your look accessorize yourself with the shimmering jewelry pieces that fit your dress. Choose the simple jewelry over sequinned prom dresses and go with the glittering jewel pieces over simple prom dresses.

Guide to choosing the Perfect Prom accessories for Prom night 2020

Be less mystified and feel more magnificent with 'Tickled Pink Boutique's' elaborate range of Prom dresses, Prom shoes & Prom accessories, to make you feel like a star on your Prom Night 2020.

The most exciting event for any high school student - Prom is on its way already for 2020. Most girls are still confused even after zeroing down on their prom dress color, style, and Flawless Prom look that they plan to opt for, but they haven't still figured out their prom accessories. Believe it or not, accessories play a major role in giving you that perfect prom look. Adding accessories to prom dresses acts like putting the cherry on the cake.

So, here is

The ultimate guide that helps you to choose your prom accessories.

Match it with your dress style:

First, understand the type of dress you would be wearing & then focus on the style of it. For halter top prom dresses, wearing a necklace is a complete no-no. Instead, pair it with simple but elegant earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. For showing off your neckpiece, you can choose strapless dresses. Synchronize your accessories by knowing your dress style.

Coordinate with your dress colour:

For choosing the right prom accessories, knowing what different types of it can go with the colour of your dress is also essential. You can go for neutral coloured prom shoes & prom jewellery when you choose a multi-coloured dress. This way, you can get the best of both, the colours of your dress & the shimmer of the jewellery. With dresses that have heavy detailing, you can choose gold or silver jewellery & pair it with neutral coloured shoes.

All noir needs attractive jewellery:

When it comes to a beautiful Black Prom Dress nothing comes better than a choice of gold & silver accessories. This is a classic combination of black with silver/gold & never fails at any event. Jewellery in silver gives a suave look to a black dress & for this; you can even select jewel-toned accessories to draw everyone's attention.

Choose contrasting colours:

When you decide to wear a solid colour like a royal Blue Prom Dress, you must also choose contrasting shades for your accessories like a clutch which is implanted with pitch-black gemstones or silver gemstones. This would really help in uplifting your overall look & make you feel more confident.

Synchronize the jewellery & the dress:

If you are crazy about long necklaces, then deeper neckline dresses are a thumbs up, while for short necklaces go for higher neckline dresses. For showing off your chic style bracelet, sleeveless dresses make a great choice. For strapless designed dresses, you can go with long & glitzy earrings & if you have a halter neckline dress then choose delicate earrings. Girls aiming for a subtle look; can choose double rings, sparkles or stone rings to give them a simplistic yet stylish look. Clutches can be matched well with metallics of the dress. And for your Prom Shoes metallic shade sandals with desirable buckles are perfect to draw the attention of many. Garters also make up for a great accessory at prom & you can match them with the colour of your dress to complete your look. The tiaras are equally an essential prom accessory that can give you a dazzling look. If you opt for a Green Prom Dress, you can match a diamond tiara with green stones & feel like a queen already.

Pearls & diamonds are forever:

Irrespective of what dress colour, style or type you select for your prom night; pearls, diamonds, clear gems or rhinestones are considered to be the best choices that in itself can make up for a great style statement. It will help you communicate your personality as these jewels exude royalty & make you feel like a diva. Keeping in mind which pearls or gems you would be wearing, you can select any dress of your choice since these will only help enhance your look extravagantly. For instance, if you wear a White Prom Dress, then pairing it with pearls can give you an astonishing & timeless look. In any case, pearls & diamonds can never go wrong.

There is a world of options available at Tickled Pink Boutiques to make your prom night your night with the best prom dresses & prom accessories to go with it. Also, if you lack inspiration, you can even take to the internet to know more from your style icons for the latest trends. Remember, when you are confident with what you wear, your personality radiates an absolute positivity that reaches others too.

Tips for Picking the Perfect Prom shoes for Dancing the night away!

When the occasion is a big one like your Prom Night, you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to adorn a chic look. Every young high school sweetheart wants the most gorgeous prom dress, shoes, and Perfect Prom Accessories for this special night. Shoes in particular can make the choice of your outfit a hit or a miss. Many prefer to opt for high heels to wear with their gown while others choose flats, wedges, or platforms. Whatever the style, but matching it right with the outfit is a big challenge that one has to figure out. We believe that the best way to categorize the shoes to choose would depend on the color, style of your outfit, and of course comfort since you will be either standing or dancing for the major part of the night.

