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Updated by european jobboard on May 16, 2020
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Searching for a Job amid the Coronavirus Outbreak? Read This First

COVID -19 has caused significant global panic. There are many right now who are trying their best to grab a job due to the coronavirus outbreak. While many have already fueled up their job search methods, we bring to you the below tips that will help to continue your job search smoothly.
Tip to Influencing your Job Search in Coronavirus Outbreak


Fewer Applications

Focus on applying to fewer job openings because it is always better to narrow down to companies that you want to work for. Direct yourself to choose a few quality job applications rather than running behind mediocre job applications. This is one of the most ill-suited times for applying anywhere and everywhere.


Selecting the Firm

When jobs are scarce, it is wise to target industries that are growing and hiring rapidly. This shows that they are almost recession-proof. Always look for organizations that have robust financials growth plans.


Break Your Comfort Zone

The current situation does not call for choice. Rather it’s a time for survival. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. Rather than just switching industries, consider switching geographies. You may be a great ticket solver but now amp up roles such as choosing something inside sales.

Work from Home: Expert Tips to Find Verified Remote Jobs Quickly

Looking for a remote job? It sounds like a pretty attainable goal in 2020 now, right? More flexibility, more time with family, flexible agenda, no more sitting in traffic, driving to the office & home and the list of benefits goes on and on.


Multi-Channel Approach

Job boards are one of the best opportunities to land you to a job. But it is always better to choose other channels like reaching out to recruitment specialist, tap into your LinkedIn profile to get noticed or even invest time in cold calls.


More Remote Opportunities

While more companies are getting shut due to lockdown, remote opportunities are becoming more and more apparent. So take advantage of this coronavirus outbreak and working on new skills. If you always wanted to start a blogging website or work as a graphic designer, then now is the time to start looking for remote jobs.