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5 Delicious Cuisine of Oman That You Must Experience – The Inimitable Flavours of Oman

The cuisine of Oman draws inspiration from a variety of different locations and cultures – from India and Persia to North Africa. The rich dishes you'll find here ooze with flavour. So, if you're ever in Oman, here are the 5 top dishes you need to try.



This is a celebratory dish that is primarily prepared for certain important events. In fact, the name of the dish directly translates to "be engaged" and as such is a popular meal to serve during special occasions like weddings and engagement ceremonies. The meat and rice make up the brunt of the dish but it is the saffron and cardamom that give it its inimitable taste. Helpings of onions and garlic are also tossed in for added flavour. A good Majboos dish is yellowish in colour and has a nice creamy texture – one which complements its tantalising flavours.



Shuwa holds an important place among the people of Oman as it is primarily prepared during the holy month of Eid. To be precise, families will begin preparing the dish during the very first day of Eid and consume it on the second day. And that is just as well because the making of this dish is quite the elaborate process. It starts by taking the meat – typically lamb, goat or camel – and marinating it with a litany of spices, most commonly coriander, pepper and nutmeg are used for this purpose. Then the marinated meat is wrapped up in banana leaves and left inside an underground sand oven. It is here that the meat will cook for a day until it is unearthed to be eaten during the festivities. Typically, rice and a healthy dose of tomato sauce are used to accompany the dish.



This is a delicious seafood dish that you will find in most major hotels in Sur Oman – for example, you can most likely order this for lunch at the in-house restaurant of properties such as the Sur Plaza Hotel. At the heart of the dish is a perfectly roasted strip of kingfish that's served alongside some zesty lemon rice. Generally, some lime is squeezed atop of the dish to give it an added bit of zing.



If you're looking to sate your sweet tooth, give this delicious dessert a try next time you're strolling through the streets of Oman. Being a beloved delicacy, you'll find people in every corner shop and bazaar nibbling away at a Mushaltat. In essence, the dish itself is a flatbread stuffed with honey, sweet meat and a light helping of spinach. Now, that may seem like an odd combination, but as with most Omani food, it'll all make sense once you bite into it.



Dates are a staple Omani food that's regularly served with Kahwa in Oman. Dates are considered to be a symbol of offering hospitality in Oman, and you'll find most families will offer you a full plater if you're a guest. Omani dates come in all kinds and they differ in taste, size and colour. They can be found almost anywhere in Oman.

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