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Updated by Joanna James on May 18, 2020
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5 Best Activities for Kids in Melbourne – The Essential Kids Bucket List

Melbourne is a great location to spend a vacation with your kids. Here the weather's great and the people are friendly, and all this means it's a great city to go exploring with the little ones. So, if you're unsure where to start, here are the five best activities you can try in Melbourne.


Melbourne Zoo

A trip to the zoo is always a fun time for the kids, especially if you got some budding wildlife enthusiasts in your bunch. The Melbourne Zoo, in particular, is one of the most feature-rich zoological institutions in the whole country. Over 300 different species of animals are showcased here, these include exotic species like gorillas from Africa, leopards from Asia, and brown bears from North America. The many fantastic marsupials and monotremes that are endemic to Australia can also be found here. Children are allowed to interact and pet some creatures like the cute and docile koala bear. Charming interactions like these are ones that'll live on in your child's memory for years.


Chinese Museum

If you're planning on strolling through the city with your kids, make a note to stop by the museum in Melbourne's Chinatown. The area itself is one of the oldest known Chinese settlements in the Western world and the museum harbours a myriad of Chinese artefacts and tells the story of the Chinese community's history in Australia. It's a unique insight into how foreign people and their cultures have interacted and assimilated into Australian society and can teach your kids a vital lesson on the importance and significance of diversity. What's more, the museum is only a short stroll away from most major Melbourne hotel apartments such as the Oaks Melbourne on Lonsdale Suites, so it isn't hard to make time for a visit.


Werribee Open Range Zoo

A visit to the Werribee Open Range Zoo can be both fun and relaxing for you and the kids. Here the animals roam freely in large enclosures. This means that the animals are quite relaxed and calm, which in turn puts you at ease as well. If the kids are fancying for a bit of adventure, you can book an African style safari through the zoo – a unique way to get up-close and personal with wonderful animals like giraffe and zebra.


The Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria

If you're looking to spend a peaceful afternoon in the company of your little ones, look no further than the Royal Botanic Gardens of Victoria. Here you can visit the Ian Potter Foundation Children's Garden which is open from 10.00 am to sunset each day. There are several interactive playthings for the kids to have fun with including a fun water-feature. So, you can take a breather and relax in the quaint garden atmosphere as the kids have the time of their lives.


Collingwood Children's Farm

Having been around for over 40 years, the Collingwood Children's Farm has remained a staple location to bring your kid to in Melbourne – especially during the weekend. Kids and parents can join forces to take on some fun farm chores like feeding the chickens, collecting eggs, and bottle-feeding the cute little lambs. It's a peaceful and charming way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with the little ones.