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Areas of the House to Clean and Sanitize Regularly

To focus on sanitizing your house, these areas are known to be the biggest offenders when tackling bacteria and other unwanted microbes!


Remote Controls

Remotes are touched so often, they could really use a good disinfecting, even rubbing alcohol on a paper towel will do the job, and it evaporates quickly!


Door Knobs and Handles

These areas are touched frequently, often by hands that have not been washed in a while!


Refrigerator Seals

These seals harbor special microbes that you really want to deal with!

Hiring a Cleaning Service | Lexi Maids

Hiring a cleaning service can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to have a clean, well-kept home without having to spend hours or days maintaining such a time-intensive chore.  Across the globe, people are brining in pro cleaners to regain valuable leisure time.  Wherever you live, great cleaners can be found.  A bit of understanding about this industry can lead you to a better experience than wading into new territory alone.  This guide will help you see the cleaning industry through the eyes of professionals, which can help you move forward in the best possible way, with the greatest experience and the least unwanted conditions.  It's relatively easy to find great maid service if you know what to look for!


Inside Washing Machines

Believe it or not, the washing machine can use a cleaning every once in a while! A scrub brush can help knock off any residues that have build up over time.


Inside Dishwashers

As clean this appliance may seem, small residues can build up, so giving the interior a clean every once in a while is a good thing!



A lot of activities in sinks can lead to back splash of materials that can harbor bacteria - soaking the faucet in an eco-friendly cleaner can do the job well.


Showers and Tubs

Sometimes a visual cleaning is not enough, getting scrubby with the right cleaning agents is the only way to really disinfect these areas


Around Toilets

Cleaning a toilet well is obvious, but in many cases it's necessary to clean all areas around toilets, including bathmats, cabinets and the side of the tub



Due to all the moisture and sitting near the toilet, it's good to wash these frequently and replace them sometimes!