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Mackman Reading List: Our Latest Articles

Keep up to date with the latest in marketing, branding and the team at Mackman.
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Marketing Activities For The Current Climate | Mackman UK

These unprecedented times offer an opportunity to focus on certain aspects of your marketing, the most important of these being the needs of your customers.

Why Is Brand Development Important For Your Business? | Mackman

This article outlines key brand development steps, emphasising brand strategy as an ongoing process that needs maintenance and monitoring to see results.

Restarting Business Growth After Difficult Times - Mackman

During economic uncertainty it can be hard to be optimistic about business growth. Take a look at how 3 companies grew their business after difficult times.

How To Use Video Conferencing Effectively In Your Business | Mackman

Using video conferencing effectively can be difficult the first time. Follow our 7 tips to make your video conferencing experience painless & professional.

Low Cost Marketing tips for Micro-Businesses & Start Ups | Mackman UK

When you're a small business or a start up, marketing can be daunting when you are unsure of your return on investment. Here we offer some tips and advice.

How To Create A New Brand Name | Mackman UK

An effective brand name needs to work for you, resonate, and entice by itself when it is all that can be seen or heard. Here we offer tips for success.

The Importance of Customer Retention - Mackman

Ensuring that you keep your existing customers and appeal to new ones is a delicate balance, but you can measure customer retention using these techniques.

A guide to the importance of the Experience Economy - Mackman

This article discusses the benefits of taking time out of everyday operations to consider how to place customer experience at the heart of all you do.

What's The Difference Between a 'House of Brands' & a 'Branded House'?

Learn the difference between a 'House of Brands' & 'Branded House' along with how to take advantage of the opportunities they present to your business.

What Are Challenger Brands Doing In 2020? | Mackman UK

The 21st century has seen the continued rise of the 'challenger' brand since the 1990s. Here we discuss types of challenger brands that you may encounter.

What is Brand Stretch and Brand Extension? - Mackman

There are many ways to grow companies, and stretching or expanding your brand is one which can be applied to most B2C and B2B businesses. Find out how here.

How to Create Effective Taglines and Straplines | Mackman UK

A memorable tagline can make all the difference to the way that your brand is perceived by the world. Here are some tips on getting it right.

5 Free Tools To Help You Write Content | Mackman UK

Although writing your own copy can be difficult, there are several free tools available online to help you generate and check content, and gain confidence.

Four successful Suffolk heritage brands - Mackman

As part of a new series, we explore heritage brands in Suffolk that take pride in their long history and look to the future to stay relevant.

How can I improve my email marketing? - Mackman

Email marketing is a cost-effective way to reach customers and generate leads. Read key questions to ask yourself when sending out emails here.

Staying Ahead as an SME | Mackman

Strategy is important for SMEs as well as big businesses. Find out more about how to stay ahead as an SME in the East of England.

What does Brand Culture mean for your business?

To add meaning to your company, values need to be embedded in everything you do. Here we list the key benefits of a strong brand culture and share our three steps towards adding value to your business.

Analysing Email Campaigns with Mailchimp

Mailchimp has four main metrics that will help you to analyse the success of your email campaigns: open rate, click rate, bounce rate and unsubscribes. Learn how to improve your campaigns here.

Content Guide - Creating great content in 10 steps

Creating quality content for the web can be tricky, and it's on everyone's radar...Here are Mackman's top 10 timeless tips to get you started!

SEO for blog posts - improve your basic SEO knowledge

In this article, we'll be exploring how you can improve your knowledge of SEO for blog posts with a few basic hints and tips.

What does 'good marketing' look like?

The definition of marketing is often unclear to those outside of the profession. Here we ask ourselves what good marketing looks like and track the evolution of marketing over time.

What is Content Strategy, and why is it important?

Content is everything from words to visual media, audio to infographics, print to digital. We look into why it's so important to have a content strategy...

Four successful Norfolk heritage brands

Following on from our last article on Suffolk heritage brands, this piece focuses on four Norfolk brands that have stood the test of time.

COVID-19 And The Value of Marketing

May's Marketing Matters article discusses the value that marketing can add to businesses and society as a whole during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brands That Disappeared From The Market

We list 8 UK brands that disappeared and have been lost and sadly forgotten over the years. How many of them do you remember?