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How an App like Ubereats Can Ensure the Safety of Food Deliveries?

The safety of food deliveries depends on users, delivery professionals, as well as restaurants. As a result, everyone’s contribution is required to curb the disease spread. While these strategies are easy to implement, they play a significant role in the efficient functioning of an Ubereats clone.


Importance of Food Takeout’s during COVID-19 Pandemic

Importance of Food Takeout’s during COVID-19 Pandemic

Online food delivery platforms are helping people in need by offering doorstep services. These platforms are rolling out safety measures to prevent disease spread. People needn’t step out of their homes and can enjoy their favorite food amid self-isolation. As one fear of people gets eliminated, the other one pops up. Are food deliveries really safe in this quarantine season? What if the disease contracts through these food packages?

Now, the safety of food packages depends solely on the individual. Here are some preventive measures to curb the infection through food deliveries,

Encouraging contactless deliveries: The virus spreads from one person to another through external physical contact. Now, in order to avoid contact between users and delivery professionals, contactless delivery options can be adopted. Users can instruct delivery professionals to place their food orders in front of their homes. By encouraging such delivery options, the safety of food can be ensured.
Sanitizing ‘high-touch’ areas: High-touch areas are those areas that are in constant exposure to many people. Handles of food packages, edges of cutlery, etc., are some of the areas that are handled by multiple personnel. As a result, sanitizing these surfaces can greatly improve food safety.
Adopting digital transactions: People can adopt digital modes of payment to prevent contact between delivery professionals. Cashless transactions can be an ideal way to avoid any contact with the external world.

These are some of the preventive measures that can aid the safety of food packages. Even online platforms are beginning to implement these strategies. If you are about to develop an Ubereats clone, try implementing these strategies to ensure the safety of food packages.

The Economy Involved in Developing a Food Delivery App

Ever wondered how much does it cost to develop a food delivery app? Are you planning to enter this flourishing delivery services market?


How you can Capitalize on the Booming Food Delivery Market?

How you can Capitalize on the Booming Food Delivery Market?

This fast-moving world is working to achieve one common feat at the end of the day, the food. Food delivery services have become an integral part of our lives. Be it our homes or workplaces; we get instant doorstep deliveries of our favorite food items. This convenience is one of the most important factors attributing to the success of food delivery apps. The market is growing at an exponential rate higher than what is predicted by the experts. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for ways to capitalize on this flourishing market. In this blog, let’s take a look at the growth of the market and strategies to thrive with an Ubereats clone app.

*The growth of food delivery services market: *

The global food delivery market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 15.4% between 2019 and 2025.
The online market, valued at $107.44 billion in 2019, is forecasted to grow to a whopping value of $154.34 billion by 2023.
As many as 1.2 billion people are accessing food delivery services in 2020.
The mobile apps food delivery market is expected to generate $38 billion by 2020.
Almost 60% of the restaurants have agreed that accepting online food orders have boosted their sales significantly.
Al these facts claim that the market is booming more than ever.

*Strategies to thrive in the food delivery services market: *

As an entrepreneur, sustaining your business and earning revenue consistently must be your primary aim. These strategies include

Utilize surge pricing effectively: There are certain regions where the demand for food deliveries is very high. Hence, to offer instant deliveries, you can charge users a certain amount of money. This way, by rerouting delivery professionals towards these areas, you can add a steady source of income from the app.
Provide a support team: You need to hear out user queries almost instantly. As a result, in addition to the ratings and reviews feature, you can have a support system ready to help users with any queries. A support team to assist you can significantly come in handy to increase user reliability towards the app.
Offers to attract customers: Your customers are the best marketing tools you can use to promote your app. Hence, you can provide attractive offers and discounts to increase customer engagement towards the app. This can lead to your app promotion, as well.

*Wrapping up, *
The growth of online food delivery platforms is evident with new users accessing the app with each passing day. It is necessary to implement these strategies in your Ubereats clone to gain a strong customer base and enhance your business in the market.

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Strategies that can Propel your Ubereats Clone Forward in the Market

Strategies that can Propel your Ubereats Clone Forward in the Market

Food delivery apps have revolutionized people’s approach to food orders. By offering reliable, affordable, and convenient services, on-demand food delivery platforms have become the talk of the town. People, in their busy schedules, order food through these apps and access them on the go. The market is so vast that almost 1.2 billion people order food through these on-demand apps. Entrepreneurs are gaining increased revenue through these apps.

