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Headline for Best things to do in Yangon (Myanmar) – You’ve got plenty of things to do in this old capital city!
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Best things to do in Yangon (Myanmar) – You’ve got plenty of things to do in this old capital city!

Yangon is the largest city in Myanmar. It is also the former capital city of the country. With traditional pagodas, boutiques offering diverse shopping experiences and street food stalls located alongside the city, it surely makes one of the best tourist destinations.


Visiting the Pagodas

Yangon is blessed with many pagodas, and one of the most popular is the Shwedagon Pagoda. It is an absolutely stunning creation that has precious stones such as diamonds and rubies in its structure. Inside the pagoda, you find many treasures such as diamond crowns and it is believed that they belong to the 06th century AD. Although it's mostly the Buddhists who find this pagoda so sacred because of the fact that the Sacred Hair of Lord Buddha was housed in this building, it is equally visited and worshiped by non-Buddhists as well. If you are considering visiting the Shwedagon Pagoda, it is always ideal to plan your visit in an evening because then you'll be able to enjoy the beautiful sunsets in Yangon that are highly picturesque as well.

The Sule Pagoda (which is known as 'Sule Paya' by the locals) is also another famous pagoda in the city that houses a 46-meter Stupa that takes an octagonal shape. The Botataung Pagoda and the Kaba Aye Pagoda are also loved by travellers, mainly because of the unique architectural designs that they present.


Walk through Chinatown

Yangon has a considerably higher Chinese population in it, and it surely increases the cultural diversity in the city. So, Yangon having its own Chinatown is not so surprising! It is indeed one favourite attraction to visit for any traveller who spends his days at a hotel in Yangon. It's the place to go if you are looking for some local markets- all in one place and especially if you want to explore some amazing street food options. For foodies, Chinatown will be a heaven for sure, as here you will find barbecued meat, ice creams, snacks, drinks and everything you want at very reasonable prices!


Feeding the catfish at Yangon Lake

If you are spending your holiday in a hotel the likes of Chatrium Hotel Royal Lake Yangon, why not take the maximum use of quite a few attractive places that are located nearby? Yes, Yangon Lake is just next to you and you may spend one of your evenings feeding the catfish in it. This is one of the most favourite activities of the local community, and although you call it the Yangon Lake- for them, it is known familiar name will be 'Kandawgyi Lake'.

There will be many vendors to sell you hunks of bread and all you have to do is to buy one or two from them, and throw to the amazing catfish just like the other people would do.


Tasting a Moringa dish

Those who visit Myanmar, get used to a number of terms, speaking styles and practices, and this is completely normal. They also get used to Myanmar dishes, and one such main dish is the Moringa dish. People in Myanmar prepare the Moringa dish usually for their breakfast, and it's quite aromatic and delicious as well. This dish is made of rice noodles cooked in a fish broth, and the hotter you eat it, the more you will love it!


Exploring the National Museum

Those who have a special interest in exploring the history of other nations, often head to Museums and galleries. To serve such enthusiasts, Yangon also has a National Museum. This is known as one of the best museums in Southeast Asia because the collections of antiques it houses are truly amazing. If someone is interested in Burmese craftsmanship and its heritage, they should not miss visiting the museum at any cost as the things to explore in it are priceless.