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Yownn Yoga

Yownn Yoga is a YouTube channel that focuses on yoga videos for beginners. They ensure to make good yoga flow videos that will help to strengthen your body.

Free Yoga for Beginners: Yownn Yoga Introduction

Yownn Yoga gives yoga lessons on their YouTube channel. Yoga sessions are specifically designed, which lets even beginners do these yoga workouts. They offer free vinyasa yoga and hatha yoga class for beginners. Their objective is to familiarize as many people to yoga as possible because the benefits of a constant yoga practice are immense. Check out the channel to know more.

Gentle Yoga Stretch for The Office

This is a gentle yoga stretch for the office introduced by Yownn Yoga on their YouTube channel. Try it if you're in a place where you want somebody movement and, in an area, where you can't have a full yoga flow. This yoga works your neck, shoulders, back and legs. This flow is beneficial and stimulating, making it flawless to energize you for the rest of the day.

A 20-minute Home Yoga Flow for Anxiety

This is a 20-minute home yoga flow for anxiety introduced by Yownn Yoga on their YouTube channel. The world has tilted on its axis because of COVID-19 and there is a lot of uncertainty that can lead to anxiety. This home yoga flow helps calm your mind and break stress. Beginners can perform this session at any time during the day, or in the evening to prepare for sleep.

A Quick Yoga at Home for Boredom

This is a quick yoga flow made by Yownn Yoga for when you're bored at home and want to shake things up to get in the mood. It is rejuvenating and stimulates your sense of adventure.
This yoga flow will challenge you just enough without being over the top. It hits all the right spots and leaves you cheerful and ready to take on the world.

Quick Yoga Flow to Boost Your Energy

This quick yoga flow video made by Yownn Yoga is exactly what you need to boost your energy levels. It is a flawless yoga flow for that afternoon slump, and it is quick (less than 30 minutes) to keep you going for longer. It is also great for those mornings where you wake up sluggish and need a kick to start your day energized. Check out the video today!

Yoga Flow For A Happy Mood

This is a short yoga flow made by Yownn Yoga to uplift your mood. The world is currently at a standstill because of Covid-19 pandemic and most countries are on lockdown, which means no or limited physical human interaction. Happiness is in short supply because of social distancing. On the other hand, this quick yoga flow will get you moving and uplift your mood. It touches all the right spots, including backbends, to open your chest and unlock your heart chakra. Other than uplifting your cheerful attitude, this flow offers an entire body stretch. It is slow, gentle and perfect for beginners. Please give it a try and give us feedback, on our social media channels below, we'd love to hear from you.

A Quick 30-Minute Morning Yoga Flow to Start Your Day

Enjoy this quick 30-minute morning yoga flow by Yownn Yoga to start your day. It is slow and excellent for beginners or intermediate yoga practitioners who want to take it slow.

This yoga flow hits all the right spots in 30 minutes and can quickly become your go-to everyday yoga flow. It works the full body, is stimulating and slow-paced. It is excellent for the COVID-19 lockdown as this yoga flow is the kind that brings you home to yourself.

15 Minute Yoga Workout: A Short Beginner Yoga Sequence for Your Body

This yoga flow is made by Yownn Yoga to strengthen your back muscles. Backs hardly ever get attention. This sequence benefits full body with a focus on your back muscles. Check out the video today!

15 Minute Yoga Workout: A Short Beginner Yoga Sequence for Your Body

This is a short beginner yoga sequence made by Yownn Yoga. It helps with your overall fitness, and targets the entire body from legs, hips, core, back and shoulders. It also challenges your balance. This short flow is ideal when you're constrained for time, and you want to untangle your body real fast.

This yoga flow is one that you can always return to; in fact, it can be your default yoga sequence for those days when all you can manage is a 15-minute workout. It targets your hips, arms and works your total body for overall fitness.

7 Days of Yoga for Beginners: Intro

Join Yownn Yoga in their 7 days of yoga journey where they teach your body to adapt to the yoga. These seven videos will help you, and your body gets into the yoga postures quickly for more advanced yoga postures.

10-Minute Home yoga workout for beginners

Check out this 10-minute home yoga workout video from Yownn Yoga where through this video they help beginners in getting their body into shape for yoga. Check out the video today!!

10 Minute Home Yoga Stretching Routine

Check out this 10-minute home yoga stretching routine video from Yownn Yoga. This video teaches different stretching postures you can use for 10-minutes for a healthy life. Check out this video today!

Yoga flow to strengthen your back

This is a video of yoga flow made by Yownn Yoga to strengthen your back muscles. Backs barely ever get devotion unless people are deliberate about back muscles. Ladies primarily faces this problem in their life. Due to these back problems they even had to get a surgery done for a proper strength in the back. But this is avoidable if you try this yoga sequence. It triggers various back muscle and focuses on increasing the strength. This sequence also moves the body with a more focus on your back muscles. Check out the video today.