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05 Fun Facts About Vietnam – A Land of Countless Wonders

If you are planning a holiday to Vietnam, the good news is that you are going to be spoilt for choice when it comes to the diverse experiences on offer. Here are some fun facts about the country that also provide insight into this culturally rich nation.


More Motorbikes than Cars

One of the most fascinating things you will encounter on your travels in Vietnam is the abundance of motorbikes which easily outnumber cars! Owning a car is a costly affair due to exorbitant taxes which make it something mostly the rich and affluent can afford. However, the motorbike provides a cost-effective and more budget-friendly mode of transportation and many of the general public use it for day to day travel; it's also easier when you need to navigate small alleyways in cities and offers parking convenience too!


Cuisine Features Five Taste Elements

The cuisine of Vietnam is an integral part of its heritage and features five elements which are linked with traditional principals / philosophy. The elements used are salty, spicy, bitter, sweet and sour which provide a distinctive flavour. Popular dishes to try include "pho" which is a rice noodle dish served in a soup with meats and vegetables and "bun thit nuong" which features vermicelli noodles and grilled pork.


Home to Some of the World's Best Beaches

The country is blessed with some truly breathtaking coastlines that offer all the sun, sand and surf you desire. Among the top beaches in Vietnam is Bai Sao in Phu Quoc, the city beach in Nha Trang and An Bang Beach in Hoi An. Also noteworthy is the gorgeous Ky Co beach in Quy Nhon set amidst rocky cliffs and sun-drenched sand, a must-visit for those staying at hotels in Quy Nhon. In fact, this part of Vietnam has other secluded shores worth visiting and which one can find out more about on sites such as Quy Nhon Coastal Escape.


The World's Largest Cave

Vietnam has many natural wonders worth exploring and one of them is Hang Son Doong, a stunning natural cave that is the largest of its kind in the world. Located in the Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park which can be found in the country's Quang Binh province, this cave system is around 500 feet in height and 650 feet wide, not forgetting about 5.5 miles in length! In fact, one will find over 150 caves at this site made up of intriguing stalagmites, cave pearls and more.


The National Flower is a Lotus

The national flower of Vietnam is the lotus and this flower has significant meaning to the locals other than for its beauty. It is an aquatic plant which is known to grow in muddy or murky ponds or bodies of water; while it may start out in less than ideal conditions, the plant rises above the surface and blossoms into a quite beautiful flower. This is symbolic for many things including showing triumph over adversity as well as for purity of spirit.