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Headline for FB3X's A to Z Challenge Posts - Drabblerotic
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FB3X's A to Z Challenge Posts - Drabblerotic

This is a list of all the posts for Drabblerotic, Fantasy Boys XXX's posts for the A to Z April Blogging Challenge 2013.


A is for Aliens (and a thank you)

Aliens can be kinky too! ;P

B is for Bonds

Mystical bonds may not be easy, but they can be right.

C is for Cock

There's more than one type of cock, even in erotica!

D is for Danger

What feels right, doesn't always feel safe.

E is for Egyptology

Arnold Vosloo, this is all your fault ;P

F is for Flowers

Flowers - who knew?

G is for Gods

Greek, Roman, Norse, all the gods have a sexy side!

H is for Horn

Not the horn your might be expecting ;)

I is for Incubus

Incubi don't always have to chase and seduce...

J is for Joy Riding

Demons and cars, of course they come together!

K is for Kissing

So, what do you do with your incubus when you've found him?

L is for Lycanthropy

Well, since our whole raison d'etre is fantasy men, we had to go with the second most popular type, didn't we?

M is for Magic

Be careful what you wish for...;P

N is for Necromancer

Necromancers haven way of dealing with loneliness...

O is for Orchestra

Music and attraction, very difficult to separate for some with Fae in their bloodline.

P is for Phantom

Just when Rob thought his ghostly adventures were all over...

Q is for Quiet

When your boyfriend can be deafened by a whisper, getting it on takes on a whole new dimension.

R is for Robot

Is there a worse fate than death?

S is for Sorcerer

even sorcerers were virginal once!

T is for Turning

When his fae boyfriend needs a little help, Ky is there.

U is for Unknown

Val discovers the joys and perils of an unknown encounter.

V is for Vampire

Into the mind of a vampire's faithful retainer...

W is for Wings

Ky is entranced when he discovers Grayling, who has come into his fae heritage, has new erogenous zones.

X is for XXX

Cold eroticism...

Y is for Yes

The act of consent may become very erotic.