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Updated by Joanna James on May 18, 2020
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5 Exotic Sightseeing Spots in Otaru That You Can't-Miss – The most favourite Otaru attractions

Did you know that over seven million tourists visit Otaru every year? It's such a popular destination with many places to see and explore. Most of us know about the remains of the old canal in Otaru, but other than that, we really have no clue. Here's a list of the must-visit places!


The Otaru Canal

Quite accurately, this is the place that best describes Otaru! It's a very old canal that was done in 1923 and it has been designed in such a way that goods could be unloaded directly from ships to the warehouses- which is quite impressive to think even today. With the gas lights lit along the banks and the lit-up warehouses, this scenery of the canal will beat that of a film for sure. If you visit the Otaru Canal in February, you may also get the chance of being a part of the Otaru Snow Light Path where they float away lighted candles creating a beautiful scene.


Bank of Japan Otaru Museum

You can be staying at an Otaru hotel near Jr Station, but how can you miss witnessing the Bank of Japan Otaru Museum? Yes, this name may sometimes confuse you as to whether it's a bank or a museum, but it's quite easy to explain. There was a time in which Otary was called the financial hub and during those days the Otaru branch of the Bank of Japan was maintained in this building- which is now a museum that houses many exhibits.


Otaru Music Box Museum

Those who spend their family vacations in Otaru at venues the likes of Grand Park Otaru will surely fall in love with this place. Yes, especially the kids! This museum is famous for the rare Karakuri Dolls (One variety of Japanese puppets) and you literally do not come across the same experience anywhere else. There are old music boxes that the kids can see and they'll love them for sure.


Nataru Market

While exploring history and heritage in Otaru, why not stop by for an hour or two and enjoy the best of food that the city has to offer? The place to go is Nataru Market! You may love the savoury seafood that they sell in this market and if you want to taste Hokkaido in its best form, this is surely the best place to go to!


Kitaichi Glass 3rd Building

It's a known fact that Otaru has been famous in Japan for its glassware. They have impressive crockery and accessories and this Kitaichi Glass 3rd Building has been one of the places where these glass items (particularly the glass oil lamps) were made. Even today, if you take a visit to this impressive place, you can see many glass lamps and they will provide a great photographic background too. Do not also forget to shop for some glassware here, and take a memorable souvenir when you go back home.

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