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Updated by Joanna James on Mar 16, 2024
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05 Things to Keep in Mind Before Visiting the Maldives – Planning the Perfect Getaway

Offering idyllic beaches and sun-soaked adventures, the Maldives is the kind of place you should visit for a holiday after lockdowns and travel restrictions have eased! Of course, it always helps to know more about this destination before you plan a trip.


More Than One Island

The Maldives is not your typical destination in the sense, it is not just made up of one landmass, but rather around 1,192 islands! Set amidst the Indian Ocean, these islands are spread across 26 atolls; it should also be noted that the land area is less than 300 square kilometres, while the nation covers approximately 90,000 square kilometres, which is mostly ocean. While the country has a great many islands, most of them are uninhabited; the rest are divided between inhabited islands be it those where locals live or private island resorts.


Visas and Local Transport

One of the many reasons that make holidays in Maldives so popular is the fact, that you don't need a visa before entering the country. Visas are granted on arrival, though do ensure you have a valid ticket for departure and that the validity period of your passport has a minimum of six months remaining. Do also keep in mind that transport is either via ferry, speedboat or seaplane with the latter being the more expensive option. Staying at a resort near the main airport in Male and which can be reached by speedboat is thus a cost-effective option.


Resorts on Their Own Islands

One of the unique features of resorts in Maldives is that they are each located on a private island. This means you can enjoy a relatively secluded getaway at one of these resorts including the likes of Adaaran Club Rannalhi where you will spend the majority of your time. Because of this, each resort apart from accommodation options will offer plenty of facilities and things to do; these can include diverse dining experiences, holistic spa treatments, water sports such as snorkelling and diving as well as excursions to both inhabited and uninhabited islands.


Cultural Considerations

Do remember that the state religion of the Maldives is Islam and the country follows strict rules and regulations. Alcohol cannot be brought into the country and neither can it be sold on inhabited local islands. But don't worry, the best hotels in Maldives on private islands are allowed to sell alcohol! Also, be mindful of what you wear; while bikinis and short attire can be worn at private resorts, this does not apply to when in public at local islands.


The Right Season to Travel

Keep in mind there are different seasons even in the Maldives. December to March is generally considered the peak season and the weather is at its balmy best, though as you would expect, rates are higher too. April to October generally marks the monsoon or off-peak season and though you will get some rain, it is not all the time and rates are relatively less as well. If you're a surfer remember that the monsoon season (especially from June to August) is also when you can catch some of the best waves!