However, there are thousands of food delivery apps in the market nowadays. But only a handful of them is gaining popularity among the masses. Now, as an entrepreneur, your business should sustain in the market for an increased timeframe. In this blog, let’s take a look at certain strategies that can help your Ubereats clone app enhance your business and attract a wider audience.

‘Real-time menus can come in handy’

Users are annoyed if the food they order is not available in restaurants. This delays the entire process and disrupts users’ convenience to a considerable extent. To avoid such an unforeseen situation, your app can house in a real-time menu option. With this feature, users get to know what is available in the restaurant in real-time. This way, the system becomes more dynamic and attracts users towards the app.

‘Have a 24×7 accessible support team’

Mistakes and errors are bound to occur, even in the nearly perfect app. As a result, provide a well-equipped support team to help users with their queries. To establish a good bond with users, provide instant actions and remedies. Remedies include offering compensation in the best way possible. In fact, user ratings and reviews act as a feedback system providing a constant way to update your app. Hence, a 24×7 support team can greatly add to user convenience.

‘Provide the option of reordering’

Monthly users in your locality should be given the choice of reordering their food. This helps them manage their routine effectively. Moreover, it considerably reduces the time and energy of users to search the restaurants and order their food every time. Thus the feature of ‘reorder’ can significantly add to user reliability towards the app.

‘Let users access the app in their preferred language’

Most of the online food delivery platforms fail to integrate this feature. It must be duly noted that users from diversified cultures access the app. It isn’t mandatory that these users should be well-fluent in English. Hence, provide a multi-lingual support system in your app. This way, users can access the app in their preferred language. This is an ideal way to attract customers and cater to their needs in the language of their choice.

Summing up,

The future for food delivery apps lies in increasing user convenience of the app. Your app should stand apart from the thousands of other apps across the world. These strategies, if adopted, can dramatically scale your app in the market. The more unique your app is, the higher are the chances of the app’s success. Hence, make use of these strategies in your Ubereats clone and establish your business in the market!

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How can you Increase the Chances of Success of your Ubereats Clone?

How can you Increase the Chances of Success of your Ubereats Clone?

The global food delivery business has been revolutionized with the advent of smartphones. Gone are the days when people need to call a restaurant to place orders. Nowadays, with just a few swipes on their smartphones, they can order food from several restaurants in their locality. On-demand food delivery apps have become a one-stop destination for people all across the globe. According to Statista, as many as 1.2 billion people are availing online food delivery services. The market is growing exponentially and is bringing in entrepreneurs to invest in it at a rapid pace.

However, there are numerous food delivery apps out in the market, but only a few are gaining their places to people’s smartphones. Sustainability has become a matter of concern for many online platforms. In this blog, let’s discuss how business owners can increase the chances of success of their UberEats clone app.

*‘Integrate stand-apart features’ *
To increase the app’s sustainability, your app must stand out from the rest of the lot. It must house certain cutting-edge features so that users are attracted to the app. As a rule nowadays, the more unique your app is, the higher are the chances of the app’s success. Some of the stand-apart features include,

Call masking: Users nowadays demand the privacy of their details. Users fear if their contact details will be misused by delivery executives. With the help of this feature, users’ real numbers are masked to the view of delivery professionals. This is a unique feature worth considering in your app.
Reorder: Users find it challenging to navigate through the app every time, find their desired restaurant, and order food. Hence, you can provide users with the option of reordering their previous orders. This way, routine users are greatly benefited, as they can order with just a few taps.

*‘Provide a 24×7 support team’ *
You need to hear out user queries and resolve them instantly. The satisfaction of end-users is paramount for any business to thrive in the market. As a result, provide a 24×7 support team who can reach out to user complaints instantly. This way, you can increase the reliability of users towards the app. A tireless support team managing disputes between users, delivery professionals, restaurants, etc., can greatly enhance your business in the long run.

*‘Focus on the back-end app development’ *
One of the grave mistakes that many entrepreneurs do during app development is focusing on the ‘client-end’ of the app while giving less attention to the back-end. Back-end development involves managing servers and handling databases for storing user details. These servers play an essential role in managing site traffic. There is no point in adding stand-apart features while your app cannot sustain the necessary traffic. Hence, make sure you develop a best-in-class, secure back-end for the app.

*Wrapping up, *
The success of the Ubereats clone significantly depends on the balance between uniqueness and user-friendliness. You can provide a perfect blend of these characteristics by integrating stand-apart features and introducing a 24×7 support team. By focusing on back-end development, your app can scale heights among the masses. Hence, follow these strategies to increase the chances of success of your online food delivery platform.

