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Social Security Disability Insurance(SSDI)

Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) is a federal insurance program that insures workers against severe, long-term disabilities. It is funded by payroll taxes, so if you have ever worked as an employee, you have paid into this insurance program. A portion of the Federal Insurance Contributions (FICA) taxes that you pay are set aside for this benefit (and others like Social Security retirement). You may have noticed FICA payments listed on your payroll stub each pay period.


How A Social Security Disability Advocate Can Help?

Social Security disability advocates are authorized to appear on behalf of people filing claims for Social Security Disability benefits. They serve as your representative at all phases of the process from initial application through administrative appeals

Does My Emphysema Qualify Me for Disability?

Social Security disability may be available to some with emphysema. This condition causes poor lung function, and, when lung function is impaired enough, disability related to emphysema , and SSD benefits may be available to help provide financial support.

Rules of Conduct: The Standards of Responsibility for SSI and SSDI Representatives

A good disability representation organization treats your case with empathy and respect. If you need to file for Supplemental Security Income, qualify for Medicaid, or need help on an appeal for SSDI benefits, count on London Disability to exceed the standards for representing you. Contact our Baltimore, MD office for a free review of your case.

How To Choose A Social Security Disability Representative?

If you are disabled and need SSDI or SSI assistance, or support with Medicaid or other medical claims, the people of London Disability have your back. Call us at our Baltimore, MD office 410-752-0465 or toll-free at 877-978-3136.

The Importance Of Hiring A Representative For Your Upcoming Disability Hearing

Hiring a representative ensures that all experts at the trial really understand why you're applying for disability. Let's say a medical expert disagrees with the opinion of your medical doctor.

Will I Receive SSDI Disability or SSI for Osteoarthritis?

Osteoarthritis Social Security will evaluate each person specifically on the basis on osteoarthritis but instead on the general impairment listings for Social Security.

Can I Get Disability Benefits for Nephrotic Syndrome Disorder Disability?

our representative are experts at gathering proper medical documents, filling out forms and submitting them accordingly to expedite approval of benefits. Call today to schedule an appointment with a disability representative.

Getting Disability by Arguing You Can't Even Do Sedentary Work

Let an experienced disability representative handle your case and significantly increase your chance of being approved for SSI or SSDI benefits. Call the Law Office of Daniel Berger today to schedule a consultation appointment.

Getting Social Security Disability Benefits for a Neurocognitive Disorder?

Though many illnesses can result in a neurocognitive disorder, when determining disability benefits, Social Security is concerned more with the loss of the ability to work than the specific disorder itself.

When Can I Get Disability Benefits for Lung Cancer?

If you have been diagnosed with small cell lung cancer (oat cell lung cancer) and non-small cell lung cancer, you will likely qualify for disability benefits.

How to Qualify for Social Security Benefits with a Terminal Illness?

To apply for Social Security terminal illness disability, you need to fit the requirements of the Social Security definition of disability, which is a medical condition that prevents an applicant from performing work duties.