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Euromed Clinic Dubai

Euromed is Multi-specialist Family Medical Center Dubai. We are one of the best Medical clinics in Dubai providing all types of medical treatments. Book us Now!


Lipotropic Injections Treatment in Dubai & Abu Dhabi | Euromed® Clinic

Lipotropic Injections are ideal for weight loss and metabolism stimulation. Read more to learn everything you need to know about Lipotropic Injections in Dubai.

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy Dubai - PRP Injection Dubai | Euromed® Clinic

Euromed offer latest medical practice of Platelet Rich Plasma Producers (PRP) in Dubai. Get a new way to recover your injury from sports, join repair.

Scalp MicroPigmentation in Dubai - Hair Tattoo | Euromed® Clinic

Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic treatment in which a professional enhances the appearance of hair on the scalp through a tattooing-like technique.

Lipolysis Injection Treatment in Dubai | Euromed® Clinic

Now, you don't want to get a surgery to reduce extra fats from your body. Lipolysis Injection in Dubai does it with ease without pain or any incisions.

Permanent Laser Hair Removal in Dubai - Body, Facial Hairs | Euromed® Clinic

Are you looking for laser hair removal Treatment in Dubai? Euromed offering Full body laser hair removal for men & women in Dubai. Book Your free consultation!

Saxenda Weight Loss Injections in Dubai | Euromed® Clinic

Saxenda weight loss injections help people lose weight. What weight loss Injections in Dubai are like will be discussed here. Please click here to learn more.

Hair Loss Treatment in Dubai - Alopecia Areata | Euromed® Clinic

Alopecia Areata is a disease that makes your hair thin and as a result you get hair loss. Hair loss treatment Dubai helps to treat the problem. Book Now!

Spectra Laser

Spectra Laser in Dubai is the most innovative non-ablative skin rejuvenation system. Get the best skin care treatment from our specialists at Euromed today! #spectralasertreatment #peeltreatment #hollywoodpeel #skincare #specialist #Euromed #Clinic #Dubai #AbuDhabi #UAE #spectracarbonpeel #carbonlaserpeel #Carbonpeel

Cancer Screening Blood Test & Detection in Dubai | Euromed® Clinic

Cancer screening blood test and detection in Dubai allow you to detect if something is causing any kind of cancerous disease in you. Book your consultation Now!

Best Dental Implants Clinic in Dubai - Tooth Implants | Euromed® Clinic

Are you worried about the fallen teeth? Best Dental Implants in Dubai gives back your lost teeth thereby helping you live a normal life. Consult us now online!

8 Food Items that Speed Up Your Body’s Aging Process » The Refuah Homeopathy Blog

Aging is a natural process and we cannot escape it just like death. As our age increases in number, our body also starts showing tell-tale signs. However, this may not always be the case. Sometimes, our chronological age doesn’t align with our biological age. The reason is excessive sun exposure, unhealthy diet, poor lifestyle choices, and environmental hazards. Due to these factors, we may need to undergo an anti-aging treatment sooner than we anticipated.

Longevity Detection through Telomere Testing in Dubai | Euromed® Clinic

Telomere testing Dubai is performed to prevent you from the onset of various diseases. The end of each chromosome is used to test the current situation to prevent chromosomal "fraying". Book your appointment with the specialist now!

Early Cancer Detection and Prevention in Dubai | Euromed® Clinic

Cancer can be cured if detected and properly treated in a timely manner. Here is how our early cancer detection and prevention program can help you.

How Much Acupuncture Costs in Dubai? | Euromed® Clinic

As a traditional technique, acupuncture sessions can be used to treat different illnesses. Here is how much acupuncture cost in Dubai. Click to learn more.

How Do Dental Implants Affect Eating and Nutrition?

Dental implants are quite common but people still get doubtful regarding food consumption after getting implants. The thought of saying goodbye to

Skin Rejuvenation | 10 Reasons Your Skincare Stopped Working

Skin rejuvenation products need the utmost care in terms of storage, especially in harsher environments. Find out the reasons why skin care fails!