Tackle the Situation and Stay Updated with a Coronavirus Tracker App

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How can an UberEats Clone Ensure Food Safety Amid the Covid-19 Crisis?

How can an UberEats Clone Ensure Food Safety Amid the Covid-19 Crisis?

According to the FDA, “There is no evidence of food being associated with the transmission of COVID-19.” The coronavirus pandemic has instilled fears in the minds of the people. People find it convenient to order through food delivery apps, as they offer doorstep services. However, people are still concerned regarding the safety of food orders. They believe there are possibilities of disease contraction when ordered online. In this blog, let’s take a look at the steps to ensure food safety at different levels when ordered through an UberEats Clone.

Food, when ordered online, passes through different phases before it reaches the hands of the people. These phases include,

Phase 1: The preparatory phase

After the restaurants receive the order, they begin to prepare the food. The safety of food starts right from this phase. Different precautionary measures include,

Periodic temperature checks: Restaurants can monitor the temperature of different personnel regularly. If any abnormality is experienced, restaurants can immediately reach out to healthcare centers.
Preventing cross-contamination: In a restaurant where multiple orders are processed, there are high chances of cross-contamination. Hence, the segregation of raw materials, and frequent sanitation of vessels after each order can significantly ensure food safety.
Double packaging: During the packing of food orders, it can be greatly beneficial if restaurant personnel cover the food parcel with an additional layer. This can prevent food contamination during transit.

Phase 2: The delivery phase

After preparation, the order is out for delivery. There are a couple of ways of disease contraction in this stage. Either by the contact through delivery professionals or food orders. Some of the preventive measures include,

Contactless deliveries: Delivery professionals, instead of handing over the food orders directly to the users, can place the food orders in front of users’ homes. Users can be notified regarding the same.
Safety gear: Delivery professionals are on a constant run throughout the day. There are high chances they act as carriers of the disease. Hence, equipping themselves with safety gear, including masks, gloves, sanitizers, etc., becomes a necessity.
Sanitize ‘high touch’ surfaces: High touch surfaces are those areas that are under constant exposure of different personnel. For example, edges of cutleries are one of the most common examples. Sanitizing these surfaces before handling can prevent food contamination.

Phase 3: The handling phase

Now, it is entirely upto the individual to ensure the safety of food delivered to him. The precautionary measures include,

Disposing of packages: People can transfer the food to a safe container and dispose of the parcels immediately. This prevents any pathogen adhering to the surfaces from infection.
Adopt personal hygiene: Proper hygiene and sanitation procedures can significantly come in handy in ensuring the safety of food orders. Periodic washing of hands for at least 20 seconds before and after eating can help us prevent infection.
Summing up,

From the above statements, it is clear that a perfect blend of individual and collective responsibility can help us prevent disease transmission by food deliveries amid COVID-19 when ordered through an UberEats clone.

UberEats Clone’s Collective Responsibility can ensure the Safety of Food Delivery

If you are an entrepreneur looking to help people with your Ubereats clone, make sure you effectively use these strategies. Even if people aren’t aware of the situation, you are!


What Should You Do to Enter the Online Food Delivery Industry?

What Should You Do to Enter the Online Food Delivery Industry?

The food industry has been one of the most sought-after industries in recent years. Day-by-day, new restaurants are coming up, food deliveries are growing exponentially. Now, if you have the resources and qualities to start a restaurant, then go ahead. Else, you can opt for on-demand food delivery platforms. Almost 1.2 billion people are availing of food delivery services all across the world. All you need is a platform to connect users with restaurants in the locality. Let me share with you the steps to enter into the food delivery industry.

Analyze your requirements: There are pre-requisites before venturing into any business. You need to analyze these requirements to increase your chances of sustainability. These include financial, technological, and general conditions. By equipping yourselves with these factors beforehand, you can improve your chances of success.

Know your market: The next step is to know the market you are about to enter. By doing market research on your locality, you’ll get to know the expectations of your customers. This way, you can develop an end-product that satisfied your users, thereby enabling you to stay ahead of your competitors in the market.

Develop a smartphone application: In this modern era, smartphone applications are mandatory. Hence, to reach out to a wider audience, you can introduce an on-demand food delivery app. A comprehensive food delivery management system like the GloriaFood alternative can significantly come in handy to enhance your business.

By following these steps, you can venture into the food delivery industry and gain increased revenue in your business.