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We are here bringing you all you need to know when it comes to proper Budgie or Parakeet care! The budgerigar is a interesting and complex creature.


Coronavirus in Pet Birds | Alen AxP Budgie Community

World Health Organization suggested that there are no such shreds of evidence about transmitting the coronavirus to humans from pet birds.

Budgie Toys under 2$ Every Budgie owner should have this!

Budgie are expensive or sometimes there are no interesting toys in your local Pet Store. I found a great online Budgie/Parakeet Toys under 2$.

Can Budgies kill each other? | Alen AxP Budgie Community

Budgie mates are known to divide their duties while raising their babies and they take this task very seriously, especially the female bird. If the male..

10 Things Only Bird Owners Understand [Alen AxP]

People might call us crazy but we just can’t help it. We love birds and are always eager to make them a part of our families.

Can budgies be kept outside in winters? []

An honest answer to this question would be a big NO. Budgies are sensitive little creatures who are not used to take an extreme dose of chilly weather.

Budgie Blog: Can you spoil Your pet? | Alen AxP Budgie Community

In this Budgie blog we are going to discuss, can you spoil your pet bird? Budgies also deserve some pampering for the love they shower on us.

Budgie Playground and why is it Important? | Alen AxP Budgie Community

Budgie Playgrounds are fun-filled and stimulating for your Budgie. Making a Budgie playground is very beneficial for your bird. Let us find out how:

Parakeet bath, and why you should get it | Alen AxP Budgie Community

Parakeet bath is needed to maintain cleanliness to keep diseases at bay. Just as we take a bath, we bath our dogs and cats and Budgies too.

Budgie Beginner - 20 Questions Answered | Alen AxP Budgie Community

I found a lot of budgie beginner questions online and decided to answer them in one article. Let's learn more about this beautiful Budgerigar.

Budgie Guide of The Most asked questions | Alen AxP Budgie Community

As from the previous article we are bringing you new Budgie guide of most asked budgie questions, answered! Boiled eggs for budgies, Budgie sounds?

How to make budgie nest box? | Alen AxP Budgie Community

The budgie nest box is a little box availed by budgie breeders as a place where budgies in confinement can lay their eggs.

Can Budgie siblings mate | Breeding? | Alen AxP Budgie Community

You must not take any step that can let budgie siblings mate with each other and produce the defected baby. Always make a huge cage and place some toys

Budgie Babies and why you shouldn't breed | Alen AxP Budgie Community

It is common for bird lovers to breed their birds. After we bring a pair of budgies home for breeding to get little budgie babies. But why you should not?

Cleaning bird nest? Budgie Guide | Alen AxP Budgie Community

Cleaning bird nest should be done with hot water to lean gunk. Next, you'll need to sterilize the base with something that is non-poisonous

Budgie sounds - Love For Budgies [First Official Budgie music video]

Mr.Snowflake Budgies are very social and outgoing creatures. They love to bond with other budgies or with their owners, in case they are brought home We are here bringing you all you need to know when it comes to proper Budgie or Parakeet care! budgie sound

Why do Budgie scream? [Alen AxP Budgie Community]

Yelling at a screaming Budgies gives the Budgie the attention it seeks. Ignoring a screaming Budgie is not the answer either.