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Updated by Joanna James on May 04, 2020
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6 Crazy Things You Have to Do in Thailand Before You're 30 - Live it up before your turn 30

Turning 30 is a big deal for most people and there are certain things you wish to accomplish before you hit the big thirty and here are some, that can be added to your list if you live in Thailand.


Embrace your inner child

Located not too far from most residential areas in Singapore such as The Park at EM District the water world is a great location that you can visit with your friends', family and younger relatives. While it may seem like a park that is meant for children this is a great way to bring out the child in you!


Experience the full moon party

The full moon parties are now an international event that attracts people from around the world to Koh Phangan and if you are in Thailand you should experience a full moon party before you turn 30.


Take a cooking class

If you are looking at long term accommodation, Bangkok has many different options for you to select from. However, if you are planning to live in the country for many months and years to come being able to cook for yourself might come in handy as you would not want to be eating out for the rest of the days. Food in Thailand is delightful and taking a cooking class will only make you want to eat Thai food even more.


Embrace a fear

If you are scare of spiders or geckos and you feel like this is an irrational fear then team up with a friend who might have a similar fear and plan to overcome your fears. While it might seem like something you might never overcome you will feel proud of yourself once the task is completed. If it isn't any critters, maybe it is a type of food you have detested and refused to try since childhood.


Go to a meditation retreat

Going to a meditation retreat is not something that most people might add to their bucket list to be done before the age of 30. While the view on meditation is changing from being something embraced by elders it is now practiced by those who are Buddhists and non-Buddhists to find their inner peace and to be able to develop their concentration. If you wish to give your self a challenge, pick a meditation retreat that lasts up to about 4 days and does not allow you to use any devices such as phones and laptops and also prevents you from talking to anyone but the teacher.


Find out the strength in you

Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and while it is quite scary for those who do not wish to get involved in this combat sport or watch it even, it is a great experience to sign up for a Muay Thai camp. There are many camps to select from varying from 3 days to two weeks and depending on your skills and interest you can select the type of camp you prefer the most.

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