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Life Diaries

It's Time To Get Married: Are You Ready To Get Married?

Growing up, I reminisce about marriage is more like a fairy tale. It comforted me the idea of being “forever” in it. Then I got old

Life and The Sleep: What Do You Need The Most?

An average homo sapien sleeps 8 hours a day. This was a random thought on my mind on an awful boring day at the office. If a person has slept 8 hours a day

Not Giving Up Made Me Healthy, Independent, Most importantly HAPPY

I was battling a storm. Broke, broken and lifeless. I was 3 months due on rent ($1000/month), a job that couldn't afford to pay the salary they offered

We Have Been Framed Since We Lost the Tails and Started to Evolve

We got framed by books written by power seekers telling us that we can go to heaven if we ONLY kill and eat certain animals listed in the books.

Can’t Wait to Finish This! – Have You Ever Lived a DAY to the Maximum?

I ask these questions from myself every day and you know what? It has an impact. You see, as we have unknowingly programmed ourselves to a daily routine

He Will Take Care of His Peace By All Means, For He Was Born With It

When you build a man, giving him his peace and freedom, befriend him and get to know his desires, goals, and Help him with his plans without expecting

A Simple Letter For The Other One - My Other Half

You’re more important to the people in your life than you realize, you are my tiny dancer; you are my mini-me; you are the greatest gift

Do I Blame the Humanity or Myself for Not Being Able to Utilize My Time?

It's a new decade. I no longer understand where the time goes. except scientifically yes there's an explanation. 25 years old, born generation Y

A Letter of Gratitude to My Circle: My Little World is Full of You

It is really funny and it amazes me at the same time that who are these people? Why do they keep being loyal and funny and smart and why don’t they leave?

My Sweet Little Wild Flower: Let Us Catch the Wind Now

My sweet little wild flower. I will take you in my arms. And I will rock you to sleep. Every night. Everyday. Until you find your longing.

We Are Too Selfish To Understand the Fact that Everybody Needs to Survive

Who told you that you should always be on the top? Who made you fight with someone because they don’t agree to the things you believe? And who encouraged you to take everything that is happening around you personally and attack everyone around you?

People Like Us, We Don't Need That Much for Living

Haven't you been constantly asking for a break in your life? Haven't you hoped for a three month paid leave so that you could figure out your lifestyle?

Cats Talking is a Real Nightmare! I Swear On My Life

God you never know how much I pray to the great Egyptian cat gods every day asking to never let my cats talk back or talk at all.

  • To a generation full of curiosity, To the people who seek wisdom, To a hand full of people who wants to do something more than the expected lifestyle, To old souls who need an escape, To the lost to be found again and To the human who believes, I write thee

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