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Updated by Joanna James on May 04, 2020
Headline for 7 flavours that will transport you to Saudi Arabia – Middle-eastern aromas you will love
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7 flavours that will transport you to Saudi Arabia – Middle-eastern aromas you will love

If you love food and have a strong sense of then you know the ability aromas have to be able to transport back to the particular moment of a vacation, memory or a country.



Kapsa is the national dish in Saudi Arabia and once you have had this feast you understand why it is so as it will give you a happy feeling from inside out and make you feel full and wholesome. The rice and chicken combination is a delightful mix of spicey and vegetables.



Mutabbaq is one common street food that can easily be made at home. The folded pancake is a delightful snack when you get it from a street cart but a filling meal when you make it at home with whatever the fillings you wish to indulge in.



When you are walking down a street and you get that fresh smell of meat being roasted and you are immediately reminded that smell is of Shawarma is the impact Shawarma will have on you once you have experienced it. There is no going back and your craving is bound to be instant to bite into cheesy shawarma with a filling of your choice.



For those who are vegetarians, Falafel is the most divine food that can be found in Saudi Arabia. If you are staying in the vicinity of Jeddah furnished apartments there are restaurants and street food carts that sell absolutely mouthwatering falafel that can be topped off with a variety of flavours. Cashew cheese, Spicey peanut sauce and spinach based mix for vegans and spicey cheese sauce, egg and cheese dips and peanut and cheese sauce for vegetarians are a few of the options available as add-ons and toppings.



Laben is a delightful treat for those days out in the sun. When you are walking by a road and approaching a street stall that sells different flavours of Laban you will be able to identify the aroma from several feet away. The smell of the different flavours itself will make you longing for more. This drinking yoghurt based dessert or snack is usually eaten as a sweet delight, but if you do not prefer to drink it sweet you can even get some spicy toppings added to make it more exciting.



Saleeg is a delightful dish for those who love rice and chicken. It does have a sense of a risotto but less cheesy and the rice is cooked with coconut milk making is sweeter than risotto. The rice is cooked to be like porridge and the salt and pepper are added to make it flavourful. The chicken is cooked with the broth used to make the rice and then is served on top on the rice. The rice alone has a delightful smell but when the chicken broth is added it will definitely remind you of Jeddah. If you are staying at services apartments such as Spectrums Residence Jeddah you can visit some popular restaurants that serve a delightful Saleeg.



Maamul means filled in Arabic and that is exactly that these shortbreads are. These are small bite-sized snacks that are filled with pistachios, dates and other sweet goodies that give you a sweet surprise as you bite into them. These are generally served with tea in the morning hours or late afternoon and everyone is bound to know when there are Maamuls in the oven as the smell fills up the whole house.