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MBBS in Russia

This page guides you about studying MBBS in Russia like the Eligibility criteria, List of MCI approved medical colleges in Russia, MBBS in Russia Fee Structure 2020, Admission Procedure and Visa processing for Indian students.


MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2020

One of the oldest destinations for Indian students to study MBBS in abroad is Russia. More than 5000 Indian doctors have been graduated from Russian medical universities in the past 20 years. Indian students choose to study MBBS in Russia for their low educational cost and great educational standards.

Major reason Indian students choose studying MBBS in Russia over other countries to study MBBS is that the cost of education. Most medical colleges in Russia do not ask for any donation fee.
Most of the medical colleges in Russia are both government aided and MCI approved. So, Indian students can get apply for some subsidies or aids given in the medical colleges.
Unlike for MBBS in China and the MBBS in Philippines, Indian students do not require high marks in PCB from their high school to apply for studying MBBS in Russia. Find the list of MCI Approved medical Colleges in Russia here

List of MCI Approved Medical Colleges in Russia

Study MBBS in Russia at MCI approved medical colleges in russia. Apply through Maven Overseas Educational consultant. Our counselling expert will offer you free counseling about studying MBBS in Russia. Students will know about  college selection, hostel facilities and visa processing for studying MBBS in Russia.

Disadvantages of Studying MBBS in Russia

Food and Accommodation

Most Indian students after joining MBBS in Russia prefer staying in some PG’s or rented rooms nearby the college. The rent for staying outside is much more when compared with the hostel fees and the students will have to pay separately for their food and other requirements. This practice is highly disapproved by most of the consultants as they may affect the students health and their financial conditions. The food available outside is costly and we are not sure that they are hygienic. Thus staying outside hostel may not be a great idea for Indian students.

Language Barrier

As the mother tongue and the official language is Russian, it will be difficult for Indian students to cope up with the locals there. Most of the colleges teach courses only in Russian. The students must be careful before selecting the medical colleges. Only medical colleges which specifies bilingual or English will take classes in English. If not the student must have to learn the language which is not required in other English speaking countries

Climatic Conditions

Russia is generally is an cold country. Climatic conditions are not similar to India but are more like China. The country has longer winter seasons. One could expect frequent snowfalls from June till January.

Exposure to Modern Culture

As Russia is one of the European country the exposure to night life and to late nights pubs may affect the students health and studies. Also practicing harmful drugs and alcohol may happen to students through night life habits which could divert them from their studies. For these reasons every consultant will advise the students and parents to stay in college hostel approved by the medical colleges.

MCI Screening Test

Indian students who are graduated from medical colleges outside India will have to take screening test conducted by the Medical Council of India. Only students who pass this screening test will be allowed to practice medicine in India. Each year the MCI screening test will be conducted twice. Most of the consultants are providing special coaching for students who are about to complete their education. Students are advised to take these coaching so that they could take the FMGE exams without fear.

MCI Eligibility Certificate

Indian students before applying for studying MBBS in Russia or in any foreign country should apply for MCI eligibility certificate from the government of India. Also, Indian students are recommended to prefer medical colleges that are listed among the MCI list. Getting these Eligibility certificate are much easier when students apply through consultants. All you have to do is to look for the best consultant and apply for studying MBBS through them. All the processing works like MCI certificate, Visa processing, getting admit cards, flight tickets will be arranged by the consultant.

MBBS in Russia - Indian Students Telling the Truth

Mordovia State University is a top-ranked university for MBBS in Russia. It is also listed in the MCI Approved medical colleges in Russia and offers a 6-year MBBS course in Russian medical colleges.

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure 2020

MBBS in Russia Fee Structure.

Find the fee structure of MCI Approved medical Colleges in Russia here.

S.N. University Name Fee Structure
1 Far Eastern Federal University ₹25 Lakh
2 Kazan Federal University ₹30 Lakh
3 Privolzhsky Research Medical University ₹22 Lakh
4 Volgograd State Medical University ₹28 Lakh
5 First Moscow State Medical University ₹40 Lakh
6 Kazan State Medical University ₹29 Lakh
7 Russian National Research Medical University ₹31 Lakh

MBBS in Russia for Indian Students 2020

This page guides Indian students who are interested in studying MBBS in Russia with the Eligibility criteria, List of MCI approved medical colleges in Russia, MBBS in Russia Fee Structure 2020, Admission Procedure and Visa processing for Indian students.


How to Apply

How to Apply

How to Apply

Enquire now with Maven Overseas student counselor to study MBBS in Russia at low cost. Indian students can get admission in top MCI approved medical universities in Russia. The advantage of applying for MBBS in Russia through Maven Overseas is that we offer services such as visa assistance, travel guidance, food and accommodation and mainly FMGE screening test coaching for Indian students.

Once the Indian students who complete their MBBS in Russia course they can appear for Screening test or they could also apply for higher studies through Maven Overseas. For more information about studying MBBS in Russia call our student counselor at +91 9751111670/ +91 9751111650

Consulting Charges

Maven Overseas Educational consultant offers direct MBBS Admission in Top medical colleges along various foreign medical colleges/universities for Indian students at affordable prices.

As an certified consultant, Maven Overseas will charge you according to your requirement. We provide all kinds of study abroad services like MBBS in Philippines, MBBS in China, MBBS in Russia, MBBS in Ukraine, NEET and FMGE Coaching. Service charges may vary according to the type of service that you may choose.