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Hire an App Developer


Hire App Developer

Hire App Developer

When tasks are performed in a step-by-step procedure to develop, maintain and upgrade a software application, the method is termed as Application Development Lifecycle. The procedure includes stages in which the development plan is executed.


Hire an App Developer

Hire an App Developer

As we can see in the infographic, blockchain has done a lot in all major sectors. You might be curious as to when blockchain did so much what were its impacts on the industries. Well, let’s give your curiosity some wings.


Hire a Team Of Developers

Hire a Team Of Developers

What should a #startup do when it needs to have a mobile app? Just like other business decisions, #outsourcing the mobile app development to another company has its sets of pros and cons.
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Hire App Developer

Hire App Developer

Thinking about optimizing your application? App #Optimization is just as important, or even more crucial, than the development of your app. Know why!
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Corona Virus disease (COVID-19) is an infectious and dangerous disease which may lead to death. The virus is spreading if any infected person sneezing and coughing is roaming openly. That’s why WHO (World Health Organization) declared it a pandemic and suggested everyone to stay at home or in self-isolation.
In this pandemic, if IT companies will be opened in such conditions, the situation may go even worse. This would invite a lot of human interaction and meetings which later may lead to a horrifying situation harming the work and industries even more than ever. However, most of the company owners cannot afford to halt their work because impeding the work is not a solution. And, many such owners are currently fidgety with their business continuity despite enforcing office closures and remote work.
So, what step should you take to save development cost where economic uncertainties brought about by COVID-19? Outsourcing your software development project is the best way to follow.
Nothing to worry because the work can also be done by availing services by professional software development teams serving remotely. In simple words, you need to build your team by hiring remote software developers or you can just outsource your software development project. Yes, you read that right! You can save on your software development expenses while residing completely operational. How much will you save rely on the nature and complexity of each of your software development projects? But, as per some research studies and surveys, the market accounts for something between 30% to 60%. Outsourcing doesn’t mean to deduct potential salary costs allowed to professional software development teams, despite it permits you to cut on some managerial and operational expenses (not requiring additional hardware and office space). You generally hand over a range of responsibilities while hiring remote software developers or a software development company, consequently these considerable savings. For instance, if you want a new business application development from a remote software development team, the project won’t center exclusively on programming. However, it will include other responsibilities associated with it such as UX/UI design, QA testing, and others. The complete software development services typically guarantee maintenance and customer service too.

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Usually there are more misconceptions regarding any topic than there are genuine discussions, It’s time to bust some myths and show people what outsourcing really is. Here are top 5 myths about outsourcing BUSTED!
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Netsmartz is one of the top providers of #offshore talent. Want to build a dedicated team from the best pool of developers? Request a free sample resume.
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Cloud service providers have a unique service catalog which involves audit ability and security features. This is done to process necessary certifications like HIPAA, PCI, and more. Most cloud solutions are designed to serve 80 percent of the process and business requirements, while the rest varies from customer to customer. That 20 percent is everything integrated with the existing Cloud infrastructure solutions that are addressing the unique customer requirements.

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DevOps culture creates an environment where people feel empowered and safe to innovate. They are not often afraid of trying new things. It involves various processes and tasks that remove certain risks associated with failure, such as:

Provides early warning signs for failure
Ability to instantly redeploy the last known good state
Templating the deployments
Automated testing,
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