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Updated by Fiona Art on May 22, 2020
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Wicked tree ~ Acrylic pour painting ~ Straight pour technique ~ Paint #WithMe

My pearl white mixture reacts weird this time, because it was mixed for some time and I think that I grabbed mix with a glue and that's why I got this strange effect.
But I like the final result with that wicked tree in the bottom.
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(369) Acrylic POUR painting TUTORIAL ~ Reverse flower dip ~ Paint #WithMe

Acrylic POUR painting TUTORIAL Process: - Pour your base on canvas - Put your cup on the canvas with bottom up - Pour paints on the bottom and use pearl whit...

(366) Gorgeous rainbow flower ~ MUST SEE ~ Acrylic pour painting ~ Step by step ~ Paint #WithMe

You must see this gorgeous rainbow flower acrylic pour painting with so many stunning colours and details. I cut out some holes in bottle bottom to create so...

Let's paint some flowers 🌺 ~ Live Acrylic Pouring ~ Paint #WithMe

I have such a nice time with all of you again and I'm so happy that all three flowers are just gorgeous. Thank you all for all your support and kind words......

(365) Simple flower painting ~ Reverse dip ~ Bottle bottom pour ~ Paint #WithMe

Hello from Slovenia! For my first painting in my new Art place I choose to do a simple reverse flower dip over bottle and cup bottom. I used only greens on t...

(363) Dip with bright colours ~ Easy BEGINNERS technique ~ Acrylic pour painting

Dip with bright colours ~ Easy BEGINNERS technique ~ Acrylic pour painting In this video I want to show you an easy way to do some beautiful painting even if...

(359) Fiona's DRIPPING fluid art ~ Galaxy ~ Acrylic pour painting ~ Satisfying art

Today I tried new fluid art technique with a toll for dripping. I really like this Galaxy painting... it was so satisfying to watch paint dripping on my canv...

(360) Northern lights ~ Fiona's DRIPPING fluid art ~ Acrylic pour painting

This is the second try of my new fluid art technique with a home made gadget for dripping. I cut off some straws today and used smaller cup and little thinne...

(371) GLUE and WATER mix works well for REVERSE FLOWER DIP ~ Acrylic pour painting ~ Paint #WithMe

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