How you can choose perfect shoes that will compliment your gown just right!

Glitters and Shimmers:

When your prom dress is jazzy let your shoes be classy. You got us right! If the Prom dress is having too many embellishments like stones and sequins, keep your shoe design as simple and elegant as possible, after all, you don’t wish that your shoes should reduce the value of your dazzling prom outfit. Do you?

You can compliment silver and golden gowns with the same colored shoes, but prefer to choose a lighter tone than that of your dress. Sometimes even black, open or closed high heels would do the trick if the dress has a tinge of black in it.

Cuts to kill:

Well, you need to be extra conscious when you pick up your shoes if you have selected a knee-length dress. The shoes can be high heeled or platforms, but they need to show off your sexy calf and ankles to the fullest, so you can safely choose sandals with buckles or tie around the ankle or even up till your calf. For a high center or side slit gown, you can opt for strappy styles. However, the floor-length ones, which basically would not reveal the footwear can be budget-friendly, since you can go for a simple pump shoe or kitten heel. For simple A-line dresses, flashy high heels would complete the look making you feel like a princess.

Powerful Pastels:

Since the soft hues and shades of these feminine Pastel Prom dresses offer a soothing feel to the eye, the shoes would need to have a bold and sassy style to complete the look. You can try contrasting tones, or even simply studded black shoes with bold motifs and stones. The glittery gold or silver sandal straps or heels would add dazzle around your feet drawing a thousand eyes towards it to make for a complete look whether you're on the dance floor or standing for your photos.

Bewildering Black:

Old is gold and this color has and will top the favorite choice when it comes to color selection for any party wear. Gone are the days when black shoes were worn on black dresses. Today not only people experiment with bold colors such as orange and yellow but also try out different materials such as suede and satin for their footwear to emphasize the elegance of Black Prom Dresses.

Burning Hot:

Women go gaga over the color red and most recently even maroon. The rich demeanor imparted by these hot colors becomes a show stealer for our young ladies. Now comes the turn of the right kind of shoes, so the old grandma theory to tailor-make the same shade no longer holds true. You can experiment with Printed shoes - tiger, zebra, and leopard prints are wild and trendy these days. Metallic shoes – shades of sparkly or matt silver, gold or bronze fit perfectly well with a bold Red or Maroon prom dress.

Today's world is overwhelmed with a plethora of footwear with styles available both online and in stores, which often puts you in a dilemma of what to choose. The mantra here is simple! You need to give the right weightage to comfort, affordability, and style. Although you have the prom night in your mind when shopping, you ought to consider that you would wear these shoes later for many other formal occasions like weddings and parties. So you can first shortlist the latest trending shoe styles from our collection at Tickled Pink Boutiques including glitter, satin, and suede pieces to match with your prom attire. Any style – be it classic pump style, open toe stiletto, that adds emphasis to your overall appeal is the best, but you must try them out and walk a few times to check your comfort levels – you do not want any pitfalls to ruin your memorable night.

Prom guide 2020: How to match your hairstyle with your prom look.

Dancing in the moonlight and looking absolutely stunning on your Prom Night is the dream of every high school youngling Isn’t it?

So you have chosen your prom dress with perfect prom shoes, the accessories, and zeroed on the entire prom look that you want to go with. But have you thought about the prom hairstyle? Whether you have long, short, curly, or straight hair, finding the perfect hairstyle for prom is a big deal to complete your perfect look.

So to make things easy for our high school sweethearts read…

Our Advice on Choosing Hairstyle to blend well with your prom look.

Study your Dress Style:

If you have chosen a Glamorous High Neck Prom Dress with a unique pattern on the shoulders or at the back, you should avoid leaving your hair open. Put them in a bun or tie them up in a way that it doesn’t cover up the design. You can go with a smooth twist, a low bun or a high bun if that suits you. Such gowns also look better when you wear your hair in an elaborate cluster of curls, or a side-sweeping style with a cascade of curls.

