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Updated by Joanna James on May 17, 2020
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The best Bangkok Street Foods – Let Your Taste Buds Find their Joy!

Bangkok can be a great place for fine-dining with your loved ones, but it's also the best street food destination in the world. It's always through the street food culture that one can explore the authentic Thai cuisine and here are some great insights on all-time favourite street food types in Bangkok, Thailand.


Pork Totters Rice

Locals call this dish 'Khao Kaa Moo' and those who are familiar with Chinese food will simply grasp the fact that there is also a Chinese version of this dish. But when compared with it, this full meal dish is sweeter and has less vinegar and oil. Although dishes such as Pad Thai are quite common in restaurants in Bangkok, Khao Kaa Moo is a relatively lesser-known dish, especially among the tourists. This is a delicious, heart-warming dish, and the rural parts of Thailand also serve this dish with some differences in its tastes.


Thai Wanton Mee

Wanton noodles are anyways popular among foodies out there because this dish is available no matter where you go. Wanton noodles have a Singaporean version and it is quite similar to what you find in Hong Kong as well. Both these versions do have an alkaline taste and this is not the case when you taste the same dish in Bangkok! In Thai Wanton Mee, which you find especially in touristy resorts such as Chatrium Hotel Riverside Bangkok, the noodle is yellow in colour and thinner in size. Also, unlike the Singaporean version, you don't find dark sauce all over the dish here.


Kuay Jab Nam Sai

If you have ever been to Singapore and tasted its kway chap rice noodles and pigs organ soup, the dish 'kuay jab nam sai' in Bangkok can be called a great combination of those two. It is basically a rice noodle soup done Thai style and is very popular among the locals as well as the tourists. The rice noodle takes a rolled-up shape, and this special type of noodle can be found in Bangkok's Chinatown if you ever wish to try preparing this dish at home.


Pork Porridge

Some dishes you find in Bangkok are extremely healthy too! Thai-style pork porridge is one such dish that's equally loved by the young and the old. Locals call it 'joke moo' and consider it a great energy booster especially when they are exhausted. This is a perfect dish to have when it's too cold outside and also an energy booster if you are partying all night. If you have tasted Cantonese porridge, this Thai-style pork porridge will taste familiar to you, although this version has some more fish sauce, sugar, and chili.


Boat noodles

Locals call this dish 'kway teow rua' and of course is a delicious dish you find in Bangkok. Although it's just one dish, you find a large number of toppings with different gravy types and this is what will make you go crazy over it. You may either order chicken, pork or beef boat noodles, and if you haven't tasted any, it's always advisable to try all variants when you there in Bangkok. You may also enjoy this noodles dish with a side-dish of pork lard or gyoza if you desire to experience the most delicious combinations of all.