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Cell Phone Zone

We offer Cellphone, Tablet, Computer & Game console Repairing with 1 year of warranty and same-day repair for most of the devices. Our repair centers are located at Virginia Beach, Chesapeake, Newport News and Williamsburg. Call us at 757-255-8239 for more detail.

Cell Phone Repair Center in Virginia Beach | Cell Phone Zone

Are you looking for an apt Cell Phone Repair center? Does your smartphone not working properly or does it needs service? Visit Cell Phone Zone Repair Center located in Virginia Beach at 701 Lynnhaven Pkwy. Cell Phone Zone is one of the leading smartphone repair companies across Virginia beach with a 5-star rating and a 100% customer satisfaction rate. For more information call now at (757) 585-6643 or Visit the website.

Cell Phone Repair in Virginia Beach - Cell Phone Zone

Cell Phone Zone is a Top-rated company in Virginia Beach. We are working in the industry for a long. we have a team of Certified and Skilled Technicians, we provide you same day repair with a 1-year warranty on all the repair. we believe in customer service and because of that, we have 100% positive reviews. For more details call us now at (757) 585-6643 or visit the Cell Phone Zone website.

Cell Phone Repair in Virginia Beach

We provide high-quality, original equipment manufactured parts at competitive prices. Our team consists of skilled and certified technicians who work rigorously to provide you great customer service. So if your device’s screen is damaged or your device isn’t working properly, call us today at 757-249-8786 or drop your question by clicking here

Signs That Your Macbook Pro Needs Repair

Cell Phone Zone is a one-stop shop for Macbook Pro Repair in Virginia Beach. We can fix almost all issues of your Macbook Pro including broken screen, damaged battery, and keyboard. Also, no need to worry if your MacBook Pro is no longer under warranty. We will still offer the same great service and pricing no matter if you have a warranty or not. Just walk into one of our service centers or reach out to us at (757) 249-8786.

Most Compelling Reasons for Computer Repair in the Next 6-12 Months

Computers have become a vital part of everyone’s life. However, with use, you may notice minor issues with your computer. To prevent these small issues from converting into serious issues, you should get in touch with a professional computer repair company. Cell Phone Zone is known for its quality broken laptop screen repair in Williamsburg. To explore more about the most compelling reasons for computer repair in the next 6-12 months, click above link.

What not-to-do when your apple mac computer won’t start

If your apple mac computer isn’t starting even after performing various troubleshooting methods, you should look for professional apple mac computer repair in Newport news. Expert repair services can prevent any kind of damage to the internal system of the device. Also, you can get your device in good working condition quickly. Cell Phone Zone offers cost-effective and efficient Mac Repairs service in Newport news. To get your computer repaired, visit

How to Outsmart Your Peers on Cell Phone Repair In Virginia Beach

If any of your family members or co-workers face issues with their Cell Phones, recommending professional cell phone repair in Virginia Beach is an ideal thing. Cell Phone Zone understands the importance of Cell Phones in today’s era and thus, we provide quick & efficient repairs. We specialize in iPhone repair and servicing of other devices like computers, tablets & gaming consoles. At Cell Phone Zone, you will always get the best deals on cell phone repairs in Virginia Beach. Call us at (757) 585-6643.

Top Ways to Revamp Your Broken iPad Screen In Newport News

An iPad is useful for all standard and multitasking needs in a dedicated way. However, in the meantime it can also cost you a lot depending on the damage to your iPad. Cell Phone Zone is valued in Newport News for its reliable and convenient repair services for broken iPads. The professionals at our store have proven experience in extensive repairs of broken laptop screens too. For more information, click here

How long does it take to get a MacBook screen replaced?

Looking for a MacBook Pro screen replacement or repair near you? Cell Phone Zone can repair your MacBook and return it to you in a matter of hours. The experts in our store specialize in Mac repairs service in Newport News. To learn more, call us today at (757) 249-8786 or visit

Top Elementary Troubleshooting Tips for DIY Mac Repairs In Newport News

If you’re a Mac user, its robust operating platform is what makes it different from other desktop machines. However, with time, you may also face some minor issues while using the Mac. There are many DIY troubleshooting ways to fix them, but, if you think it’s a major issue that cannot be fixed on your own, you will require professional Mac repair services. Cell Phone Zone offers a cost-effective and quick Mac repairs service in Newport news. Click here for more troubleshooting tips

Top Undeniable Reasons People Look More For Repair Broken iPad In Virginia

When your device gets damaged, there will be the question of repair versus replacement. However, a replacement may not be in everyone’s budget. Thus, if repairs can get your device back to work, Cell Phone Zone can help you. We are known for quality and professional iPad repairs in Virginia Beach. To learn about broken iPad repair assistance, call our professionals at (757) 585-6643 or click here -

Book online broken laptop screen repair in Williamsburg

Cell Phone Zone offers quick and affordable broken laptop screen repair in Williamsburg. We focus on excellent customer service and provide high-quality OEM parts for the repair of all kinds of devices like cell phones, tablets, gaming consoles, and others. Our best part is that you don’t need to make an appointment prior, just stop by, let us know the problem and we will take care of the solution. Let us restore your laptop to excellent working condition. Call today at (757) 645-4789.