Add sparkle with Hair-Accessories:

If you are wearing a simple gown with little to no embellishments, hair accessories might just enhance your look perfectly. Headbands or jeweled clips might help you add a bling to your dress. Straightening your hair and putting in a simple jeweled headband makes you look as perfect as a princess. If you love wearing tiaras, a ball gown is your go-to outfit to wear it with. However, if you are wearing a jazzy glittery gown, avoid wearing too many hair accessories. That will just make you look extra sparkly and less classy. With such dresses, just let your hair down, do some beach waves or straighten them a little and you’re good to go.

Salon Or DIY:

If you’re planning to get your hairstyle done at a salon, make sure to fix a prior appointment. Secondly, do your research on Instagram, Pinterest, or wherever you can find ideas for your prom hairstyles. Show them to your hairstylist, if possible fix a trial session to know how it looks on you before you finalize.

The same rules apply if you are getting your hair done at home. Practice makes one perfect, so it is important that you get the hang of the style that you plan to wear. The more you practice, the easier it will be for your D-day. Also, keep all the necessary styling aids like pins, sprays, waxes, and hair-accessories if you plan to wear any ready in advance.

What’s your Style:

We all have a signature style that we are comfortable donning, so even when you are all dolled up in your beautiful prom dress, consider your signature hairstyle, the one that looks the best on you, and do not go too far from it for your prom night. If buns look good on you, then stick to it by just adding a fancy touch with hair accessories. If curly hair looks good on you, do not change them entirely by flat ironing them. If you want a vintage prom look, go for a vintage hairstyle. As simple as that.

Below are some of the popular ways to style your hair for prom:

  • Braids
    Braids are a classic prom hairstyle and you can never ever go wrong with braids on prom night. There are different types of braids you can try with: basic braids, double variation, braids in the crown, etc. They're even more beautiful if you add flowers, ribbons, or even if beads are woven in.

  • The sleek look:
    Sleek hairstyles look really good on satin gowns or the ones with a body-hugging fit. You can choose to part your hair the way you want and then apply some pomade or hairspray to keep them in place.

  • Side swept hair:

    Prom hairstyles draped sideways is both charming and graceful. You can use hot rollers to start off. Tease the top a little to give it a lift, pull it to the side, and tie your hair in a low ponytail.

We can give you all the tips in the world but do not forget that you are beautiful inside out and you will look amazing in whatever you wear. Be confident and flaunt your beauty on your special night. Whatever hairstyle suits you; whatever dress fits you, whatever accessories you choose for yourself, you will definitely carry them well. No need to doubt your grace and beauty. It’s your night, enjoy it to the fullest!



Prom is the most important event for everyone. For all, it's time to celebrate the most awaited event of life. Prom parties are the perfect time to gather with your friends and loved ones. The most important matter during prom is you want to look awesome. Not only you but your date also looks good throughout the prom night. What about color coordinating with prom dresses with your prom partner? Color coordination makes you both look fabulous together and drives all attention to you only.

Now it's time to choose the prom attire of your choice and just inform your date about the color and style you'll be wearing. Discuss with your partner and mutually choose the prom dresses that can mix and match the colors and patterns and coordinate with your partner's prom outfits.

The most fashionable elegant prom outfits that are available with luxurious designs and patterns. As well as various attractive colorations and frills, extraordinary silhouettes set to come to be the next aspect for every occasion.

Before you start shopping for the prom party, look at the contemporary trends to get ahead within the fashion tendencies. The online clothing boutiques offer a wide sort of styles and shades to elevate your look. This makes it smooth to get the appropriate prom dresses that suit the best on you.

When choosing your prom dress make sure to go with the latest style that reflects your fashion sense and select according to how you want to appear and how that gets dressed suits you. You can select a floor-length prom dress with adjustable straps, various fashionable necklines, off the shoulder pattern, and much more. Adorn the style that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

The gorgeous prom dress relies upon the woman adorning it. Everyone's having exclusive styles, exceptional fashion fiestas, etc. So an appropriate dress may combine quite a number of features. No matter what you choose but feel free to get new styles by exploring all of the cutting-edge trends.

If you go to attend the prom party with your loved ones then matching outfits should be something you have to work together with. Ensure you're discussing a look that you both look extraordinary and feel comfortable.

