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Updated by Soumya Rout on May 11, 2020
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Sleep and Immunity

A peace full sleeps leads a healthy body. Here in this list, we share helpful and beneficial sleep tips for you.
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How Irregular Sleep schedules Can Affect Your Heart - Wakefit

Irregular sleep schedules can negatively affect your heart, suggests a study. A study brought to light by the National Institute for Health or NIH shows how not having a proper sleep schedule in place could cost you tremendously.

Sleep: A Weapon Against The COVID-19 Virus - Wakefit

Good sleep is crucial for good health, and though good health has always been a priority, it is the only true concern right now as we all prepare to fight the COVID-19 virus.

The Ultimate Bedroom Colors For Sleep - Wakefit

Still tossing and turning around even with fluffy pillows, blinds, a good mattress, fresh scents, soft linens? Maybe it’s time to reconsider your bedroom colors, it might just help you get those coveted eight hours of sleep.

Tune Into Work With Just The Right Tunes - Wakefit

Working from home days can be challenging. Most of us don’t associate our homes as places of office work but rather we think of them as sanctuaries of rest and recreation.

10 Tips To Help You Sleep Better - Wakefit | Blog

In times where our immunity needs to be stronger than ever, it is most important that we sleep better. We’ve come up with a tonne of ideas that can give your bedroom spruce while also enabling sleep of better quality. These simple tips will help you enable a better sleep routine every night so that you sleep right and wake up refreshed. And what better time to make these changes than the lockdown period we’re in? So, go ahead, watch the video or read up on the 10 points that will help you sleep better.

The Plant Cure: A Simple Way To Rejuvenate Your Home - Wakefit

All too often we’re consumed by our worries and anxieties. We have a thousand thoughts racing through our minds at any given moment.

Everything you need to know about keeping a sleep diary - Wakefit

Insufficient sleep syndrome and other sleep disorders that trouble us and our sleep can keep us from truly experiencing life in its fullest

Why you should go to bed at the same time every night - Wakefit | Blog

Why is it important to maintain a sleep schedule? What are the benefits of sleep that is timed? Should one wake up and go to bed at the same time every night? Is going early to bed beneficial?

Get latest blogs on mattress, pillows, sofa

Mental health deteriorates when people are facing a stressful situation, and very few things can be more stressful than a global pandemic. Most of us are feeling anxious right now with news of the Covid-19 virus flooding our regular newsfeed and our social media

Can't sleep in new places? Here Are Tips That'll Help! - Wakefit

Falling asleep in a new place can be a struggle. Everyone is not blessed with the gift of sleeping everywhere and anywhere