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Updated by Agro Accounting CPA on Dec 27, 2021
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Things Artists Should Know Before Filing Taxes

We do Accounting for Artists, Freelancers and Creative Companies. Whether you're in NYC, LA - or anywhere in between, given our safe and easy online platform - check out our affordable prices and free accounting + tax advice.

Hire an Expert Accountant from Agro Accounting CPA

Freelancers, artists, and entrepreneurs are often confused when it comes to filing their taxes. Agro Accounting CPA has always got your back and helps you understand what you need to know when paying taxes. There is a list of tax deductions that you should know about as a self-employed person. Have a word with our accountants and access our free, complete tax preparation guide for entrepreneurs.

Things Artists Should Know Before Filing Taxes by Agro Accounting CPA - Issuu

This is one of the most significant steps we recommend in our tax preparation guide for artists. Keep your personal account and your business account separate. Mixing them can create a lot of havoc, both from a self-management and tax optimization perspective.

Know the Basics of Private Equity Accounting

Private equity accounting is a very vast topic in itself. First of all, to understand private equity accounting, you need to understand private equity; and to understand private equity, you need to understand a wide variety of financial terms. Assuming you are here to learn about private equity accounting, we hope you are aware of the basic terms like equity, liquidation, and hedge funds, as well as have a basic glossary of accounting in your knowledge repertoire.

Affordable and Flawless Tax Preparation for Freelancers by Expert CPAs

It is hard to find professional income tax services that are both affordable and flawless. At Agro Accounting CPA, we offer affordable and flawless tax preparation for freelancers. We have CPAs who are experts in doing taxes for freelancers.

Why Should You Keep Business and Personal Account Separate?

A basic step towards operating a successful small business is setting up an account solely dedicated to your business income and expenses. However, many new and contract-based business professionals often ignore this and mix business funds with their personal funds. Generally, commingling funds is common among self-employed freelancers, Realtors, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Want to Know How to File Taxes as a Self-Employed Person?

At Agro Accounting CPA, we have an experienced team of experts who help small businesses, artists, entrepreneurs, and self-employed people with tax preparation. Our income tax services for the self-employed are extensive. We can tell you different ways of reducing your tax liabilities and saving money. Call us now!