Tickled Pink boutique helps you to choose the matching prom dresses with your loved ones. Let’s go through some tricks and tips for dress and date ideas.

  • You can go with the full matching prom outfits with your prom date. Your prom date must have to wear the same shade of your prom dress. In this scenario, you both would be adorning the same color outfits on the prom night.

  • Your prom attire can match the bow, vest, tie that is an exact match. If you're bringing a purse then ensure that matches your partner's accessories.

  • Rather than doing an exact match, you can go with complementary color shades. You can adorn accessories that match the colors of your partner's outfits.

All want a perfect matching prom look but don't worry about every detail. If you're walking with confidence, you'll look stylish no matter what you'll be adorning. Try to match the colors and patterns but don't forget prom is just for fun and making memories for both of you. So just enjoy and rock the dance floor.

What kind of Prom Preps Needed a Night before Prom

Hey you! Are you freaking out about your upcoming prom? Whether it’s your first ever or the last prom, proms are always special and exciting! What should be my prom dress? How should I prepare for prom? And all such questions might give you the butterfly feeling in the tummy!

As you prep up with your gang of girlies you must be having endless giggles and chitchats and anxieties like “what if my prom partner kisses me”, “what will I do if he asks me out”, and so on because half the fun about proms are the prepping up till the big night is there.

But all these anxieties can build up and give you too much stress. What is needed is some serious prom tips on how to prepare for prom without freaking out. Because if you want the best prom night to happen, you need to get your prom preparations right.

What should I do the night before prom?

From a wardrobe malfunction to forgetting to shave… you certainly don’t want such horrors to happen with you. And that’s why you need to start preparing for prom night before. Here is a prom preparation checklist for your quick reference.

Check your prom dress:

Of course, you want to look your best on your prom night, right? You might have got your gorgeous prom dress finalized long back, but do wear it and give it a try a night before the prom just to ensure there are no stains, wrinkles, dust, a hook missing, or any other last-minute surprises! If there are wrinkles, there is no need to panic! Just give it gentle steam ironing and lay it flat until you wear it.

Get your hair & face pack right:

Whether you have straight hair or curls, long hair or short, having your hair right on your prom night is equally important. Give it a nice wash and conditioning a night before. Consider doing a deep treatment, for a gorgeous and shiny result. Also, pamper yourself with a face mask to soften your skin and relax your jittery nerves and add a subtle glow to your look.

Don’t forget to shave:

It may sound trivial, but you will be surprised to know that many people forget to shave in the excitement of preparing for prom! So, before going to bed the night before the prom, just check your armpits if they need shaving. Check other areas as well if they need a quick waxing. After all, you wouldn’t want to embarrass yourself on the prom night!


Check your fingernails and toenails a night before. Do they need pedicure or manicure? Put on the nail paints or any other nail art you want to flaunt so that you can concentrate on your makeup and hairstyling on the day of the prom.

Stock your bag:

It is important that you carry a small bag packed with all essentials you may need with you for your prom night, Make a list of all things you need to carry and pack them all in the bag a night before. This will help you relax on the prom day and you will not be rushing to pack anything last minute.

Stay hydrated and Energized:

While you must be all pepped up and gung-ho about the prom night, your body should be ready to take all the excitement as well. So how do you keep yourself hydrated and energized to shake your leg and move your body to the beat of the music?

First and foremost ditch the sweetener-laden soda drinks to clear fluids and water.

Secondly Fuel your body with a healthy diet that should have a balanced portion of all categories of food – carbohydrate, fat, and protein.

Stay away from all the high-calorie junk food and instead choose a simple and light dinner (like a bowl of salads) to keep your body fit and healthy and will keep your tummy taut for the prom.

Get some sleep:

Finally, get some sleep! With all the excitement and preparation, don’t forget to give your body enough sleep. Experts suggest 7-8 hours of good night sleep is needed to recharge the body. You should be rested well the night before your prom because you certainly don’t want to look with dark patches under your eyes.

We hope we have been able to answer your questions about what to do before prom. Prepare well and make it the best prom night of your life!

Spotlight, camera, fun, and memorable time is all about the prom party. It's the night all have been waiting for and expecting to enjoy it a lot. From choosing the perfect prom dresses to deciding who is going with whom you have to plan the big night.

