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NB-IoT Boards

Similar to our LoRa boards and nodes, the NB-IoT boards are ready-to-use products based on Quectel modules. Likewise, they come in various form factors, and contain pre-equipped with sensors like GPS, accelerometer, environmental sensors, and many more.

RAK2011 Cellular Board | NB-IoT Pi- HAT Arduino Shield | Raspberry Pi 3B+ Compatible Cellular Module – RAKwireless Store

You can do a lot more than you think with our NB-IoT Arduino Shield. The Arduino shield supports 2G/EGPRS, 4G/LTE Cat-M1 (eMTC), Cat-NB1 (Nb-IoT), as well as GPS. This cellular module is embedded with Raspberry Pi 3B+. For more on its features, check here.

RAK8213 NB-IoT BG96 Enjoy the Highest Data Rates – RAKwireless Store

Looking for a device that will give you the highest data rates at a cheap price? With the NB-IoT BG96, you can enjoy this wonderful rates and more. The device also supports EGPRS and 2.0 high speed interface. Want to know more? Find out here.

RAK8211-NB | NB-IoT Sensor | Low cost IoT Solutions – RAKwireless Store

With our NB-IoT sensor, you can enjoy a lot of high-tech innovations. The device provides flexible low power consumption development along with myriad of application option. There is a lot to enjoy from this device. Know more here

RAK8212 iTracker Pro | Nordic NB-IoT | Best Cellular Tracker Module – RAKwireless Store

This cellular tracker module is ideal for projects that uses NB-IoT prototyping. The board includes a vast array of connectivity options (NB-IoT, BLE 5.0, and GPS) and sensors. You can check out the device here.

RAK8212-M iTracker – RAKwireless Store

iTracker Pro RAK8212-M is a versatile developer board aimed at aiding in quick prototypes using NB-IoT. The board supports NB-IoT, BLE 5.0, GPS and accelerometer sensors. This iTracker module is Arduino-friendly and can be programmed using IDE. The board also provides SWD interface for programming t

&Just Starting Out in IoT? Top Three Questions You Should Ask First Before Using a LoRa Gateway

Before venturing out into creating IoT projects, most developers and users got tired of slow connection and bothersome changes in their…

A Perfect Development Platform That Brings Together for Secure, Production-Ready Iot Systems

Embrace IoT technologies, connected cities are making huge upgrades to their existing infrastructure while building capacity for IoT devices.

Rock Off Your RAK! Photo Contest

Win exciting prizes from RAKwireless when you submit a photo of a RAK product that helped you use IoT for the good! Share your solution and we'll feature you.

RAKwireless Releases Energy-Friendly RAK2287 LPWAN Concentrator Module

New concentrator module RAK2287 utilizes the latest Semtech SX1302 chip to reach high efficiency checkout today!

LoRaWAN® Basestations to Help Countries with Limited Internet Access Turn into Smart Cities

Researchers propose an inexpensive autonomous LoRaWAN basestation design to help areas in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia get connected to IoT.

Two steps to connect your LoRaWAN gateway to Alibaba Cloud

Alibaba Cloud provides an Internet of Things platform to improve IoT communication access services. So, how do we connect our own gateway with Alibaba Cloud's IoT platform ?

How to build a new project based on the public IoT Studio project of the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform

In the previous article, we introduced how to add LoRa node devices on the Alibaba Cloud IoT platform, and allow the LoRa node devices to…

Why IoT is The Next Big Thing

IoT is the major industrial revolution that is destined to improve not just economies, but the quality of life for billions of people through more nuanced serv…

Introduction | RAKwireless Documentation Center

The RAK® Documentation Center is a perfect place to explore and delve deeper into the potential of our products on the Internet of Things (IoT). Herein lies a set of comprehensive documents that provides the fundamentals and the specifications of our devices. Information curated here by our experts will help you initiate and build your next LoRa project.

Stream real-time events with wireless video solutions from RAKwireless - RAKwireless - IoT Made Easy

Support up to three mobile devices plus one HDMI large screens for multiple live video streaming with RAKwireless. Make use of drones and transmission kits for a better long-rage streaming as well.


Make your dream IoT project happen with the sturdiest and most versatile LoRa antennas, kits, boxes, enclosures and cards in the market by RAKwireless.

Helium: Building the People’s Network with RAK and its Hotspot Miner

RAK is behind many of the developments in the IoT community. With Helium, RAK now offers a device to earn tokens and connect devices globally - introducing the RAK Hotspot Miner.

Why we believe Helium was right from the very beginning

As a growing company in IoT, RAKwireless always improves and widens its scope. By partnering with Helium, another IoT company, new breakthroughs can now push through.

Promo-Products – RAKwireless Store

See discounted products and deals from RAKwireless. The list is constantly updated, so stay tuned for the latest promos and flash sales, especially on Black Friday!