Smartwatch issues? Cell Phone Zone can fix it!

Your smartwatch can tell you a lot many things, including your heart rate and footsteps. Basically, it can do many things that your smartphone can't. Thus, when it’s not working, come right away to the Cell Phone Zone for smartwatch repair service. Our technicians are highly experienced who can perform even the most complicated repairs. Thus, whether it’s an issue with the battery, display, or connectivity, we can get your smartwatch working. To experience quality apple watch repair in Newport News.

Top Exceptional Key Factors to Become an Expert at Broken iPhone Repair In Hampton

Cell Phone Zone is trusted for its quick and affordable iPhone repair services in Hampton VA. No matter how big or small the issues are, we can bring your device back into a smooth working condition. Simply schedule an appointment and bring in your iPhone at any Cell Phone Zone store near you. To learn more, call (757) 416-2841 or click here -

Broken laptop screen? Get it repaired by Cell Phone Zone experts!

Cell Phone Zone offers affordable and reliable broken laptop screen repair in Williamsburg with a year warranty. We have the technical aptitude and experience to diagnose & repair your laptops quickly. With high-quality OEM parts, we offer same-day repairs for almost all devices. Experience our great customer service today! Speak to our executive today at (757) 645-4789 or click here -

Top Helpful Tips for Broken iPhone Repair In Hampton VA

If you want to protect your iPhone from unexpected spills and damage that can ruin your pleasant experience, you should take care of some handy tips. Whether it’s optimizing the battery health or working on the superficially-cracked screen issues, professionals at Cell Phone Zone are iPhone repair specialists. If you’re an iPhone owner, learning about the top helpful tips for broken iPhone repair In Hampton VA can be beneficial for you. Call us today at (757) 416-2841

Most Common Tips on How to Pair Your Apple Watch to iPhone Virginia

Sometimes pairing your apple watch to your iPhone becomes such a tricky task when you are not aware of its standard setup instructions. However, relying on Cell Phone Zone’s innovative apple watch repair experts can save your time from being wasted. From syncing your apple watch with your iPhone to any extensive touch issues, our professionals can assist you with the most convenient solutions. To know more click here

Free diagnostics for your Apple Watch Repair in Williamsburg VA

For all your smartwatch repairs including battery problems, a broken screen, or any other issues, Cell Phone Zone will do the diagnostics for free. Our centers are at multiple locations for the best fitness smartwatch repairs in 2022. We have an excellent team of technicians and we charge the lowest repair costs. Get our affordable services for your apple watch repair in Williamsburg VA. Call today on (757) 645-4789 or visit our website -

Cell Phone ZoneWhy you should choose a professional iPhone repair services provider

Eventually, you are going to break your iPhone but not every service center provides the best service. You need a professional service center to repair your expensive iPhone. Read our blog to know why you should choose only professional iPhone repair services providers.

Cell Phone ZoneWhy you should choose Cell Phone Zone VA for iPhone screen repair services.

Cost, convenience, care. Taking your iPhone to Cell Phone Zone VA is obviously a wise choice when it comes to all of your iPhone repair needs.

Cell Phone ZoneTop tips to prevent your iPhone screen from getting scratched.

Want to prevent your delicate iPhone screen from scratched? In this blog we’ve mentioned tips that can save your iPhone screen from getting scratched. Read our blog to know more.

Cell Phone Repair | Cell Phone zone | Newport News

Cell Phone Zone is a professional cell phone repair center near Newport News. We've expert highly trained technician to repair your all type of cell phones. Most of our repairs are completed within an average of 30 minutes. No appointment needed. Visit our website to know more.

Cell Phone ZoneHow to use widgets in iOS 14

When iOS 14 will launch, it will have so many new functionality available. Widget is one of them. In this blog we’ve mentioned how you can make best use of the widget. Read our blog to know more.

The best features of the iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 Pro Max is touted by Apple as the first iPhone powerful enough to be called a pro. In addition to a new Midnight Green case color option, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is packed with features, including a 12-megapixel camera with three lenses for standard, zoom, and wide-angle photography, as well as…

Cell Phone ZoneHow to keep your iPhone safe at the beach

Cell Phone Zone VA has the parts, the knowledge, and the service capabilities to get you back to the action quickly and at a competitive price. Don’t let a little sand in your phone ruin your summer.