Planning the perfect night is a tremendous task but you don't have to worry as here are some tips to make your night one to remember. From choosing prom attire and accessories to find the prom partner we have got you covered.


At the prom party, everyone wants to look like a celebrity. For that don't hesitate to try new fashion trends, choose the latest style and vibrant colors, and flaunt your look. There are lots of new styles running such as a floor-length skirt, two-pieces prom dress, mermaid style, and many more. You can choose the prom dresses with nifty necklines, beautiful back patterns, off the shoulder pattern, sequin dresses, glittering staple pieces, and so on. While choosing the prom attire and make sure you can go with the style and color that suits your body shape and your skin complexion. Selecting the prom dresses that can match with your partner’s outfits also. Go with the mix and match style with your loved ones that draw all the attention on you only.


You want to look your best for the prom but for that no need to burn the hole in your pocket. There are lots of styles that can add elegance to your look. Choosing the perfect dressing style makes you look gorgeous but if you want to add extra charm to your look just add some amazing accessories according to the look you want to receive during prom night. Add some delicate jewelry if you choose a heavy and sequinned dress and choose heavy jewelry pieces if you go with the simple prom attire.

Hair makeover and Makeups

Decide which kind of look you want to achieve and according to that you choose to dress and accessories. Now it's time for a hair makeover, choose the hairstyle that suits your facial shape and match with your prom outfits. Choose the style that makes you feel comfortable and chic throughout prom night. For a more luxurious look go with the makeups that include eye makeups, lipsticks, nail arts, and other cosmetics that make your look more elegant.

Take care of yourself

Before some time of the prom event make yourself ready for the special night. Drink more water and maintain your diet that makes your body-shape fit and flatter. Start caring for your skin and get some essential treatments that make your skin glowing and naturally shining during the prom night. Be prepared in advance for the first prom event to enjoy it fully.


Now you’re almost ready with all the advance preparation. Make a list and go through every point and make it checked as you prepared for all the necessary things. Be ready by shopping prom dresses, choosing accessories, makeups, hairstyles, matching footwear, purse, and other essentials for the new look you want for the prom party.

Consider the above described tips and be ready to have lots of fun and make your prom night memorable with your loved ones. Walk with the confidence and rock the dance floor.

Searching Colour Ideas for Your Prom Dresses?

Prom night is the special night that everyone desires to spend accurately and makes pleasant remembrances with friends. One foremost question makes you confused: what to wear? How to choose the latest styles and patterns? Which color suits you the most?

Prom night is a special event and everyone wants to enjoy this to the fullest and make it memorable. Choosing suitable prom dresses isn’t just about selecting complementary styles and patterns. It’s approximately selecting the well-defined shade to complement your prom dress according to your skin tone, hair color, the color of eyes, amazing accessories, and make sure that it matches with your partner's outfit.

The online boutique offers you the latest styles and colors and you can enjoy the shopping conveniently and comfortably. An online boutique suggests fashionable prom dresses and prom accessories flaunt your look throughout the prom night.

Selecting the pretty prom dress doesn't just include the selection of the style but choosing the color of your prom attire is also an imperative task. Let's have a look at the various colors that are ongoing for this prom season.

Black is the hot favorite color in this prom season. Shades of the black are evergreen for every year and that suits everyone. The versatility of this color pops your look between styles and decades. Black can emphasize on all skin complexion and flatter your look and gives you natural shine. Multiple shades of blacks look delightful on everyone. Choose the style with the perfect pattern that looks stunning. Most probably black is the choice of everyone and shimmering and designer pieces suit you the most. Brighter shades of black look fabulous with different styles such as mermaid, floor-length fitted with the side leg slit, and many more.

Red is the color of love and romance and also the cool color that tends to look amazing on every person. It also has a figure-flattering shape that suits all the body shapes and highlights your best features. Before this time most probably women chose shades of blue, white, and jewel tones for the prom event but now trends are turning as red becomes staple pieces of everyone's closet. Red is everyone's choice for the parties, the evening get-together, and for every occasion to look more attractive and catch all the eyes on you. Red is a versatile shade for the prom dresses fashion.

