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Tools and methods to survive the Internet

Here are some articles I find useful to my social media life.

How to Remove Text from Video?

Have you also ran into the problem of removing text from a video? Come on and check this out! This article provides three easy methods on how to remove text from the video. Have your pick!

Three Easy Ways to Add Text to GIF

Searching for how to add text to GIF? Then you have to read this article that provides you three easy solutions to your problem. Come and check it out!

Free Download Rick and Morty in Two Handy Ways

If you want to download Rick and Morty safely and free, here is your answer. This article has found two well-tested solutions to this. Read on and get more details!

2020 Top 5 Websites to Watch French Movies Online

This article has gathered 5 clean and safe websites for you to watch French movies online. Please enjoy!

Convert WMV to GIF with Desktop and Online Solutions

This article will illustrate to you several methods to convert WMA to GIF. Just read on and find the best solution here!

How to Upload iMovie to Instagram Smoothly?

This article explains why can't you upload iMovie to Instagram and offers one easy solution to this. Read on to find out more details!

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This article tells you how to change MKV to GIF with desktop and online solutions. Keep on reading to find out more details!

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For MP4 vs WMV, this article will give a practical comparison between the two, ranging from the size to compatibility, and other perspectives. You decide which one makes the best choice.

How to Add Audio to Video in VLC?

This article introduces to you one of VLC’s hidden features - how to add audio to video in VLC. Practical and convenient!

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Out of different reasons, subtitles are becoming a must in today's world. Plenty of people are asking for a good subtitle software to help with their subtitle-making. This article has provided you with 11 well-tested subtitle makers to your option. Please enjoy!

FLAC vs ALAC: What’s the Difference and How to Choose Between Them

Speaking of FLAC vs ALAC, this article will show you the differences between them and tell you how to make the optimal choice.

[Review] The Best Video Player for Android 2020

This article lists 7 Android media players; each is unique in its powerful features. Come and choose your best video player for Android.

How to Upload a Video to Google Drive on PC and Mobile?

This article offers you the solutions on how to upload a video to Google Drive on PC and mobile.

Four Things You Should Know About EAC3

This article provides you an all-around information about EAC3. Don’t miss it!

Two Handy Ways to Add Image to GIF

This article shows you two handy ways to add image to GIF. Follow this article to learn how.

WAV vs MP3: How Do You Make A Choice Between Them?

In the battle of WAV vs MP3, this article is going to breakdown their strengths and weakness to you bit by bit and hopes it would help you make a choice between them.