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Updated by Joanna James on May 04, 2020
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5 Fun Things to Do in Vang Vieng, Laos – The tropical party central

Vang Vieng isn't as famous as Bangkok or Bali but it can keep its own when it comes to partying. Not too long ago it used to be a quiet farming village – now it's a non-stop rave.



Vang Vieng was never a family-friendly destination – until 2012 it was a place where people partied and died – a lot! However many precautions have been taken by the authorities to curb the antics of backpackers gone wild. But don't feel disappointed – it's still a wild place and most the craziest stuff just happens under the cover of night. Tubing is one of the rites of passage – a traveller has to complete on a journey through Laos. What it entails is riding down the Nam Song River in tractor tire tube. It is dangerous and people have died but you're going to be pretty drunk and well, everyone else is going to be doing it – so why not. Live while you can – a hippie by the road would say. But in all seriousness, the government has taken precautions to make it as safe as possible.


Cave exploring

The region around Vang Vieng is home to over a hundred caves and very extensive cave systems which are quite mind-boggling. You won't get to visit them all but visit at least a famous one like Tham Nam. The caves have an otherworldly beauty about them and will be an experience that will stay with you for a long time.


The Blue Lagoon

It remains a mystery as to who discovered this beautiful waterway – you have to make quite a trip through the jungle to reach it. But once you do all the weariness of your body will vanish – the water is a pale blue you couldn't even imagine. It is straight from a tale of fantasy – cooling and refreshing in the harsh and humid climate, it's a trip you must make.


Hot air ballooning

Vang Vieng is quaint, beautiful and calm and for only $50 you can see it from the sky. There are many companies based in the region that offer hot air balloon flights to explore this amazing landscape from the skies. A trip generally lasts around one hour and you must find a certified and reliable company, however.


Affordable luxury

Laos isn't a very rich country and you can have a pretty amazing trip for quite a minimal cost. But you don't need to skim on any luxuries to keep to your budget. Somerset Vientiane is one of the best-furnished apartments Vientiane has to offer and it's pricing is more than reasonable.



Vang Vieng is a place where young and wild backpackers converge to have a blast of a time. There are tons of bars, restaurants and guesthouses and there's always a party happening – you are going to meet so many amazing people. The weather may get rainy but it doesn't dampen the spirits of this slice of heaven in the forest in the slightest. So come with an open mind and heart and you'll have a great time.

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