Jewel tones are the most popular shades and have been all the time favorite. Prom dresses with jewel tones make the latest trends that enhance your own style. Jewel tones often look great with the shimmering accents or sequinned work patterns. Floral prints and self designs also look luxurious with the jewel tones. You can go with trendy designs and attractive necklines and backlines and floor-length gowns with the side leg slit make you look elegant and feel comfy.

Prom dresses with the blue shades work excellent on all the skin complexion. Shades of the blue such as lighter tones, navy, sequinned, and many more elevates your look and make the statement wherever you go. This color tone gives you an attractive appearance with trendy styles such as leg slits, necklines, side cuts, massive strappy patterns, and much more fashionable patterns and prints.

The selection for the stylish prom dresses isn't limited to a few shades. There are various color tones to choose from according to your body shape and skin complexion. Go with the latest style to diversify your look and makes you look luxurious and feel comfortable throughout the prom event.

Mini or Maxi: The Ultimate guide on choosing the right length dress

Hey you! It’s time to show off those gorgeous curvy legs! Summer is here, and we can’t wait to get to our wardrobes and take out those light breezy summer dresses. Light fabric, floral prints, knee-length dresses are the best clothing options to wear during the summer months. It keeps you comfortable and at the same time adds a style statement. If you’re confused with which dress length to choose, then this guide is for you.

Confused about which dress length to choose from?

Here is our complete style guide to choose the perfect length to add a touch glamour to your demeanor.

Short & Sexy? Choose the Mini:

Mini dresses are usually above knee length, so if you are ready to rock those long and beautiful legs, pick a mini shift dress with a loose silhouette. If you want to sport a short mini then pick a sheath dress to flaunt those sexy curves.

Minis are a great summer day casual wear. Pair them with funky jewelry, matching accessories, and comfortable footwear. Minis paired with high heels or stiletto look gorgeous and will surely grab some eyeballs. Throw in a cropped jacket to get a complete summer party looks!

Mini dresses are also fun to wear on a girls’ night out with your girlfriends. However, certain occasions might not be appropriate for a mini dress – for example, a formal meeting with a client.

In between: The Midi

Midis were a fashion statement in the 1950s but they still rule. Midis are not too short like the minis nor as long as a maxi dress but are somewhere in between. Picking up a midi dress can get tricky; you need to ensure the hems end in a place where the leg is narrow to enhance your silhouette. Ideally, you should go with a length that hovers somewhere above the ankle around the calf.

Midis are great summer dresses especially for formal meetings or a day out with friends. Pencil-cut midi skirts paired with a top and heels and a piece of jewelry or two is the best office wear during the summer. The length is conservative with a short slit at the back for easy movement. If you want to sport a vintage look, go for a shirtwaist dress or an A-line dress.

Midis can be of varying lengths (knee length to ankle length) but whatever you choose, it can help you to make the perfect fashion statement be it for a formal occasion or a casual outing. Throw in a jacket or accessories with subtle jewelry and a pair of heels for those formal occasions.

Maxi dress:

Heading to a beach holiday this summer? You got to pack a few long dresses for your ultimate summer holiday look. Maxi dresses suit women of all size and height and are considered to be the best summer dresses.

Maxi dresses can be up to ankle length or could be floor length. Wear heels if you choose to wear an ankle-length maxi dress or flats if you wear a floor-length dress. And yes, maxi dresses are just right in case you forgot to shave your legs! Tickled Pink Boutique sells gorgeous maxi dresses of a wide range of colors and designs.

Knee-length dresses:

Summer dresses that are just up to knee-length look gorgeous as well. Since knees are the smaller parts of the legs, a knee-length dress gives you a slimming appearance. Irrespective of your height or weight you can wear a knee-length dress that ends just right above your knees. Even if you have got enough of knee-length dresses in your wardrobe, you can always take a peek. A knee-length asymmetrical dress is a hot trend for this season. A body-hugging asymmetrical knee-length dress is the perfect piece of clothing to flaunt your curves.

Be it mini or maxi, there are a lot of options when it comes to deciding on summer dresses. Whatever you choose to style yourself with, ensure you are comfortable in the dress and ensure how much leg you want to show off. Wear it with confidence and you will do just fine! Head on to Tickled Pink Boutique to grab some coolest summer dresses of the season and show off your fashion in style.